10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Brooke Giannetti of Velvet and Linen

In addition to writing the beautiful and inspiring Velvet and Linen blog, Brooke Giannetti also works as an interior designer. Her soft aesthetic and immense talent have produced some incredible interiors. Brooke and her architect husband, Steve are the proprietors of Giannetti Home. Can you imagine having all of that talent in one family? Their style is classic, quintessential California living, beautiful, elegant, and inviting. I think Nancy Meyers should seriously consider giving the Giannettis a call for her next movie! Their interiors would be perfect!


Family: I know this is obvious, but having  children was the best thing I ever did. Having a family has made me a better person and designer. No one understands how to design a family home more than a parent!


 Kitchen Gardens: This is the latest addition to my list. A couple of months ago we decided to pull out all of the grass in our front yard and replace it with a kitchen garden. It’s a delicious project that our entire family is enjoying. It’s amazing to see how much it has grown in just a couple of months.


 Time with Steve: Whether we are in Venice Italy or  we are designing a home together, I cherish my time alone with Steve.


Morning Walks with Steve and the Pups: Frasier and Bebe definitely look too comfortable for a walk in this picture, but as soon as I say "let’s go for a walk" they are running toward the door.  I’ve taken walks every morning for more than 20 years rain or shine. I used to walk alone with my music, but now Steve and the pups join me. It’s a wonderful way to connect before the craziness of the day begins. It also makes me feel good that I have done at least one healthy thing for myself during the day!

6a00e554d7b82788330133f1db2879970b-500wi[1] Home: Some people are nomads and feel no need to have roots. I’m the opposite. My home is definitely my nest. It’s also my design laboratory where I can experiment with different design ideas like using wood floors in my bathroom and kitchen (which look great even after 8 years).



and having windows behind my stove…


Most importantly I couldn’t imagine living without a place for my family to feel comfortable and to create wonderful memories together. I couldn’t live without this, and I am grateful to be blessed with a beautiful home.

6a00e554d7b827883301348502ad9d970c-500wi[2] Fantastic Colleagues and Clients: When designing, I love collaborating with other creative people. Without amazing clients and the help of our design team: Jessica, Lisa, Ryan and Rosy (pictured above) and Gwendolyn (a fantastic new member to our team!) , my Design Online Design Team, Angela and Jon, and…


…Kelly and Kate helping out at the store, Steve and I wouldn’t be able to do what we do!

6a00e554d7b82788330133f1db3ed9970b-500wi[1] Steve and I had so much fun designing this home with our clients. I can’t imagine living without the opportunity to design and create!


Design Blogger Friendship and Inspiration: Design blogs have changed my life. I know I could live without them, but the inspiration and the friendships that I have developed over the past two years have added so much pleasure to my life.

When I’m in need of some design inspiration I hop on my computer and visit Greet at Belgian Pearls (her library, above, is stunning!)….

6a00e554d7b827883301348502be5b970c-500wi[1] or Joni at Cote de Texas (her latest project, above, was just beautiful!)….

6a00e554d7b82788330133f1dd4ddf970b-500wi[1] or Lauren at Pure Style Home. I love the freshness of her designs!  As you know, there are so many inspiration filled design blogs out there, and I couldn’t imagine a life without them!

6a00e554d7b827883301348502fa3a970c-500wi[1] A Beautiful Place to Work: Although I have a wonderful workspace at Giannetti Home, I also do a great deal of work at home. I used to work at this small desk in my kitchen.  Although it was a pretty space, it was too cramped, and I hated facing the wall.


About six months ago I moved my office to the sunroom. This location still allows me to be in the main part of the house so the kids can find me, but now my office is spacious! My desk is large enough to spread out all of my paperwork, and I have my huge cabinet for storage. I also get to look out at my back yard instead of looking at a wall. Because I spend so much time at my desk, this change has improved the quality of my life tremendously.


Time to Relax: Between the demands of three kids, a design business, a store, and a blog, my life is pretty hectic, but I have found that it’s important to carve a little time out each week to be quiet. I’ve tried to create places in our home to just sit, relax and appreciate the blessings in my life.


Gratitude: This one is connected to "Time to Relax". In order to appreciate my life I think it’s important to always be grateful.

