10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Dagny of Scandinavian Chic & Design Refuge


Dagny is the beauty and brains behind one of my favorite European blogs, Scandinavian Chic where she muses about all things pertaining to fabulous design. She recently launched Design Refuge, which is a new site that celebrates bloggers. Design Refuge is a place to shine the spotlight on design bloggers by sharing new discoveries and projects and featuring insightful articles written by bloggers for bloggers.

Hi guys and hi Paloma! I’m SUPER excited and honored to be sharing my list with you today! La Dolce Vita was actually probably the first blog I found that I really really loved, and Paloma has been my mentor for ages without even knowing it. 😉 At the time my hands are pretty full with Design Refuge, Scandinavian Chic and Elinno. Lots of fun, lots of action! Anyways, I hope you like what I’ve come up with!
Family is such an important part of my life. My husband, Pål, and my two daughters Indie (2,5 yrs) and Stella (11 months) mean everything to me. Our extended family is also very close and we come in large numbers! 🙂 This photo is from our wedding back in August. We got married in Barcelona, Spain.

The new Scandinavian Maximalism is my biggest hang up these days. Crisp, white walls, interesting artwork combined with chic vintage pieces.. Swoon!
<DESIGN BLOGS> I have to say, blogs are such a huge source of inspiration to me, and Design Refuge definitely makes it easier to follow my old favorites, and find new up and coming ones.
Yeah, I’m one of those girls… I’m completely addicted to tea! I prefer green, white or fruit teas with lots of antioxidants. These teacups are from Elinno. The modern chinoiserie patterns are just amazing! Could you think of anything better to drink tea from?? Lol 😀 (yes, I’m enthusiastic about the design)
This would be like going to the candy store for me… Fresh flowers does so much to a room!
I’m what you would call a book nerd. I read everything and nothing. When I read the newspaper, I have to read every single page. I read fiction, biographies, novels… Magazines in large quantities… Not to mention design books!
I’m definitely a girly girl and in my opinion, you could never have too many dresses! I own only ONE (guess which one??)  of the dresses above, but I want every single one. And it took me 5 minutes to find them on Polyvore, lol 🙂

Yup, like most of us, I like cupcakes too. Or I would actually say that I LOVE cupcakes! I even have a regular feature on the blog, The Cupcake Challenge where cupcake bakeries gets challenged to make cupcakes that match my living room. LOTS of fun! 🙂
No, I don’t do yoga, think it’s ridiculously boring (am always half asleep when after a class), but I’m really into leading a healthy lifestyle. What’s closest to my heart is super food, and I stay away from sugar, wheat and milk products. Love finding new recipes with food that’s both healthy AND yummy (believe me, there’s TONS)
I LOOOVE SUPER MARIO (it’s my inner geek)! On a more serious level, I really need something to stretch after, both personally and professionally. Being satisfied with status quo leads you nowhere.
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  1. I love Dagny’s design sense, and her contribution to the design blogging world with Design Refuge is immense! It was fun to learn a little more about her, and see this picture of her stunning family!