Style Profile: Lazaro Rosa Violan

Yesterday, I blogged about the beautiful Hotel Pulitzer in Barcelona after having fallen in love with its design. Upon doing a little research, I found out that the hotel was designed by Spanish interior designer, Lázaro Rosa Violán, who has soared to the top of my list of favorite designers. Violán is a self-described “urban archaeologist” and “style hunter”, which I can certainly appreciate. Violán has been designing restaurants and hotels in his native Spain since 1990. His interiors are perfectly layered, with various styles blending together perfectly. Violán’s palettes are typically sophisticated and restrained and he balances masculinity with a touch of glamour nearly every time. In a word, his work is sublime. According to Violán: “The interior designer is an actor. He must dress up and change roles, understand new identities and integrate them with his own.” This personal philosophy of his further concretes my opinion of Violán as a true design visionary.

{Hotel Pulitzer Roma}

Hotel Pulitzer Contemporary design 3
Hotel Pulitzer Interior design 1

{Hotel Market, Barcelona}
1 Hotel Market and Restaurant Barcelona
2 Hotel Market and Restaurant Barcelona

3 Hotel Market and Restaurant Barcelona
5 Hotel Market and Restaurant Barcelona

{Hotel Praktik Rambla, Barcelona}
1 PRAKTIK Rambla Hotel Barcelona

6 PRAKTIK Rambla Hotel Barcelona
3 PRAKTIK Rambla Hotel Barcelona

{Big Fish, Barcelona}
We HAVE to go to this restaurant when we visit Barcelona! The design is incredible! I love the rough luxe look of it all. The combination of worn, whiskey-colored chairs, floating capiz chandeliers, industrial pendants, and black and white palette are too good to miss! Let’s just hope the food is half as delicious as the décor!
1 Big Fish restaurant Barcelona
2 Big Fish Contemporary restaurant Barcelona

3 Restaurant Interior Big Fish
4 Big Fish Contemporary restaurant Barcelona 2
5 Big Fish Contemporary restaurant Barcelona

{Bazaar, Madrid}
1 Bazaar Restaurant design Chueca

3 Bazaar Restaurant design Chueca
4 Bazaar Restaurant design Chueca

{Fishop, Barcelona}
1 Contemporary restaurant design FISHOP

2 Contemporary restaurant design FISHOP

{Miu, Barcelona}
Miu 3
Miu 4

{Flamant Café, Barcelona}
3 Flamant Interior Design

4 Flamant Interior Design
5 Flamant Interior Design
7 Flamant Interior Design

{La Polpa, Barcelona}
1 La Polpa Contemporary Interiors
2 La Polpa Contemporary Interiors
{La Rita, Barcelona}
1 La Rita Interior

4 La Rita Interior

{Felix, Barcelona}
1 Felix Shop Interior design

2 Felix Shop Interior design
3 Felix Shop Interior design

Click on the images to enlarge them and see them in their full glory! I keep going back and looking at them in order to take in every detail.

Image Credit: Lázaro Rosa Violán

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  1. These are beautiful. But they have a certain something hard to describe (I like that!) Sort of a modern sensibility, mixed in with the past. Openness, but detail and texture and layers.

  2. Thank you for the introduction to this designer. His work is phenomenal. I’m designing a restaurant this year so this inspiration was much needed and helpful.

    Talk soon.


  3. I love Violan’s built-ins in some many of these spaces — they’re really gorgeous. Also, I love his portrait with his dog; they totally match! Thanks for sharing, Paloma.

  4. So funny, I’ve had dinner at La Rita in Barcelona and you have a picture of the banquet my husband and I sat in! The dinner was fantastic. I love Barcelona – probably one of the liveliest cities in Europe. They love to party!

  5. Love this designer work, he has great talent and sensitivity. Looking at your amazing posts before the trip, i cannot wait to see your post when you return from Barcelona…i miss this city sooo…..much

  6. It is cold and dreary in New Mexico, thank you for the lovely visions, I will come back to your post throughout the day!! Kathy

  7. OMG!!! Lazaro is totally hot. Things I love: peak of chest hair, one alpha dog beside another, defiant “I don’t care, whatever” look on his face.
    Sorry, I think I’m ovulating…

  8. Just back from Spain and tried Big Fish based on your post! Great meal, and gorgeous restaurant once we found it…. it’s tucked off a small street with a similar name as one that is a block over 🙂 I recommend you go. Have fun!