Personal Style, Defined: Velvet and Linen

I am thrilled to share Brooke Giannetti’s “Personal Style, Defined” with you today. Not only does Brooke write the beautiful Velvet and Linen blog, she also works as an interior designer. Her soft aesthetic and immense talent have produced some incredible interiors. Brooke and her architect husband, Steve are the proprietors of Giannetti Home. Can you imagine having all of that talent in one family? Be sure to check out one of their most recent projects, 219 North Cliffwood. To say that this house is amazing would be a complete understatement.

When Paloma asked me to do this post I was a little nervous. You see, I tend to design from my gut. Very little thinking goes on (and since I have 3 children there is very little thinking left!). I spent a few week looking at my portfolio and trying to analyze what my design style is.

So, here is what I found:

1. I like to play with scale. The clock face is way too large for this space in my stairhall, but that is what makesthis space interesting. It’s unexpected.


2. I love rooms with a lot of natural light. There is nothing better than a room that is illuminated by the sun.


My home in Channel Islands Harbor glows from the natural light that comes through our two story windows.


3. No recessed lighting! If possible I light all of my rooms with chandeliers, sconces and lamps.


4.I re-use antiques in unexpected ways. My friend Stephan who owns Lief antiques here in Los Angeles was a bit horrified when I told him that I was going to use this Gustavian cabinet as a sink base. I think he’ll get over it!

 C I Master Bath 3[1]

5. Less is more. Limit the amount of stuff. If I put too many items in a room, I get agitated. I’m better off having a few wonderful objects (like my pewter tub and Swedish chair) to focus on.


6. Use architectural elements to add interest. Our home in Channel Islands Harbor has not architectural details so we added old french shutters as a focal point on the wall.


We also turned old doors into our closet.


7. Use slim lined slip covered upholstered pieces. They look fantastic with the antique pieces that I love.


The furniture that we design are inspired by Belgian design, but they also feel very Coastal because we slipcovered them in cream linens.


8. I surround myself with what I love. Steve’s paintings just make me happy. I feel the same way with the Claremont fabric pillow that is on the couch.


9. Bring the outside in. When the hydrangea season comes to an end my beauties come inside.


These rose trees look fantastic in this space. Yes, I will have to take them outside for a while, but it’s worth it.


Instead of using cut flowers, I stopped by my local garden store to pick up some inexpensive annuals.


10. Add texture naturally through baskets and natural fiber rugs. I love our Abaca rug that we used in this space.


11. A limited palette is very serene. Keep the pieces neutral. Add pops of color in pillows and accents.


My vintage turquoise depression glass really makes a statement.


I limit my palette when designing gardens as well. Most of my gardens only use greens, pinks, whites and lavenders.


Thank you Paloma. This was a gift you gave me. I have a much clearer vision of my design style than I had before!



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  1. WOW. I’m simply blown away. I see so many posts that profile houses from room to room, but rarely do I genuinely want to slip into the computer and live in the whole house, from top to bottom. Well done, you have impeccable style Brooke!

  2. Brooke has showed pictures that indeed explain her style in a very good way! Even without text you can feel her style so well!
    Brooke her blog is an inspiration for me since I discovered Velvet and Linden a few months ago!
    Very great post! Thank you!

  3. * Thanks so much for interviewing my FAVE D/D… Brooke’s taste is sooooooo “Brooke”~~~ clean, straightforward, without pretention annnnnd simply BEAUUUUTIFUL.

    Seeing ANYTHING she has done A*L*W*A*Y*S puts a smile on my face and in my heart~~~ stated simply, “W*O*W!”….

    Most sincere thanks for a great read Paloma, and thanks to Brooke for always so graciously taking the time she does for others to “get inside her D/D head” just a little more… I’m hoping for “osmosis” here!

    Warmest wishes,
    Linda in AZ *

  4. Brooke is just amazing. Everything she touches becomes beautiful. I’ve learned so much through her blog & writing. Great to see her over here in this series!!!