Let’s Dish!

Before our wedding, back in 2005, I registered for white everyday china. I just wanted something clean and simple. Four years later, I am a little bored with my white dishes, but I am not completely sold on patterned dishes either. I like that white dishes allow the food to really stand out and while there are several patterns out there that I like, I am afraid that I would tire of them even more quickly. Do you have a preference either way? What kind of plates do you have?

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  1. The classic white ones from Crate and Barrel for every day. Love them! (We have silver and white china) -Stephanie

  2. I love my Pottery Barn white dishes for everyday use. They are clean, simple and classic. They work with all table and room decor. However, for a little bit of something special I registered for a gold leaf pattern china set by Kate Spade for Wedgewood. I couldn’t use a patterned plate every day but I do really look forward to using my new china on special occasions.

    ps. I love your blog. I’m completely addicted! I look forward to it every day with my morning coffee.

  3. I grew up with white dishes; and yes, there’s a nice simlicity to them. Now, as an adult, I have opted for some sea green celadon dishes from thailand (where i used to live). they have great memories, they’re unique, simple, and beautiful.

  4. Good morning P! I have plain white everyday dishes (they’re from C&B) that are square-shaped with rounded edges. I love a good plain white dish for everyday.

    But, my wedding china is anything but plain. I have a set of french china with gold ornate design around the rim, and a VERY ornate accent plate that has gold, dark blue and lighter blue (thick band around the rim).

    I’m a total plate/china addict. It’s fun to mix and match.

  5. I’m a dish addict! I have everyday, china and a Christmas pattern that we use everyday during the holidays. It think it’s fun to switch it up. Maybe pick up sets of fun salad plates that can be used on top of your white dishes for a first course or for a festive end of the meal dessert.

    My everyday dishes aren’t white and sometimes I wish they were but usually I LOVE them.

  6. I’m in this stage right now!
    My everyday dishes are Lenox Butterfly meadow. Pretty and too girly, but dishwaher safe and fun.

    For Wedding China, Mike has created this wicked mis-matched set with a gold sunrise pattern on the dinner plate, a gold design on the salad plate and interesting dessert plates. Not traditional and yet very high end.

  7. We, too, have white/cream plates for everyday use. They are actually our wedding china and are Mikasa’s Italian Countryside.

    About 8 or 9 years ago, we heard a message about how everyday is a special occasion. So, we pulled out the amount we needed for everyday living and started celebrating!

    We just celebrated our 13th anniversary on Monday and they are still a reminder of each great day we’ve had together!

    On a side note, I am looking for some grassy-green patterned plates to layer with these for entertaining… ;0)

  8. When I register I am going to do plain white as well. I do love color and pattern but since I tend to have a hard time committing to things I think white is a good choice for me. Plus you can dress up white china with chargers, fun napkins, colorful glasses and flowers on the table.

  9. I had a patterned asian china by Wedgewood that became flying saucers for my ex-husband. So my huge set is no longer. Now – I have a calm husband and plain pale yellow & black Villroy & Boch! I love white & at least you can mix it up with pieces with pattern. That’s where Antropologie comes in handy for me ~

    ๐Ÿ˜€ deb

  10. I also registered crate and barrel whie porcelain china…but I’m constantly stalking anthroplogie for sales and purchasing their beautiful patterned plates to mix them in with my white one!

  11. Hi Paloma!
    I have white square everyday dishes that I just love, but I also registered for good ol’ Fiesta. I have turquoise, blue, coral, green, and aubergine. I have to say, it’s fun to see the dishwasher and white cabinetry loaded up with colorful dishes!

  12. Love the idea of every day white china, but I am like you, I get bored easily. So, I buy randomly patterned salad dishes to freshen up my settings. It’s a lot of fun to do!

  13. We registered for Sur La Table’s Buffalo China for everyday dishware, and were quickly dismayed when it was discontinued without notice! I still love it, as well as my other, more hand-thrown whiteware from Crate and Barrel.

    I have to say, though, that my husband’s family introduced me to the world of beautifully-patterned china. His parents let us select a set from one of their five(!) patterns – several of which were lovely Imaris. Because of that, I have a new, and likely life-long appreciation for chinoiserie dishware! Trust me, food can look uh-ma-zing paired with richly-patterned dishes!

  14. I like the idea of mixing and matching…my mom has these red plates from Crate and Barrel that she pairs w/ white plates. It really pops the red.

  15. I have white dinner plates and then buy salad plates from Anthropolgie when I find ones I like two at a time to add a little color and pattern to the table. I buy them two at a time just to have a mismatched variety of salad plates.

  16. I love white everyday china from Crate & Barrel! There perfect for everyday use but I really love my Vera Wang China (White&Silver) for formal occasions.

  17. I have white everyday and china. I wouldn’t say I’m tired of them, but it would be nice to have some options in rotation. What about a set of 8 or so salad plates in a pattern or color you love? You could use them for dinner parties, or for a slice of chocolate cake to wind down at the end of the day ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I have basic white W-S Apilco for everyday, but for my good china, I have a busy Herend pattern (Printemps) that makes me so happy! Maybe b/c I’m not a huge cook, I would rather the focus be on the plates than the food, ha!

  19. I use white everyday PB plates and just add in vintage china & pretty pieces when I’m in the mood. best of both worlds!!!

    ps- STILL so excited about BHG for you!!!

  20. It’s a no brainer for me! I have had a white set and black set of Bennington Pottery plates since 1990…still not tired of either set! It’s all about the food popping off the canvas (the plate) in my opinion!

    Hope that you and Tate are having a fun summer together!!

  21. I have a set of clear glass dishes from Crate and Barrel that works with a vintage set I also have and I love my classic off white China from Ralph Lauren (Claire). Like you, I am always tempted at flea markets to shop for pretty dishes. So I indulge and mix and match these appetizer/dessert plates which stand alone and play with my China, any time – any party.

  22. What am I saying? I have cool white with gray piping china from some “name” and three years ago I picked up the cutest blue asian,–sort of toile like really, dishes (4 sizes of cute bowls & a some plates for the small kitchen downstairs (TV room snacks, etc…).

    Anyways, it’s dishes not a new nose. Go for it.There is always, Craigslist, ebay & freecycle to try it out without a major cash outlay. Good Luck.

  23. I have Vietri icanto style plates. Check them out they have different patterns for but all in white I mix and match all my plates so its not too matchy matchy. Love the rustic look of terracota with a white wash glaze.

  24. I just had this exact same dilema! I have always held white dishes as the gold standard, but recently they just seem so boring!

    I posted my dilemma about it last week and the general consensus was that I should have more than 1 set of dishes, ha!

  25. Like you, I went with white everyday ware (PB’s Great White Coup to be exact) and I’m bored by it now. Everyone says that you need to get a set of white dishes because they go with everything, etc….but now I wish I’d picked a fun, fabulous pattern! I love just about all of Kate Spade’s patterns, but C&B has some fun ones, too.

  26. Hi,
    I enjoy your blog.
    I love dishes. I have way too many.
    I use plain white dishes, daily.
    I make a point of purchasing salad
    plates & bowls in a variety of patterns & solids to inner mix with the white.
    I also purchase dinner plate size in other solid colorways as well. I have nice glassware in a variety of colors and sizes, napkins rings, napkins, etc.
    Enjoy shopping for some coordinating pieces.

    Kind Regards,