New SATC2 Trailer: Aidan is back and Stanford is getting married!!

In the past couple of weeks, I have repeatedly read that Aidan is coming back for Sex and the City 2 and that he makes an appearance in the movie trailer. I kid you not, I watched that trailer a million times trying to spot Aidan to no avail. It turns out, I was watching the first trailer for the movie and not the second one, which has just been released. A huge thanks to Erin of Elements of Style for the heads up!

The first trailer was a little trite and predictable, but this one is AMAZEBALLS! I cannot wait to see this! I always thought Aidan was so much better for Carrie than Big, but I guess that is because Aidan’s personality reminds me of my husband’s and I gravitated more towards him in the series. I was so mad at Carrie for cheating on Aidan with Big and now it seems the tables may be turned. By the way, can we address what appears to be Stanford’s wedding? Fabulous! And, I spotted Penelope Cruz! The only downside is a cameo by Miley Cyrus. Barf! I hope this was a little bright spot in your day! May 27th cannot come soon enough!

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  1. Wasn’t this movie supposed to have a “recession-friendly” wardrobe?? Hah cue Carries’ “J’adore Dior” tee. Oh well! It’s more fun this way!

    Aiden couldn’t look better if he tried. And yes about Stanford!! Don’t you know who he’s marrying??? I don’t want to spoil it if you don’t already know… I’ll just say it’s not a brand new character.


  2. Taking the story to Abu Dhabi is interesting (amazing architecture…), and Samantha in her red dress is simply priceless!
    Thanks for the trailer.

  3. just watched the trailer during my prep period (but itsn’t that what Friday preps are for?) and it looks amazing – I agree with Aidan thing I was never quite happy with her ending up with Big – I’m not a big fan (haha) of the girl ends up with the ‘changed’ jerk. So excited!

  4. Love that Sanford is getting married! Going to be a great plot line. Also glad Aidan is back — I too preferred him in the series (but didn’t most girls?!).

  5. I am a little ashamed of my complete girliness that this actually gave me chills. I could NOT be more excited for this/slash want to know who SJP etals derms are cause they are looking fresh and dewy in ways that I can only dream of, and they each have at least 20 years on me. Shameful.

  6. Agree on Cyrus – and looks like fun. Although I can’t help thinking: the freedom these ladies are enjoying in Abu Dhabi movie land would probably get them totally arrest in Abu Dhabi real land. Not friendly to the fashion choices of western women…

  7. Thanks for sharing this – it does look amazing (even though Im still not able to respect a character that would go back with Big after dumping her at the altar!!)

    I heart Aiden – love that he has short hair now.

  8. oooh i am so excited! this just might be the better of the looks good. i am so happy aiden is back…love him!
    thanks for sharing dollface. xoxo

  9. I have already started a count down till the opening day! I’m thrilled to see Aiden will be in it, especially because he looks better than ever. And yes, I completely agree with your thoughts on the Miley Cyrus appearance. Why why why would they think the SATC viewing audience would want to see her?

  10. I have watched the trailer easily over 10 times! I swear I feel like I literally won’t make it until May 27th. And I’m with you, although I love Mr. Big, I’m so camp Aiden!