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Whether you love or hate these looks worn by Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Biel, you have to admire them for taking fashion risks. Jennifer has such an endearing quality about her. She seems like the type of girl anyone could be friends with. Though her day to day style is quite casual, she always cleans up beautifully! I love the sexy dress she chose for the premiere of their new film, Valentine’s Day. The loose bedhead waves and smoky eye make-up are the perfect compliment to her sultry look.

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Anne Hathaway is one of my favorite actresses and a personal style icon of mine. I simply love her classic, elegant style. She rarely makes a misstep. Come to think of it, both she and Jennifer are styled by The Zoe, aren’t they? Of these three looks, I probably wouldn’t choose this indigo, feathered mini dress, but I admire her moxie for wearing it. The color looks gorgeous against her porcelain skin. This really is the year for indigo, isn’t it? I’ll be honest. I am not really a fan of Jessica Biel’s but she is a very pretty girl and I admire her for taking a fashion risk.

Of these three, who had your favorite look?

Image Credit: InStyle

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  1. I’d say Jennifer is my fave but I liked Anne’s dress, too. It was just a bit short for my taste.

    I didn’t like Jessica’s dress much. It reminded me of a candy cane or something!

    I also thought Demi Moore and Julia Roberts looked great and I’m so glad Jessica Alba has her brown hair back.

  2. I love them all! How fun! If I had to choose one for myself, it would be Jennifer Gardner’s. And I looove the style of Jessica Beil’s minus the candy cane factor. I think a solid or maybe this in black and white, or charcoal and white would have been better. As for Anne’s look – I just love her. And it looks great with the other two dresses. : )


  3. Jen Garner is my favorite as well. In regards to Anne never missing a step….I’m sure it is in part to the fact that she does not actually dress herself;) My dinners never miss a step either…when Chef Mario Batali is cooking them for me!


  4. I have to vote Jen. I love Anne’s look but I wouldn’t do that much feather anything. I really though Julia Roberts hit a homerun, too. Particularly after ill-fitting Globes cocktail dress.

  5. Lately I have been pleasantly surpirsed by Jessica Biel, she has popped up in some pretty cute outfits. I have to say she has my attention for my fave look – that dress was a risk, but a good one!

  6. The word “moxie” made me giggle, way underused, I am going to have to incorporate that into my everyday lingo I think.
    I have to say Jessica Biels was my favorite. Not because I think it is super wearable, but because it was The Valentine’s Day premier and she really went for it, and not in a super predictable way. I kind of like it when stars push the envelope, and I think she is hot enough to pull it off.

  7. Hands down Jennifer! She looks classic, elegant yet approachable the other two definitely have the Hollywood Glam going on but I tend to like the understated elegance of Jen’s look. Kathysue

  8. I think Jessica Beil’s dress is too heavy for her frame. I love Jennifer Garner’s dress! She’s so sweet… I love it when she wears something edgy.

  9. This is awesome — it’s so exciting to get emails from people that you blog about! I’m also glad Anna agreed to do a “10 things” post. She’s incredibly talented and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for.