Personal Style, Defined: Inside the Loop

We’re going out with a bang! It has been so fun to bring you the Personal Style, Defined series and to explore how each of the fabulous bloggers who participated defines their own style. This will be the last installment of the series, but I am tempted to maybe do a part 2. If you’re interested, please let me know.

I can’t think of a better blogger to round out the series than the fabulous Courtney of Inside the Loop. Courtney was one of the first bloggers I ever met and I was instantly impressed by how warm and friendly she was. On top of her sweet personality, Courtney has serious style! She is always dressed to the nines, accessorizes like nobody’s business, and has a great eye for design in general. Courtney recently moved to Kuala Lumpur where she is taking on a new set of design challenges.

Since moving to Kuala Lumpur, “home” is a far cry from my previous Houston bungalow. And while our new digs are, sadly, in no shape to photograph, I can at least say my personal style remains the same: I constantly reinterpret my belongings, move things around and work to create a collected, seasoned and slightly masculine feel in my surroundings. I don’t need a quick design fix in my house—and I’m guessing that’s a positive considering I’ve lived in this place 4 months and it looks the same as it did on Day 1, except there’s more food in the fridge. Preferring spaces that evolve over time, I strive to collect with abandon, but decorate with restraint. Lived in, loved, well-edited and special. I’m a digger and a traveler, so between those two traits I love to unearth treasures in markets and exotic towns. I have a passion for prints and color, and layer for an eclectic, unexpected, laissez-faire feel. No matter where I’m living, I want my home to forever be a place of comfort. A place where friends can, without asking, put their feet up and let their hair down. A place where nothing is deemed too precious, except the company in our house. So at the risk of showing photos that I’m sure your readers have seen ad naseum, here are spaces that touch more than just my eye—they hit my soul and exemplify my personal style, defined. outside. [Sue Rohrer] living. [Weekend Retreats] [Lisa Borgnes Giramonti] [Thom Filicia] [Kristin Cunningham] [Jay Jeffers] kitchen. [The Selby] [Thomas O’Brien] [Bobbi Brown’s kitchen] [Shelter] master bedroom. [all photos via Domino] guest room. [Domino] [Thom Filicia] kid’s room. [Domino] [Anthropologie] [Walnut Wallpaper] patio. [Paul Fortune] [Brown Design] [Paul Fortune] [Thom Filicia] [Gardening Life]
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  1. Thanks a million Paloma and it was fun to sit down and pull together all the images I love so dearly…though this post could have easily gone on another 50 photos! This was such a great series and you should absolutely do a Part 2…the more inspiration, the merrier. xx

  2. Courtney- funny you said that, I loved these images so much that I could look through at LEAST 50 more! Love your style and taste, and what you said about the company in your house being precious- love that!

    Paloma- this has been a great series, I would love to see part 2!!

  3. Great photos! I especially love the one of Bobbi Brown’s kitchen. Where is that from and are there more photos of her home? Thanks!

  4. I love the bust with the hats!! Such a perfect sense of humor. And I have really enjoyed this series. I hope you’ll do a part two. Your blog actually got me addicted to these design blogs and even got me to start my own. So, thanks.

  5. That little door knocker is actually an Islamic superstition called the Hand of Fatima. Muslims put them on their door as a means of protection against the Evil Eye. Bet ya didn’t know that!

  6. GURL, it’s like you got inside my dome and found all my favorite images from magazines and blogs over the last 3 years and pooled them into this delicious post!! What a treat on a cold Sunday morning!! Love your blog! XO, Stephanie @