The Eternal City

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Last week, I finally had the chance to see Valentino: The Last Emperor. I had been wanting to watch it for a good while, so I was happy to see that it was available to watch instantly on Netflix. I thought it was touching, poignant, and funny. It was fascinating to see the ins and outs of Valentino’s empire and to learn that every one of his garments has always been made by hand. The beauty and craftsmanship of each garment is truly incredible. His relationship with Giancarlo Giametti, which has spanned four decades was just as interesting. Their dynamic is both hilarious and touching.

A great deal of the film takes place in Rome, which I had the great fortune of visiting three Christmases ago. Since watching the Valentino documentary, I have had the Eternal City on my mind and have been longing to go back and experience la dolce vita yet again. Rome is a city filled with history and wonder. Beauty can be found in almost every corner, even the dusty ones. A couple of days after watching the film, I came across Francesco Lagnese’s absolutely stunning portfolio and was elated to see that he had several gorgeous images taken in Rome. Brilliant!

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francesco lagnese

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If you haven’t seen Valentino: The Last Emperor, I am sure this trailer will make you want to see it immediately!

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  1. I love Rome, been there couple of years ago. Actually, I’ve been to Italy so many times I’ve lost count and I always love coming back. Lucky for me, the Italian border is just a few hours drive. Lovely photos 🙂 My favorite place in Rome is Piazza di Spagna, just love it there!

  2. I love in the Valentino trailer when he says tell me the truth..OK your a little too tan! Fab! Love your blog sweetie. Come stop by for a slice of San Francisco…

  3. I lived in Florence, Italy [and visited Rome quite a bit] two summers ago, and I too am trying to live by La Dolce Vita. There’s really nothing like it anywhere else in the world, is there? Now I want to go back!

  4. Thanks for letting us know about this film. I didn’t know about it…but now I can’t wait to see it!

    I’ve never been to Rome in the winter (always spring or summer). How is the Eternal City this season? Rainy? Warm?