10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Erin Olson of House of Turquoise

House of Turquoise

Turquoise is one of my favorite colors, so it’s no surprise that I absolutely love Erin Olson’s House of Turquoise. You really have to admire someone who loves a color enough to dedicate an entire blog to it! She also pens blogs dedicated to several other color combinations and has been featured in publications like House Beautiful. I think turquoise is the perfect color for Erin. Like her, it is fresh, elegant, lovely, and inviting.

812750668_tRZwK-XL[1] 1. Color. It energizes me, delights me, even relaxes me. Obviously my favorite is turquoise, but I’m a huge fan of all the other colors too. My home is filled with color…I’m addicted to throw pillows, fun bedding, and colorful accessories (granted, a lot of them are turquoise!) I also love to wear colorful clothing. Summer is the best…I can’t have too many bright-colored sandals and sundresses!

diet-coke-racks[1] 2. Diet coke. Some people drink coffee in the morning, I can’t start my day without a diet coke. There’s nothing like a refreshing sip of my favorite cool beverage!


3. Technology. This encompasses a lot here…my iMac, iBook, iPhone (I’ve been a Mac user all my life). Without all this, I wouldn’t be able to blog!! House of Turquoise and my shopping blogs Decor By Color all started as hobbies, but now they’re my full-time job and have brought me so many opportunities I’d never imagined. I get such joy out of blogging, but moreover reading other blogs. The design community is so inspiring! I also love all sorts of gadgets, digital cameras, stereos, phones, etc. I really love buttons. Such a nerd.

gracebay[1]4. Travel. Like so many others, I love to board the plane and go somewhere new. I’m so grateful to have been all over the United States, to have studied abroad in Norway, live in Germany, and see so many cool places in Europe. There’s many more places to discover, people to meet and new experiences to have. I love the history and beauty in Europe, but honestly my favorite destination is the Mayan Riviera in Mexico….I just can’t get enough of that turquoise water!! It’s my life mission to go to many more amazing beaches!

animals[1]5. Animals. Man do I love them! These four are the ones in my life…Spencer and Kismet are my kitties, then Carly the Whippet and Charley the American Bulldog. Aren’t they all the sweetest things?! They crack me up all the time…endless entertainment. Such sweet personalities too. My little cuddle bunnies!

bobdylan[1] 6. Music. I have music playing all the time. Like color, it brings me energy and can change my mood like nothing else. I especially love watching musicians perform. Bands, choirs, orchestras, heck even marching bands are super cool. I have a wide variety of favorites, but some of my consistent favorites are Bob Dylan, Ray LaMontagne and Coldplay. Right now I’m obsessed with Monsters of Folk!

podcasts_hero20080909[1]7. Podcasts. Maybe this should go under technology, but I have so much love for them they get their own spot. I’ve always been a huge fan of talk radio, especially when I’m going to sleep at night (I did always like a good bedtime story!) The last few years have been so much more awesome since I discovered how to subscribe to podcasts via iTunes. Some of my favorites are Dr. Joy Browne (always before bed), Clark Howard while I work, and several Lost podcasts (I need help figuring out that show…). Locally I never miss Mischke. I also love the Skirted Roundtable and Color Budz for more design-related stuff.

haircollage[1]8. Hair products & tools. I have drawers and drawers of goodies. Serums to make it smooth, gels to make it curly, mousse to make it more volumized…you get the picture. I collect tools too, straighteners, rollers, curling irons of all shapes and sizes…my favorite being my Enzo Milano clipless one. It’s the best thing I’ve bought in the last 5 years (steal of a deal on ebay), it just gives you perfect beachy waves. I’m obsessed with my hair.

STYLING BOOKCASES_1[1] 9. Books and magazines. I love to read. The majority of the books I read are non-fiction. I love to read about economics and consumer behavior, communication, business and entrepreneurship, fashion and beauty, and of course design. Like most of you, I love all the shelter mags…Coastal Living and House Beautiful being my two favorites. I can’t get enough pretty pictures!

familyandfriends[1] 10. And of course all my family, friends, and Chris. I wouldn’t be who I am, or where I am today without their endless support and enthusiasm. They pick me up when I’m down, bring me energy, constant inspiration and happiness! (And they all love turquoise!!)


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  1. You had me at American Bulldog!
    I too could never live without my magazines, and books. I can escape day or night to anywhere I want to go, through the flip of the pages. Every one is throwing a little Turquoise into their decor, it’s always been a standard coastal color, but seeing it more and more everyday.

  2. Oh I LOVE that bookshelf with the turq, gorgeous! This was a great interview and turquoise is one of my fave colors too.

    P.S. Charley the bull dog looks very kissable;)


    Miss B.

  3. Not only is Erin extremely talented, she’s the sweetest ever! I’m honored that she chose one of my prints to hang on her wall at home. This has been my greatest business accomplishment =)

    It was great to learn more about her 🙂

  4. This is a very down to earth list…I love it. And I love her blog. Anyone that focused deserves success! Side note, I would die for hair that pretty and versatile!

  5. Hey thanks so much for the shout out to Color Budz! Always nice to know that there is someone out there listening.

    I have discovered the BEST blogs by people linking to and mentioning our podcasts. I appreciate – very much – the acknowledgment but I am absolutely loving all these fab blogs!

    House of Turquoise was on my list but La Dolce Vita is new – and I ♥ what I found here. Your header rocks.

  6. Love this!! Erin’s blog is so inspirational, it is really neat to learn more about her! I have a lotta love for my Enzo Milano clipless curling iron, I could definitely identify! lol

  7. It is so fun to see Erins list and get to know her a little better. Erin, I am with you on the hair thing although my hair is not as pretty as yours!!! I am just really picky about my hair and not very brave about changing it. I discovered my engagement picture the other day and my hair is basically the same as it was 40 yrs ago. Crazy!! Kathysue

  8. Ditto what funcolors said! A big thanks to Erin at House of Turquoise for the nod to ColorBudz/ColorPodz podcasts. And, Paloma, I’m happy to have found your blog, too! Looking forward to reading more posts in the future. (Oh – and I gotta get me one of those special curling irons. LOVE those beachy waves.)

  9. This is one of my favorite posts in this series. Erin seems like such a fun person – I love her energy! And, since I’m a chocolate blues person, I love her color blogs! So glad you included her!

  10. This list is sooo true! I would have to add my yearly getaway though to my fav <a href=”http://www.sevenstarsgracebay.com>Turks and Caicos resort</a>. Such a fun and entertaining read! Thanks for sharing!