A Belated Glee Fan

I know I am completely late to the party, but I am obsessed with Glee! I just discovered it two weeks ago when the Madonna episode aired. I had heard from many people that it was such a good show, but never got around to watching it. Then, as if by serendipity, I caught my first glimpse of this incredible show when they did the now famous Madonna episode. I watched as the talented cast belted out the songs I sang countless times during my childhood and adolescence. “Like A Virgin”, “Open Your Heart”, “Vogue”, “Like A Prayer”…they sang all of my favorites with the exception of “Into the Groove”, and I sang along as I watched, my heart full of, well, glee.

I ordered the first season on Amazon that same night and finished the first season this weekend. The characters are so charming, even Sue Sylvester, the most likeable villain in recent memory. I love her quips about Will Schuester’s hair. He is so talented! I am surprised he wasn’t discovered earlier. I also happen to adore Mercedes and Kurt. This show is wonderfully refreshing. The cast is undoubtedly talented and it is so fun to watch.

Another favorite character is the adorable guidance counselor, Emma Pilsbury. I love her 1960s-inspired outfits and find her quirky, obsessive personality rather charming. Sure, her looks sometimes border granny-chic territory, but wasn’t she a darling bride in her Jackie Kennedy-inspired gown? I am totally rooting for her to work things out with Will! Are you a fan of Miss Pilsbury’s?


{I love this necklace.}

{While mustard yellow isn’t usually my go-to color, I do love her pretty J.Crew Mary Janes. They may have been part of what sold me on the show in the pilot.}

{Emma in a Milly sweater with Telephone Brooch, bearing witness to a battle of the crazies.}

{So cute!}

{Her style combination of Mad Men meets J.Crew with a twist of Granny’s closet is so endearing.}

Are there any other “Gleeks” out there?

Glee airs Tuesday nights at 9/8 central on Fox.

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  1. I am GLEEK! I’ve been watching since the sneek preview last summer.

    As for Matthew Morrison . . . he was discovered a while ago . . he got his start as a replacement on broadway in Footloose . . and went on to originate roles in Hairspray and Light In the Piazza. He was last seen on the Great White Way in South Pacific. And he had a recurring role on As the World Turns . . Adam Munson. But Glee is making him a household name.

    This is Leah’s first foray in television but she’s been working on broadway since she was eight . . . Les Miserables . . . she originated roles in Ragtime and Spring Awakening.

    Jayma . . . was on Heroes for a bit.

    It’s a great cast!

  2. I was going to comment on what the others already beat me to. You do need to check out What Would Emma Pilsbury Wear. Her style is a little too granny for me, but I love to see the combos put together, as I love so many of the pieces individually.

  3. Paloma I am right there with you. I watched the Madonna episode out of curiosity and I think I am a borderline Gleek!! I love Ms Pillsbury and her perfectly put together outfits. If you disect them and put some jeans with them they would be very JCrew!!Happy Wednesday,Kathysue

  4. Ladybug, thanks for all of the info!

    Laura, I agree about her style being a little too granny. I’m not sure that I would wear most of her outfits, but they are fun to see. I think they’re great for a teacher, though.

    Alicia, yes, I watched last night because I was all caught up on the previous episodes. I loved that they did Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer numbers. So fun!

  5. OMG – the Madge episode aired just as i landed in the UK!!! It totally rocks and now it looks like i’ve a lot of catching up to do epi-wise! Gleek alert!

    Think Miss Pillsbury can get away with all that granny chic for sure!

  6. You’re not alone in being late to the party! The husby and I have WAY too many shows and didn’t think we had the time to add another to our repertoire … Buuut, the idea for this summer is to watch the first season of Glee. We already love the music, and I’m pretty sure we’ll love the show, too!

  7. I LOVE glee! And, I’m pretty sure that the guy that plays Will Shuester was on Broadway — at least that’s what I’ve heard.

  8. That green necklace with the flower is from Target! I couldn’t believe it when I bought it. I got literally a hundred comments on it when I wore it.

  9. Also late to the Glee party – just started watching this season. My favorites have been the music video adaptations (i.e. Vogue) – the production value is amazing! How fun was the Olivia Newton-John Physical piece last night?
    so fun….

  10. oh my goodness! Welcome to the wonderful world of Glee! I am a total Gleek! I love it! I have the soundtracks on my ipod. I can’t get enough of this show. Emma is one of my favorite characters. I love her huge eyes! She is adorable! 🙂

  11. I am a self confessed Gleek and SO proud:) Emma and Kurt are my favorites… please please tell me you saw last night, and noticed Rachel’s adorable sailboat sweater in the first scene? I’m lusting after it in the worst way and don’t know where to find it?

  12. I’ve been a Gleek since the pilot. I love that show!

    I have to echo ladybug11218 … Matthew Morrison has been around for a while now – he’s a bona fide star on Broadway, but that doesn’t count for much in pop culture does it? He’s been nominated for a Tony, the Drama Desk Awards and the Our Circle Critics awards, and he’s even won a Grammy (Hairspray Original soundtrack).