New Giveaway: CSN Rugs!

La Dolce Vita has partnered up with CSN Rugs to bring you a fun new giveaway. They are offering one of the gorgeous Chandra Dharma rugs pictured here to one lucky reader. The 2′ x 3′ rug would be perfect in so many applications…in your bedroom, office, or even in your kitchen. I think the ethnic pattern and the vibrant colors are just gorgeous!

In order to be entered into the drawing, simply leave a comment in the comments section of this post telling me what you would do with this fabulous little rug. Be sure to include your name, a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you if you should win, and whether you prefer the brown rug or the black one. The winner will be announced this Friday, June 26th. Good luck!

Check out CSN’s fabulous selection of area rugs!

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  1. I absolutely love these rugs. I would use the black/teal rug in my kitchen. My dining room and kitchen are open to one another and this rug would so perfectly marry the two rooms. My rooms are this exact color combo and I have searched high and low for the perfect accent addition.

    Love your blog too!

  2. I’d put it in my living room right in front of the sofa.

    Since we moved in a year and a half ago we’ve had no budget to get rugs for our floors (that are all 119 yr old hardwood) so I’m in desperate need of this.

    What a great givaway!

  3. The rugs are absolutely beautiful…I’d definitely place them by the front door so that everyone who entered my home could see how beautiful it is!!!!

    Please count me in!
    -barbarabaker 🙂

  4. I would definitely use this wonderful rug in the art studio portion of my kitchen…I have an large antique table as my work space along with a vintage show rack on wheels for storing my supplies. I love both colors but I am leaning toward the brown. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. I love those rugs and have been searching for a 2’x3′ one in a funky pattern to bring some color in our kitchen. We have mostly have shades of dark brown and creme in our kitchen, so the brown rug would bring some much needed personality.
    Love your blog btw!

  6. I think the dark brown/blue rug would look fantastic in the kitchen of my new space. The cabinets are dark walnut and the walls are creamy white and this would coordinate beautifully! Thanks so much for the giveaway…fingers crossed!

    Lynn (

  7. Beautiful rugs! I would love the brown and orange and I would place it right underneath my computer/writing desk to break up the oh so modern look of all the computer/keyboard/files system etc. It would add such a pretty touch to a sore spot.

  8. Oh how lovely in the blue tones, I would place it in the guest room/sewing room by the bed. In the yellow tone it would look darling in my dressing room……thank you for the daydream…..

  9. I have the perfect place!! In the half-bath downstairs! It needs a pop of color and the black/blue rug would be great!!!
    Melanie (

  10. These rugs are Amazing. I would use the Blue rug as a wall tapestry in my entryway. With our global Decor, this rug integrates great local design.

  11. Oooh, I think the black & blue rug would be perfect for my entryway. We have similar blues in our living room so it would connect the spaces beautifully. Thanks for the giveaway!


  12. Hi – what a great giveaway! I would use it as a pop of color in my home office, which is in the process of being outfitted with all whit furnishings. I prefer the black & blue rug. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  13. We’re getting ready to move into a 102 year old house. Since I’m a happy home cook, I would love to have one of these rugs in little sunroom off my kitchen. That way when I sit outside with a coffee in the morning or when I’m taking a break from cooking dinner, I could enjoy the funk!

  14. I’d love to use the black rug in my kitchen. The colors would draw on my favorite colors in my granite countertops. It would pull everything together!

  15. Oooh…I love the black one! We’re getting ready to move to a new home in Baltimore and it would be the perfect thing to brighten up an entryway and welcome guests.

  16. Paloma, these are terrific! I would use the blue/black rug in my daughter’s nursery in front of her white Jenny Lind crib. It would look fresh in contrast to her periwinkle walls and white, vintage furniture. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway, Ada-Marie (

  17. Believe it or not, I would use the brown rug (if I’m the lucky one!) in my dining room. Believe it or not, the guy who owned my house before I did (who I refer to daily as “The idiot”) took apart his car engine right in the middle of the dining room forever staining the wood floors. I found this out when I ripped out the porn set carpeting. Not only did I find oil stains but I found a rather interesting but spooky white hand print next complete with finger print marks. I guess it marks scene of the crime.
    I’ve treated the floor to the best of my ability but the stain is still visible. I wouldnt think of covering the floors with carpeting so I’ve learned to love the imperfection. But it would be so nice to cover it a new pretty rug me that would work with the things I already have. Thank you for your consideration.

    My email is

  18. The rugs are adorable! Great prints and colors! My fav is the blue and black – it will be a fantastic addition in my entry. The website had a great selection too!!!!

  19. What beautiful rugs! I would put the black one in my entryway to set the tone for everyone who visits my home. What a nice way to be welcomed! The brown one would look great in my guest bedroom – certainly inviting to guests!

    Julie Loring

  20. Love the color combination and the pattern!!! The blue one would definitely fit in the color scheme of my office; the brown one would be a vibrant welcome to the entryway into my living room.

  21. Been living in military beige housing 4ever–now I have my own ‘new to me’ kitchen– and that chocolate rug would look magnificent right in front of my sink! Thanks for the chance :}

  22. Oh so lovely! You always have the BEST give-aways. I love the black one and I would put it right in my entry so its the first thing I see when I walk in! Such yumminess underfoot.

