An Exciting Giveaway from Taigan

La Dolce Vita has teamed up with, Taigan for an exciting, new giveaway! Taigan is a members-only website that finds the most unique boutiques across the country and makes their wares available online. You can buy a fabulous lamp from Bungalow Classic in Atlanta, a beautiful necklace from Ylang23 in Dallas, a lovely new dress from Haven Sanctuary of Style in Franklin, and top it all off with macarons from Sucré in New Orleans, all without leaving the comfort of your home or changing out of your pajamas. Membership is free and the Taigan website is filled with some amazing items! They are offering a $50 gift card for one lucky reader, good towards any purchase on Taigan.

{Taigan shop, REVIVAL has a fantastic selection of goods for the home.}

{Taigan shop, H. Audrey is one of Gwyneth Paltrow’s favorite shops in Nashville.}


1. To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this blog post telling me your thoughts on the Taigan concept or which item you would be if your were the winner. In order to officially enter the contest, you must follow La Dolce Vita on Blogger, Facebook, or Twitter (if you already follow LDV on one network, please choose to follow on another). Please include your e-mail address, so that I may contact you if you are the winner.

2. Leave ONE comment on this post between today, Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 and Tuesday, July 27th at Midnight CST. A winner will be selected at random and will be announced next Wedneday.

3. Link to this post on your own blog (include the url to your blog post in your comment) to receive an extra entry. It is up to you to return to this post to enter your second entry after blogging about the giveaway.

4. Post about this giveaway on Twitter with a link to this blog post for another entry (follow La Dolce Vita on twitter in order to show me your tweet). It is up to you to return to this post to enter your additional entry after tweeting about the giveaway.

5. Anonymous entries will be ignored, so please include your e-mail in your comment. Your e-mail address will never be used for anything other than to notify you if you are the winner.

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  1. I love this! I’m always looking for unique things for my home and to have access to many wonderful boutiques across the US is amazing! Thanks!

  2. I love this comment! Living in a small town, it is frustrating to want such pretty things, but not have any access to them! A concept like this opens up the world to me! And I love H. audrey in Nashville!

  3. Ohhh, I love Taigan very much and it is rather impossible to pick which item I’d like to pursue if I was to win. I think if I was forced (which would be lovely, considering that I won) I would have to go with something from St. James Cheese Company. I love good cheeses so much, but being a college student’s budget, I barely ever get to enjoy a nice cheese unless it’s a special occasion when I splurge. Thank you for the giveaway contest, and I have now spent an hour at work perusing Taigan and La Dolce Vita’s old archives 🙂

    I am also a google/twitter follower.

  4. I think I’m one of those folks who need some direction once I’m on the site – lots and lots to choose from, and so many places I haven’t heard of!

    Christina.Dreyer.1 at

  5. Pick Me, Pick Me!!!!!!
    I am viewing your post from work so I’m not sure what item I will choose???? Marked the post so I can look closer at home! I recently found your blog and am following on Bloglovin. Keep up the good work <3

  6. I love that Taigan provides a way to shop such a well curated selection of luxury boutiques! It does slightly annoy me that I have to sign in to shop, but I guess the “members-only” sites are becoming more and more common so I better get used to it 🙂 If I win, I’m totally buying this Greek key throw I’ve been stalking for the longest time.

    email addy is kylestandeferknight at

  7. Just tweeted it! I’m a Taigan follower too and noticed that they mentioned the wrong Twitter name for you. There’s an LDV impostor out there 😉

  8. i love this idea of housing so many differnt designers and artists under one house!

    it gives all of us super savy ecclectic women an easier way to create beauty! for ourselves our lovers and of course our friends!

    I love it!
    Tu le bien,

  9. I absolutely love any concept that aides my already existing shopping addiction! Thank you Taigan! I am definitely fond of Haven Sanctuary of Style. Love it!

  10. Great concept store – I follow via Reader, is that the same as following via Blogger? If not, please disregard my entry as I’m not on FB or twitter.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  11. I really love the Danielle Welmond Lapis necklace. This new concept is dynamite, having boutique shopping from different states available to all of us is a great idea. :o)

  12. I am a follower and do love your blog. Secondly, this is a unique idea that really appeals to me. I have spent a little time looking and am sure I will be back again.

  13. For many stores that do not have an online shop available through their web page or lack the funds or know-how for advertising on other sites and blogs, sites like Taigan are very effective for rounding up similar sites and marketing their wares. Also, as a consumer it gives the customer the ability to check out the merchandise of a store that was visited on vacation. I wouldn’t be able to bring back many items from my travels but would sure love to be able to track down something I had seen and later realized I fell in love with and needed. Taigan would give the opportunity for me to find it again.

  14. Oh and it’s too bad, I just read about the second rule – linking on facebook, blogger or twitter. Unfortunately for me I don’t have any of those! I find it such an annoying addition now to the giveaways held on most blogs. Many of the readers simply love to participate in the discussions but do not wish to contribute through blogging, twittering, etc. Anyhow, enjoy my thoughts on Taigan and good luck to others entering!

  15. Wonderful concept in that the site introduces the follower to many unique stores. While I tried to find my favorite thing, I was a bit overwhelmed by so many wonderful choices. It would take time to pick out just one item!

  16. I think the Taigan concept in genius! It gives everyone a chance to shop for high quality goodies! I’m originally from Oklahoma and I know this is something my friends and family will love since they can’t find stores like this anywhere! Love it!

  17. This is a fantastic concept; I am forever tearing out travel articles and lamenting that I can’t pop into all those fabulous boutiques. To have a centralized site where you can browse all over the country is genius!

  18. Not only does it broaden the reach of the boutique shop owners, but it also allows shoppers access to the unique items offered by these shops. I’m definitely a fan!

  19. What a wonderful concept! I love learning about different specialty shops to find unique items for my home from the convenience of my desk! It makes my life more fun! 🙂