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Chances are, you may have seen the amazing Brooklyn home of Fitzhugh Carol and Lyndsay Caleo, founders of The Brooklyn Home Company on design*sponge or Elements of Style. I first learned of this incredibly talented company through Erin’s post earlier this month and was instantly enamored with the amazing space this duo had created for themselves. Wanting to learn more, I sought out their website and became smitten with a few of their other spectacular projects. Their homes make me want to move to Brooklyn! I wish they made homes like this in Houston. Seriously, if there were a Houston builder who wanted to create spaces like these, I would be so on board!

fitzhugh title3


{I love the floor to ceiling built-ins and the white-washed look of the space.}


{Do you think you would ever try white floors? They look amazing in this home! The beams in the ceiling are pretty fabulous, too.}


{I would love to have this type of continuity in a future home. Most new construction homes are designed with open floor plans, but with this being a townhouse, I love that everything fits into a large, rectangular space. Notice the artwork above the mantle.}


{Isn’t the kitchen fantastic? I love that this large table can be used for dining or as a work space. The open shelving is functional and plays upon the airy feeling of the home. The cute pup on the counter is the icing on the cake. Tate would love him!}

{The reclaimed door is bananas.}

{I love the organic quality of the master bedroom. While I love color, this home seriously makes me want to take a trip to the light side! Between the white walls, white floors, and white linens, this place feels like such a breathe of fresh air. The original fireplace is gorgeous. Fireplaces are one of my favorite features in New York townhouses. I also love that they created what appears to be a wardrobe next to it and used mirrored paneling and glass knobs to keep it from looking cumbersome. Gorgeous and functional, what could be better than that?}


fitzhugh title2

{Check out the gorgeous built-in mirrors in this Brooklyn home.}

While the home of Fitzhugh and Caleo has been enjoying the spotlight recently (Rightfully so, the place is INSANE!), I also wanted to share a couple of their other projects which are just as beautiful.

{A Lovely Dining Room}

{Gorgeous Sitting Area with a Fabulous Built-in Bar}

{A sleek, modern kitchen juxtaposes well with the grandeur throughout the rest of the home.}

{I love the rich color of the walls and the gold-leaf accents.}

{This gilded wallpaper adds a touch of glamour to the bathroom.}

fitzhugh title

{There is so much to love in this image! My personal favorite? The Greek Key wallpaper, of course!}

{The Greek Key wallpaper continues into the dining room. I love that they wallpapered inside of the mouldings. It looks like art!}

{Sleek storage abounds in the kitchen. Take a look at the beautiful fireplace and plaster work above the cabinets!}

{This sitting room is swathed in ethnic fabrics and bright colors.}

{Anyone who has been in my home knows that I have an affinity for maps. I love this little nursery vignette!}

{Ahhh! Citrine Imperial Trellis. Need I say more?}

The Brooklyn Home Company is set to have 15 new homes available this fall. I wish I could make one mine!


Image Credit: The Brooklyn Home Company

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  1. These homes are all breath-taking. I live in Brooklyn and can’t imagine living anywhere else. I am always taken back by the gorgeous architecture which not everyone expects to find here. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s a beautiful home to be sure, love the beams and barn door in particular — they really bring some warmth to that loft-like/very white interior. As for white floors, I think they’d be no harder to keep up than very dark floors…and maybe even easier since it’s a lot easier to touch white floors up!

  3. Holy Mother of God. I have that exact coffee table from Fort Greene Place!! Totally Loving it! Thanks for posting this Paloma. Hadn’t seen it!


  4. i fell in love with their own property but these others are the icing on the cake! the wallpaper job is fantastic — and don’t even get me started on the hot pink sitting room! to die for. thanks for sharing, paloma!

  5. SO so so gorgeous! I’m about to use that kelly green imperial trellis in a guest room for drapes, i’ll send you pics after! 🙂

  6. Wow, not only is that my dream job! Why oh why didn’t I figure that out earlier? But this post was like having a great steak dinner, and the best dessert around (hello dark chocolate mouse!)…yum….burp.