When can I move in?


I have been a fan of Jennifer Dyer’s work for a couple of years now and was thrilled to see that her website has been updated when I visited recently. It includes several new projects including this amazing home in Los Angeles. I have a feeling it may be her new home because I recognize a lot of accessories from her previous home. The image above was what originally drew me in. I loved the colors in the room and the fact that they are muted, yet feel a bit bold. The composition of the room is really alluring to me as well.


{The beautiful vignette in the first image is part of what may be the most inviting dining room I’ve seen as of late. There is such a laid-back element of casual elegance here and I love that she has brought the outdoors in.}

 dining3 {It seems to me that this room was probably meant to be a living room because of the vaulted, beamed ceiling, the fireplace, and the French doors. However, I think it is stunning as a dining room!}


{The kitchen is bananas! Of course, I love the white kitchen and the graphic wallpaper and rug.}

living3{ How fabulous is the tufted ottoman? There are so many lovely details in every room of this home!}


{So, if my suspicions are correct and the dining room is in a room that was meant to be the living room, then this must be what was intended as the original dining room. I love the mix of fabrics and patterns and love the way that Jennifer chose to display the art in this room.}

living detail {More Lovely Details}

bedroom view

{What a view! I love the color of the velvet chair.}


{Talk about glamour! Most of the homes Jennifer designs have an element of Hollywood Regency and glamour present.}


This office is so well-accessorized. That may be my favorite wing-back chair right now! The shape and cognac leather are scrumptious! The skylight windows add such an interesting element to the room.}


{The Idyllic Rooftop Garden}


{Sadly, we don’t have views like this in Houston. Isn’t this stunning?}


Image Credit: Jennifer Dyer Interiors


By the way, the lovely Caitlin is featuring my home on her wonderful blog, Sacramento Street today. Please stop by when you have a moment.

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  1. I agree, she is so talented. I love the fact that all of her rooms look like they evolved over time with collected elements. Nothing looks contrived but perfectely thought out and designed. Loved it all, thank you for sharing these great images. Kathysue

  2. I love, absolutely LOVE LOVE overstuffed furniture. I feel like you could curl up and nap in any room in this house. In fact, I fear if I were seated at the head of that dining table I might just take a snooze in the middle of dinner. Oh how I love a view as well. Poor flat pancake Houston, it would if it could!
    p.s. I just talked to my Mom and she said the azaleas are out and STUNNING this year. Jeallybeans.

  3. I hope you don’t mind having an extra roommate… because I’m moving in too!! This is just Lovely. And the view? Hello!!


  4. ooooh. i love this home. it is beautiful definitely something i could see myself living in. lots of fun color! great post.

    will head over and check you out.

  5. I’m moving in with you! I love that she has some pop of color in an otherwise neutral room. It’s a very livable and comfortable home that speaks to great taste with out going over the top on the budget. I loved the subtle architectural features in every room that give it charm and interest. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to go find me some more Jennifer!

  6. This is such a great post. thanks for sharing. I love how everything in these rooms is BIG. Not a bunch of little stuff, which is something I have a problem with being a bit of an accessory hoarder. That color on that velvet chair has cropping up a lot lately. Love it.