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Today’s “10 Things” post comes from the lovely Lauren Haskett, a phenomenal kitchen and bath designer who just so happens to be a fellow Houstonian and a founding member of the fabulous blog, Material Girls. Lauren has fantastic style in both fashion and design and I love that she always adds a hint of glamour to everything she does. Her “10 Things” list is both personal and relatable. Enjoy!

#1 – My family and friends. That’s husband Bryce, my Maltipoo, Hartley, and me. I am blessed with a fabulous support system. My family and friends have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and have loved me every step of the way. I also must add my Sunday School class and Bible Study group (shout out to "The Cartel") who have made adjusting to our new life in Houston so, so easy. #2 – My job. I seriously cannot imagine doing anything but interior design for the rest of my life. Sure, school was very challenging, and juggling contractors, writing cabinet orders, dealing with clients who have been living without a kitchen for way too long…it can be a little stressful. However, the process of creating beautiful retreats for people just never gets old. I was given the opportunity this past year to take a big leap in my career. Not only am I working as a Kitchen & Bath designer for a top firm here in Houston, I’m also taking on individual non K & B projects through my company, Lauren Haskett Fine Design.

{poster by fellow blogger, Jennifer Ramos} #3 – Design Blogs. How did I ever survive without design blogs?! Hands down, the best resource for instant inspiration. A virtual library of amazing images, new talent, and fresh ideas. #4 Great Candles. I am partial to the Capri Blue in Volcano (a.k.a. the Anthropologie candle). I’ve have ventured out and tried a different candles, but I always come back to this one! #5 My Beauty Must Have Product: Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo. I have crazy sparse eyebrows that must be filled in everyday. I’ve been hooked on this powder for years…it looks natural and stays put all day long. One compact will last you a very long time. Just a side note: I’m a brunette and I use the color, "soft blonde." I would also recommend using it with the LM Eyebrow brush.
#6 Nike Road Race Short. Yes, a running short made my list. I’ve looked forever for the perfect running short for me, and this is it. It’s lightweight, doesn’t ride up, and is really comfortable.

{Windsor Smith} #7 White Bedding and Upholstered Furniture. Much to my husband’s dismay I had to have white bedding and a white sofa (slipcovered). I am a glutton for punishment I guess, constantly having to launder the comforter because my little dog jumps up on the bed before I can stop her with muddy paws. We won’t even talk about the time the dry cleaner returned my duvet cover with mysterious rust colored spots…I just can’t help it – I love living with white!

#8 My iPhone. I know every iPhone owner says, "how did I ever live without it?" Seriously though, how did I ever live without this thing?? Perhaps I was a little more organized (not typing in the address of my destination on the way out the door). I love all the applications, I love the maps, I love getting my email, love that we can finally text pictures…it’s just amazing.

#9 My laptop & AutoCad. 99% of the time I’m blogging, I’ve got my computer in my lap and I’m sprawled out on the couch with Hartley curled up next to me. I recently purchased a citrus green (to match my logo) Dell notebook. I chose a PC because of another little thing I couldn’t function without – AUTOCAD.

#10 Mexican food. I could eat Mexican food every single day(hence the need for item #6, running shorts). Houston has some AMAZING tex-mex restaurants. My favorite three: Cyclone Anaya’s (get the Cyclone Special – but split it with someone), El Tiempo Cantina (could live off their tortillas and queso), and Chuy’s (we eat here once a week with friends).

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  1. It’s scary how good El Tiempo is, isn’t it? Should we have a Houston blogger meet up there? 🙂

    And thanks Lauren for the eyebrow product tip – I was looking for something like this on Sephora just yesterday!

    Great series Paloma! xoxox

  2. Thank you, Paloma for including me in this series! I agree, I LOVE seeing everyone’s “must have,” lists! I didn’t realize how much I loooooved Mexican food until I lived in Houston!

  3. You love Chuys, I love Chuys- that must be why we’ve stayed friends all these years! I could eat their jalapeno ranch dip as soup- it’s so good! Loved Lauren’s list. I can confirm that these things are indeed very “Lauren-esque”

  4. Great guide, LOVE a fabulous fellow Houstonian, and love that you and Lauren are putting this oft overlooked city on the design map! Now if only if I can figure out how to live there AND in Chicago simultaneously, that would really be a great trick!