10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Julie of Shelter

The lovely and talented Julie Richard of the blog, Shelter will be sharing her fabulous “10 Things List” today. She is due to give birth to her second child literally any minute, so I am incredibly thankful that she agreed to participate in this series. I have long admired Julie’s style and am still in love with her son’s nursery which she shared with us in my “Personal Style, Defined” series. I was so pleased to see how much we had in common when I read her list. Blogs really do bring like-minded people together! I hope that you’ll enjoy the gorgeous images that Julie has put together for us!

ONE. Accessories. They the heart of a room and the finishing touch to an outfit! I love, love, love to layer and mix!

TWO. Pellegrino – I drink this all day long. I actually crave the refreshing crisp flavor.. {now even more then ever while preggers}

THREE. Beautifully and well lit spaces. It’s the first thing I notice when I walk into a room in the evening! I’m always striving to light my home and my client’s designed spaces better.

FOUR. Design Magazines, Books, Blogs + Music. They are my guilty pleasure and an amazing source of inspiration!

FIVE. My Day Planner, Office + Computer. I couldn’t function without them! I still prefer to write things down and sketch-I guess it’s the creative side in me! I love my career and am so happy I took a risk and started my own business!

SIX. DCT Lip Balm + Face Cream with sun block. A part of my daily ritual.

SEVEN. A sweet treat. Because what’s life without an indulgence now and then?

EIGHT. The Beach. I feel so fortunate to have grown up near the water. I don’t think I will ever leave the coast. I am truly at peace sitting in my beach chair looking out at the water on a warm summer day. It doesn’t get much better than that for me! {okay maybe add a chilled, salted margarita to the scene – perfection}

NINE. Comfy slippers. These are what I am currently wearing. After hugging my son, it’s the second thing I do when I walk in the door to my home.

TEN. Most importantly My family + friends. I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing group of warm, loving, supportive + humorous people. We are beyond excited to meet our newest addition this week!!!
Thanks for including me in your series Paloma!!
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  1. Yes, a room with artwork hung in the salon style. Guess you knew I would covet that;-)!

    By the way is that baby’s blue gingham an accessory to that chartreuse pillow? If so, what a perfect layering. . .

  2. Averill, David Jimenez designed the dining room for DIFFA in 2008. He’s one of my favorite designers, so I recognized it right off the bat! 🙂

    Julie, this is one of my favorite lists EVER! I am sipping Pellegrino as we speak, I LOVE accessories of all sorts, I have a major sweet tooth, can’t survive without organization, calendars, and to do lists, and don’t know what I’d do without family, magazines, or my computer! Thanks for a fabulous post!