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The other day, I had some extra time before my first appointment, so I decided to pop into Memorial Antiques & Interiors, one of my favorite places to browse antiques and find inspiration here in Houston. The selection changes every few months, so I like to visit every so often and see what is new.

As you will see here, the majority of the items at MAI appeal very much to Houston’s general design aesthetic, which mostly falls into the French/Swedish/Belgian category. While I can certainly appreciate the beauty of that type of design, it isn’t really my taste, so I like to imagine fresh ways of incorporating a typical French piece and making it feel more modern and eclectic. This French library, for example (also pictured in the first image) would look fantastic in a living room with different styles of furniture, or even in a dining room re-purposed as a china cabinet.
I have to admit that I don’t know who all of the booths at MAI belong to. Some have business cards, like Two Lucys, whose booth is pictured above and in the following images. Others, like Liz Spralding, are frequently present in their booths to ask questions and share the history of her beautiful antiques. I just loved this little daybed in Two Lucys’ booth. It’s rather small, so it would probably work best for a child. I have also been noticing a lot of antique horse heads lately like the one pictured here between the botanical prints.
Lamps, Sconces, Gate Doors, and Grills at Two Lucys

I love how authentic their booth feels!

More from Two Lucys
They actually have three booths at MAI now.

I loved this display of vintage lamps. There is something for everyone!

I thought these bottle lamps were gorgeous!

Isn’t the color of the glass pretty?

I liked the big angel wings on the back wall of this booth as well as the old doors.

This bistro table looks cute from afar…

but it becomes really special once you see that the top is made from an old, mirrored clock face.

I thought this booth had some very chic offerings, from the charcoal sketches, to the lovely settee, and classic mirror.

This booth is fairly new as it was my first time to see it. They had mostly new items like candles, pillows, and John Derian items.

I thought this old limestone table was spectacular! I think the look would be too cold in an actual dining room, but it would look phenomenal in an outdoor area.

This mirror is gorgeous! I love the size, the colors, and the typeface.

Several beautiful mirrors, like this one, caught my eye that day.

This starburst is gorgeous, but pricey!

I thought these mirrors were very cool. They look like they are made from old warehouse windows. I would love to buy the frames and have the mirrors added myself. I bet it would be so much cheaper to do it that way.

A More Ornate Option

This little marble-topped table is great and could be used in several applications.

A Cool French Milk Poster

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  1. What a great tour. I wish I could get to Houston to visit all the great antique and design shops. Being in a small town has it’s advantages, but our design shopping is limited to a few – they are wonderful and great for our town, but I long for more variety! Thanks for sharing your visit!

  2. What a fun place. I would spend hours and hours in there, there is so much to look at and see. I’m with Marianne I wish I lived closer too!

  3. What a divine shop! Why can’t I manage to find anything like this here in San Francisco? Love the worn and faded french sensibility…so romantic and rustic at the same time!