Everything Old is New Again

I thought that with school being out, I would have plenty of time to blog even more than usual. Boy, was I wrong! Having a puppy at home makes it nearly impossible to get anything accomplished. I love my Tate, but does he ever require a ton of attention and constant supervision! Bringing him in the office isn’t an option because he gets into everything and it is hard to sneak away while he is napping because he senses me sneaking away and follows me wherever I go. I normally blog in the mornings, but I haven’t had a chance to sit at the computer until now. It is 4:06 pm, but I digress. And to think that I used to scoff at people who said that having a dog was like having a kid. They weren’t kidding!

Anyway, the true focus of this post is on Southampton Homes, who in my opinion, build the most beautiful homes in Houston. I had lots of commentary planned for the detail and old world charm that goes into these homes, but you know who has woken from his nap and is barking away in the other room, so I’ll have to make this quick. I love the fact that there is nothing “faux” about these homes. No faux finishes, no Tuscan murals (barf), etc. You get the picture. Southampton Homes instead imports authentic mantles from France and uses all types of exquisite details. Their homes are well-suited to a modern lifestyle, but include all of the charming details that new construction usually lacks. Unfortunately, for me at least, these homes don’t come cheap! They can be found in some of Houston’s premier neighborhoods and rarely sell for less than $2 million. A girl can dream, right?

I am hoping that once Tate gets a little older and I get more accustomed to my new puppy-centered routine, I will be able to do long posts with lots and lots of commentary again. However, maybe this time, you can help a sister out and tell me what you like most about the eye candy you are about to see. Tate and I thank you! xoxo

Elevations: I must say that Southampton builds some of the most gorgeous homes, both inside and out.

Living Spaces:

Kitchens: Notice their signature hoods and islands.


Loggias or in less fancy terms, patios:

All images via Southampton Homes. Be sure to visit their website to see more of their beautiful work!

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  1. Yeah, I used to go on my walk around the neighborhood we lived in that is transitioning (Memorial @ 610), and they built many of the new constructions going up on lots. The outside of the homes always had me excited, and now seeing the insides just makes my heart hurt. Oh, how I would love to live in one. Just divine!

  2. Luv that red brick house! I watched that one being build when I used to drive every weekday down Sunset on my way to work. Love your blog! Love it when you blog about Houston.

  3. Wow, I have to say no commentary needed, those pictures speak for themselves, just stunning! I love every single detail in every picuture. I hope to have a house with bones as good as these one day!

  4. Those really are gorgeous- every single one of them!

    I love how they’ve used antique fireplaces and doors… they make a house so much more interesting!

  5. The exteriors are quite original. I know that up here in Ontario, that is not a typical style for Custom Home Builders. The finishes and designs are very typical of homes in Italy, especially the terra cotta rooftops, and the white plaster stucco.

    The interior details are also impeccable. The flooring is beautiful (so rustic) and the brick work is fantastic. Masonry is another lost art. I can’t believe I saw cathedral ceilings in stone ? or is it brick? it’s beautiful whatever it is..

    Can you imagine the joy in decorating one of these.. 2 million house, and another million in furnishings.


  6. I hear the echos of a newborn baby when you talk about your time constraints with Little Man Tate! Like life with a newborn, it’ll get easier. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As for the homes…um…well…I’m just speechless…Maybe we could pool our assets and buy one gorgeous Blog Casa! You in?

  7. I totally understand! Having a dog is a “huge responsibility” (parents were right, eh?). I feel guilty when I leave him for too long OR if I’m on the computer too long. As we speak he’s begging for attention so I’m intermittently tossing his 1 1/2 inch tennis ball into the other room (at least he’s good at fetching). Once I get a laptop (here very soon) I’ll be able to have more 1-on-1 interaction. Whew I digress. Thanks for introducing me to Southampton homes!

  8. I like the stone work on the walls; the wide plank floors; the tub in the center of the room; the way the spaces flow.

    The only thing I really don’t like are the front-facing garages.


  9. simply beautiful homes, Paloma! I don’t usually love the stuccoed Mediterranian/Spanish-influence, but these are really, really lovely. and those kitchens! wow. thanks for sharing!

    and yes, having a puppy is no joke ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s great that you get to spend so much time with him though, he’ll really bond to you, which will make everything so much easier. and just like someone else said, enjoy the time while he is still a little fluff-ball!

  10. I absolutely love all the rounded archways. It adds such depth and warmth to a home (my mom always taught me that lol). And the islands in the middle of the kitchen….definitely the center of a home for most families and its functional yet fabulous. A girl can ALWAYS dream!

  11. I would love to see these types of homes in person. We have nothing like this in Boston. Must get to Houston one of these days! Thanks for introducing me to this builder! Deborah