This or That: New York Townhouses

facade house beautiful

{Miles Redd’s New York Townhouse}

Many people fantasize about what it would be like to have a New York pied-à-terre in the thick of it all. But what would be better than an apartment in New York City? How about a gorgeous townhouse? Now, if you know anything about New York real estate, then you are very well aware of the fact that a townhouse in New York, especially in Manhattan, will set you back several million dollars, which makes it all the more fun to dream about!

In today’s “This or That” game, I will be presenting you with quite a challenge! Two of my favorite homes ever happen to be New York City townhouses. One is located in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, while the other is in Brooklyn. Both spaces are stunning, but are quite different in style. I love that townhouses are frequently long and narrow. Quite often, the kitchen will lead right into the dining room which in turn leads into the living room. They essentially share one large space and defining and separating it into three rooms can sometimes present a challenge. However, the owners of both of these homes have done a stellar job! Each of these homes has been featured on La Dolce Vita in the past, so rather than presenting you with full-blown home tours, we will be focusing on the living areas of each house. Which would you rather have, Katie Lee’s Nate Berkus-designed Village town house or the gorgeous Brooklyn home of  Fitzhugh Carol and Lyndsay Caleo?

this or that home1

domino klj4

I’m pretty certain that Katie Lee put her gorgeous Greenwich Village town house on the market after she and husband, Billy Joel split last year. I am guessing it sold pretty quickly, but I am not certain. This picture gives you a an orientation of the room. In the back, you have the kitchen, which leads into the dining room, which then leads into the living room in the front of the house. I adore the open feel of the space. The dark floors look fantastic with the pale aqua walls. I adore the furniture that Katie selected with the help of her interior designer, Nate Berkus. The room has a relaxed European sensibility about it.

{I love the shelving!}

domino klj6

{A True Cook’s Kitchen}

domino klj5

{The cabinetry and marble countertops and backsplash are gorgeous, but for me, these beautiful custom-made windows make the space feel ultra special. The bistro chairs are quite charming!}

domino klj2

{The pale, aqua-grey hue of the walls and dark wood floors provide a neutral palette for the original architectural details, like the fireplace and mouldings to really shine. I love the gilded nesting tables and upholstered chairs with the fabulous greek key arms.}

this or that home fitzhugh2

The airy space is defined by whitewashed floors and walls with contrasting wood beams on the ceiling. The space feels fresh, youthful, and inviting. I do think this home has a European sensibility as well. While Katie Lee’s place is decidedly more Parisian, the light, airy look of this beautiful Brooklyn home could easily work in Spain. Notice the lovely original fireplace and the artwork above it.


{I love that this large table can be used for dining or as a work space. The open shelving is functional and plays upon the airy feeling of the home.}


{I truly love the vibe of this home. It is casual yet architecturally stunning. There are so many gorgeous features. The abundance of white makes the space feel so large and in my opinion, is one of the things that makes the home feel so special.}


{The floor-to-ceiling built-in shelving creates visual impact within the living / dining room.}

this or that2

Both homes are beautiful, so this will definitely be a tough feat. I love so many things about each home and definitely had to go back and forth between the two options. I think it’s definitely a taste preference. I am so excited to see which home you prefer! I’ll share my choice in the comments section a little later.

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  1. I love both but I have to say that house #1 pulls a bit more at my heart! I think the marble top table by the window in the kitchen is amazing! I love everything about that house. It also reminds me of just how much I miss Domino!!!

  2. I LOVE number 1, it is definitely my choice. Number 2 has been featured on some of my fav. blogs recently, and I must say, I’m not crazy about it!

  3. Katie Lee’s. Nate never misses. The other is gorgeous, of course, but I think there is something so comfortable looking about Katie’s…

  4. Oooh…definitely townhouse #1 — Katie Lee’s pad has been a favorite of mine ever since I saw it in domino. Besides, who wouldn’t taken Manhattan over Brooklyn (no offense to Brooklynites!) if they could afford it?

  5. Whoa. Is there any question, really?? House #2 is STUNNING! Perfect mix of classic brownstone vs timeless ingenuity. What I would do to be able to cook in that kitchen and curl up with a book in that home. Im completely inspired. I could move in tomorrow- Please!!

  6. hands-down, Katie Lee’s place (that I don’t think she sold). it seems much more in keeping with the style you post on your blog also. love your posts!

  7. I absolutely adore both of these houses and would probably be more than happy in either one, but I would have to pick #1. I love everything Nate does and really love that it has a touch of glamour. Katie’s kitchen is amazing and her dining room is one of my favorites. Plus, it is in Greenwich Village, easily my favorite neighborhood in Manhattan.

    B, you may be right. I am not sure if she has sold the home, but I could have sworn that it was put on the market once Katie and Billy split.

  8. Instantly…Number 1: it speaks to my taste…I love the color scheme and design. Love the different lines: straight lines in the cabinets, book shelf juxtaposed with the soft lines of the dining chairs and furniture in the living room.

  9. I love the airiness and light in the Brooklyn home, but love the wall color/floor color contrast and furniture in the Manhattan home. Oh where was my money tree so I could have bought Katie Lee’s place!

  10. Wow – talk about the horns of a dilemma! Actually (and I know it’s cheating, sorry), I prefer the look of Miles Redd’s townhouse exterior (must now go hunting for the indoor photos…).
    But my proper vote goes to number 1 – much as I love the light and bright feeling, and the *gorgeous* built-in shelving in number 2. Number 1 wins it on the kitchen, though, and the bones of the house are wonderful. Think I would redecorate though… the furniture is a little to ornate for my liking…

  11. I’ve always been a fan of both of these homes, but if I HAD to choose, I’d take Katie Lee’s space. The ease and simplicity of the design don’t sacrifice class or elegance and I can definitely see myself living there. 🙂 Fantastic feature today!