10 Things I Can’t Live Without: i suwanee

i suwannee

Today, Jamie Meares of i suwanee and Furbish Design Studio will be sharing her “10 Things” with us. Her blog is one of my favorites because of her combination of fabulous style and witty humor. Jamie’s tongue is just as sharp as her eye for design. Thanks for participating in the series, Jamie!
1- my diesel jetta. it zips around and gets about 40 mpg.
2 – avocados.  they make everything better.
3 – simple limeade.  delish.  my taste buds quiver just thinking about it.
4 – american apparel deep v-necks.  great for sleeping in,working out in, or hipping up with some skinny jeans and a scarf for outings.
5 – my iphone.
6 – books.  reading.  bookcases.  rearranging bookcases.
7 – rowdy.  he’s my bestie.
8 – hot sauce.  i put it on all things large and small
9 – my white cushy bathrobe.
10 – booth’s tea tree toner.  great for taking makeup off and moisturizing.  morning and night style.

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  1. couldn’t agree more on 6 and 7. but about these iPhones… what is with the kids and iPhones these days… haha i was due to trade in my phone with verizon two years ago and i have yet to replace it. even my aunt made fun of “how old” my phone is. maybe if i didn’t live in front of a computer i’d make the splurge and get one of these fancy emailing thingers. but until then… off to check out i suwanee!

    great list!