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JE TAIME (I LOVE YOU) Romantic French Print in Classic Black and White - 8x10 inches
I couldn’t be happier to have the long, cold month of January behind us. On to the short month of February, which in Houston, serves as the gateway to Spring. I think part of me prefers February to January because it feels like we have made some headway into the year, plus there’s Valentine’s Day. While some people could take or leave Valentine’s Day, I happen to love it because I am a romantic at heart. I love the whimsy surrounding the holiday, as well as the idea of taking the time and making a gesture, no matter how small to tell your special someone how much you love them.

If you don’t have a special someone right now, Valentine’s Day is also a great excuse for a chick flick marathon. Whatever your feelings on this most beloved of commercialized holidays, I am sure you will love these gorgeous prints by The Love Shop. I am not sure what is more beautiful, the typography or the words themselves.
YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (8x10 inch Art Print in French Cream and Black)
MR. DARCY quote (8x10 inch print in Mink Brown)
LOVE IS THE KEY (8x10 inch Modern Fine Art Print)
MR. DARCY quote (8x10 inch print in Classic Black and White)
YOU ARE LOVE (16x20 inch Archival Art Poster Print in Pretty Pink)
LOVE ME TIL MY HEART STOPS - 8x10 Modern Art Print in Silver Gray
Image Credit: The Love Shop

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  1. I tend to dismiss Valentine’s Day as a hallmark holiday and am generally not especially romantic, but these sentiments are lovely and, when I stop to think about it, remind me of how very lucky I am that I have Dave.

  2. Averill, that is exactly how I feel.

    corksandcaftans, I have been through that before. Just have faith that better things are yet to come. I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking. Keep looking for inspiration and set your sights firmly on your goals! All the best to you! xoxo