Inspiration for the Uninspired

{The mother of all inspiration boards belongs to Diane Bergeron}

I’ll be honest with you. In my opinion, the most difficult thing about blogging is finding inspiration on a daily basis. It can be challenging to come up with original or unique content on a daily basis, especially now that there are so many design blogs out there. Luckily, most weeks I have plenty of ideas for posts and I sometimes wonder how I will fit it all in. However, every now and then, there will be a week like this one when I just feel uninspired. I have a lot on my plate right now with work and two trips in the next two weeks, so I think that being preoccupied by those things has left my inspiration board a little blank. The good news is that the two trips I am going on should give me plenty to blog about. This weekend I will be visiting my dear friend and her family in California and I’ll tell you a little more about the other trip soon. In the meantime, here is a little inspiration in case you are coming up empty handed like I am this week.

Drew Barrymore
Ruthie Sommers

Gwen Stefani

M Design Interiors

Poppy Talk

Ruby Press

Sean Meyers

Carolina Herrera, Jr.

Thomas O’Brien

Michelle Adams of M.A. Belle, Rubie Green, and Lonny Magazine

Barbara Barry



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  1. Hi Paloma!
    I know just what you mean! How to find the time is so hard. But you do a fantastic job!
    These boards are great. I have one as well and love it! It gets so full, I have to redo it periodically with new things.

    See you soon!!!

  2. This is a wild way to see into the mind’s eye of another.
    I think we all should have an altar of rotating ideas, thoughts, and inspirations.
    My own collage canvases have been begged, borrowed and bought by various friends who cannot or will not create their own dream board.

    We can all create, and we can also take what is already available.

  3. These are great inspiration boards. I totally feel you on the ebb and flow of inspiring things for blog writing… I am kinda feeling that lull this week too! A lot going on in my personal life I think accounts for that.

    I know there is a “light at the end of the tunnel” for more fab blog posts and inspiration to come!

  4. I love this post! It’s funny you wrote about this today because I was just thinking the same thing! This weekend I kept sitting and decided I had nothing good to post.
    Wish I was having one of those weeks when I continue to write down ideas! In the meantime, I may get to work on my inspiration board. Love these!

  5. You stole my next post Idea right out from under my brain! BUT yours is so much better than mine would have been I will just forgo mine and get lost in the beauty of yours. Love it. Have fun in Cali!

  6. I’ve been having the same kind of week! It is super hard when three things on my list to blog about end up being in the House Beautiful magazine that just got delievered too…I opened it up and was so sad that it was done by them first and not me.

    Hopefully next week will be better.

  7. I loved the post today about inspiration… it is a fickle thing but surrounding yourself with clips about things you love is a great way to stay inspired. Can’t wait to meet you in High Point! You’ll meet Thomas O’Brien that you included today in your post!

  8. Gah I know what you mean. A lot of time ideas just magically appear but sometimes I really feel like I have to force it (and I suspect that’s often obvious in the quality/originality of the post). That said, I try to not freak out about it, maybe tune out for a day or so, and usually find that my muse just as magically comes back.