  23. Oh, I love it. I’d put it in my not-so-nice 1957 kitchen and use it as the inspiration for a major DIY overhaul.

  24. i love the warm colors of the orange and brown rug,we have these colors in our home. it would go perfectly in my kitchen and would tie in the orange and tan walls of our living room into the space, and would also be a nice treat while I’m cooking and doing dishes 🙂 Gorgeous!!

  25. The black 2′ X 3′ rug would be so divine in my little guest bathroom. A warm added touch to my little jewel box of a powder room! The rug would accentuate my grandmother’s little treasures I have displayed in a small glass cabinet…so perfect!!!

    Joyce Klein Goldberg

  26. beautiful!! and i am so, so in need of rugs…my entire house is hardwood floors, and my dog has the hardest time walking on them!

    it’s a hard call…both colors are so lovely! the brown would probably “match” my home better, but that black with the blue and lavender has my heart for sure…that’s the one i’d pick!

    thanks for putting together such a lovely giveaway! editor at shoppingsmycardio dot com

  27. These rugs are BEAUTIFUL! I would pick the brown one and give it to my sister Kerri. She is in the hospital as I type expecting her first baby. As an adoptive mom, when the time comes for the new baby to enter this world…I will be blessed to pop in and experience the birth. I feel that this rug would remind each of us of the time she allowed me to “walk” this special journey with her….hence you “walk” on rugs…so it would be a BEAUTIFUL reminder. Thanks! Shannon RagazzoneAKA Aunt Shannon

  28. Hi there!

    I love the bold, ethnic pattern in both of these rugs! They are beautiful. I especially love the black and blue rug. I am currently renovating my kitchen and had black granite and white marble checkerboard flooring installed. I have a large rustic farm table in the breakfast area and will be hanging my Paris flea market crystal chandelier above. I will be painting my cabinets a nice cream color with glass hardware and my accent color is this lovely smoky blue. I will be using it in my curtains and painting it in the back of some of the open cabinetry. This rug would be a lovely addition to my “new” kitchen.


    Lisa McGough

  29. Great giveaway! The brown rug would be awesome in my utility room. The walls are a mustardy brown color with a natural Spanish limestone tiled floor. A collection of clay cookie molds are displayed around a mahogany mirror on one of the walls.



  30. I love the brown rug and would use it in my office. What a lovely rug! Thanks for the chance to win!

    rubymoonstone at gmail dot com

  31. so lovely! i would use it on my balcony since it’s summer and sunny, and i am always dining outside. during the winter it would be in my livingroom, next to my collection of colorful pillows. have a happy day!!

  32. I hope you will recover your files. There are so many beautiful pieces of your work in them. I really enjoyed the piece you did on Grey Gardens. I really like the little black rug, and I would use it under a small table in the seating area of my bedroom at Rehoboth Beach. It is all wood tones and white right now, and this rug would be a good splash of color.Kathryn

  33. All of us busy, working women know how important it is to have a sanctuary in your home — a place for peace, quiet, and relaxing thoughts. For me, that is my boudoir.

    I recently redecorated my bedroom in black, greys, and hues of blue. The black/blue rug would look beautiful in there!

  34. The black/blue rug is soo pretty and would blend perfectly with my current decor! I think I’d use it in my teeny tiny front entry area, but it could also end up in my kitchen, or maybe in the bathroom…. 🙂

  35. This rug would be the perfect accent for my powder room. The black and teal one. have a small table that used to be my Mother’s telephone table. The legs are painted teal and the top and shelf have a black and white granite finish. I have a small wall shelf painted teal. And the towel racks are black wrought iron.
    I would sure love to win this rug!!

  36. First of all, this blog is always a shiny spot in my day. We just moved to a 1929 colonial. It has all the original lighting and fantastic charm. I imagine the fabulous parties that were held in its day. We have so much to do to get this house back to his glory. The rug would be such a starting point- its colors, its style- what an inspiration. And to be truthful- we can barely afford a rug right now 🙂

  37. Oh PLEASE PLEASE may I have the rug?! My family is redoing a historic house in the downtown area of my hometown. I’m seeking some inspiration on how to decorate my bedroom, and I could just see so many great ideas blossoming (sorry for the pun, but it’s the best way I can think to express it!) from that piece. My email address is and I would love the black one.

  38. The black and blue patterned rug would perfectly accent the area in front of our guest bathroom vanity. Thanks for sponsoring a give-away. Sue

  39. Just found your blog today and spent so much time wandering around my eyes are tired! Great blog. I am closing on a 110 year old chicago rowhouse in Chicago this Monday and will be ripping up old flooring to reveal the original wood oak floors. A nice rug would be a nice housewarming gift!

  40. Gorgeous!
    I love them both!

    I would love to have the black one and I would put this in my newly tiled and redone basement!

    Once it is all painted I need to start decorating and this rug would look fantastic at the bottom of the stairs going to the basement!

  41. The brown rug would look great and fit nicely in the hall between the kitchen and dining room. It would make it an elegant space instead of just a pass-thru.