Speaking of gratitude, I want to thank Paloma for asking me to do this post. It was actually a great experience to take some time to think about what I really couldn’t live without!



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  1. I can never miss a post by Brooke and this one was so wonderful!!
    One of my ten things that I can’t live with out is reading V&L! What a great idea!! Thanks Paloma!!

  2. The Kitchen garden, the sunroom office, I could go on and on…so many swoon worthy moments here! I’ve said it before, but worth repeating..love this series! Great post!

  3. Brooke, thank you for sharing your list. We (your fans!) love getting a glimpse into your life. The pictures of your family and your lovely home are just wonderful. I am always amazed at how you “do it all”! You are a great inspiration! Cindy P.S. I can’t live without my Odwalla Superfood that gives me the energy to read all these fantastic design blogs!

  4. Brooke you are a constant inspiration professionally and personally. Great thought provoking topic Paloma!

  5. This is one great post. Brooke is really a wonderful person, which is surprising sometimes, that someone so talented is also very sweet and down to Earth. Sounds to me like she has all of her priorities straight. Nice to know!
    I love that she mentioned Greet, for inspiration, Greet is another wonderful, talented, sweet lady.

  6. Brooke – so beautiful! I noticed that all of your pictures have a lot of light in them – and I think that is a good metaphor for you — bringing light and lightness with whatever you do. So nice to get a deeper peek into your life!!! xo Elizabeth

  7. I love this post! Brooke, as you look up to Greet, Joni and Lauren, I look up to you too. You have such a wonderful sense of style and it’s great you can share that with your talented husband as a business that not only earns a living, but also you both enjoy.

  8. Brooke,
    I left a comment but it didn’t work. Anyway at the risk of repeating myself: I love this post! I look up to you like you look up to Greet, Joni and Lauren. You have a wonderful design sense and a talented husband to share it with. How great to be able to earn a living doing what you love with the one you love!

  9. Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful comments!
    DC Metro Mommy,
    I bought my lantern from Wisteria. I loved it so much (and the price was right!) that I bought another one to go over my farmhouse table!


  10. No surprises here, Brooke has her priorities straight. I feel that is the most successful part of her life. She keeps balance in all things and family ,home and being grateful are always at her core. Loved seeing this post, Thanks Paloma,Kathysue

  11. Hi Brooke, I couldn’t agree more with your choices: it is the people (family, huge poodle and friends) in my life and my home that enrich me the most. Thanks for reminding me to think about my priorities. Mary

  12. grateful for reading your lovely post
    in my little summer cottage in denmark.
    enjoy your beautiful family.
    and thankyou for sharing with us all
    from the fulness of your life

  13. Brooke is such a nice person and she has a wonderful family! I so love her way of walking through life! Fantastic! By reading this post it is as if I know her for a long time!!
    PS I want to thank Brooke for mentionning me!!

  14. Velvet and Linen and my morning cup of coffee. Ah! What comes through to me is sincerity. The world could use more. franki

  15. Brooke’s is my favorite blog…beautiful of course, but she has soul. I could be reading about my (very talented) best friend and her family. She’s appears genuine, real, with a big heart. I always look forward to opening Velvet & Linen — even when I’m in a huge rush, I have to read Brooke’s latest. She is balanced, and gets it. Hunky husband, too. Wonderful interview.

  16. Brooke what a gorgeous post! I so enjoyed reading this one and to learn more about you, as well as seeing these fantastic pictures from your home.
    And what a home!! OMG the energy of love and happiness is flowing through my computer screen and I love it all. The stunning kitchen garden is so beautiful and edible in every sense. What a great idea!
    The rest of your house.. I could write an essay here Brook – it is simply divine. I love the kitchen and the idea of windows behind your stove – how soothing to cook that way!
    I also love how your puppies have claimed that chair – just look at how snug they are! 🙂

    Your family is beautiful and your man a total stud. You look very happy and the closeness you share shows.

    Thanks again for this – it has put a big smile on my face. So nice to see genuine happiness like this!

    Big hugs all the way from Sydney!
    xx Charlotta

  17. I loved this post because as generous as Brooke was here to all the people in her life that mean so much, she has been just that generous to many more of us as well. I often wonder how you do it all. I think its because you remember oh so well how it all began. That is your secret to success. You are the real deal.