Strangely fabulous or just plain strange?

While browsing the portfolio of Delphine Krakoff’s Pamplemousse Design, I noticed that she has a strong affinity for placing sconces above beds. Now, I have seen plenty of wall mounted fixtures hanging on either side of a bed and I’ve seen my share of mirrors and prints hanging above beds, but this is a first. Have you ever seen large sconces hanging above a bed? Would you say this look is strangely fabulous or just plain strange? I haven’t completely made up my mind yet.

Images via Pamplemousse Design Inc.

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  1. I’ve never seen that before, like you I’m still trying to make up my mind as to whether or not I like it. I’m thinking it would remove the need for side table lamps, perhaps leaving room for other fun stuff like in the last picture. It would definetly need to be on a dimmer. I think the idea has a lot of potential.

  2. While I’m anti-fur, I’ve never been the kind of person who would go around telling people that fur was wrong and they shouldn’t use it. In the event that I saw something this hideous though? I would have no problems telling the owner of this, “I can’t believe an animal died to end up being something this ugly. You should be ashamed.”

  3. Townhouse Lady, I know what you mean. I think it’s the scale of the fixtures that keeps it from really working. If you took the sconce in the first picture and divided it in two and placed one on either side, it would look great.

    Katie, I’m with you. It’s not exactly my favorite look.

  4. I actually have to say these are strangely fabulous! While I would never have thought to put one large scone in the center, I think it looks gorgeous and adds some flair, versus the normal picture that hangs above a headboard!

    Great post ๐Ÿ™‚ XOXO

  5. Definitely not strangely fabulous – just strange. I’m all for trying new and different looks, but you have to know when it doesn’t work. This doesn’t work for me.

  6. Hm. I think I’m going to have to go with strange as well, I like “different” looks but for some reason this just doesn’t do it for me. I think the closest to acceptable is the 2nd photo… that one is growing on me, but I don’t think I’d do it in my own house.

  7. I’m with Mrs. Limestone. Somehow it all comes together in the second look, where it’s strange, but somehow fabulous. The others are just strange. Goes to show you that a bold experiment is always worth a try, even if it only works once.

  8. I must say I quite appreciate the third installation featured, I like the fact that it threw a bit of spontaneity into an otherwise somewhat predictable layout. In spite of a former comment, I found it rather organic as the placement was a bit off centered and I really like the fact that the fixture is directional, not sure the direct overhead lighting in the first two photos would be all that flattering, it is not typically great in a bathroom so I would not imagine it to be any kinder in bed….and I really want flattering lighting while in bed;) Again, I really liked the third installation, thanks for the post!

  9. Interesting but I am not enjoying the scale of the ones selected. Light next to or near the bed usually has a task function of illumination while reading in bed. These may do that but they seem disproportionate to the bed in the 2nd and 3rd picture. Perhaps is it the symmetry issue as was already said. I like my lightig to flank the bed ~ like a frame of sorts….

  10. You wouldn’t want to wake up and jump out of bed without first looking that you don’t bump your head on the things


    Oh…and the final fury thing could be fake fur. I’ve seen some pretty terrific looking fake fur throws recently. Would hate the real thing lying on the bed, but a fake fur…it’s not bad. Prefer my cat though

  11. Wow! I like it! Something different and unique. The second one is the best and you need the right scale to make it work. I would be willing to try it in my home, although I would need to work out the electrical so that I would have a switch by the bed.
    Thanks for this idea!

  12. I’m okay with how they look but I think functionally I wouldn’t want a light right above my head in bed… it’s unflattering on the face & we need all the help we can get! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. I rather like it. It totally makes sense in terms of function for reading in bed, but it would have to be the right scale, for sure. And, ya, loving the colours in the first pic!

  14. Always loved her style. I actually have the tear of that first image, her daugher’s bedroom. I believe that’s a Royere sconce. I looked into the source to do something similar, but alas, out of my price range. Love the two different colored ottomans too.