What City Should You Live In?

The other day, while bored and perusing Facebook, I decided to take the “What city should you live in?” quiz. I thought I would surely be told that I belong in New York, but my answer was Paris!
It sounds like a great match to me! Who could turn down Paris? Sure, it gets very cold in the winter, but it is the most beautiful city I have ever visited.

Let’s see…I could write La Dolce Vita from a window with a nice little view.

In an apartment filled with period details like this one.

I would admire the gorgeous architecture on a daily basis…
and possibly live in a charming building like the ones pictured here.

Fabian and I would go for evening strolls along the Seine…

and we’d marvel at the city’s beauty.

We would visit all of the wonderful museums many times over. My favorite is the Museé d’Orsay, though the Pablo Picasso Museum in the Marais was incredible.
We would get lost in Montmartre, but would stop at the antique shops along the way.

We would enjoy living in the most romantic city in the world…

and enjoy quiet dinners in the city’s bistros and brasseries.

It would be a very good thing that we would be doing so much walking because we would eat a ton of delicious pastries…

and would probably visit Poilane on a daily basis!
Paris truly is one of my favorite cities in the world and by far the most beautiful, in my opinion. I’ll tell you a little secret, though. I think I would prefer to live in Spain! If you are curious about “which city you should live in”, click here to take the quiz and don’t forget to share your results in the comments section of this post!

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Images via Flickr with the exception of the picture with the laptop, which came from Elle Decor and the picture of the apartment interior, which came from My Notting Hill.
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  1. Oh, your life in Paris sounds heavenly, Paloma. I could see you and Fabian living there happily. Can you show us what your life would be like in New York? I would love to live there at some point in my life, even just for a year.


  2. Oh, your life in Paris sounds heavenly, Paloma. I could see you and Fabian living there happily. Can you show us what your life would be like in New York? I would love to live there at some point, even just for a year.


  3. Great post! I really love Paris 🙂

    I got LA: You should live in Los Angeles. You are snarky, headstrong, and will step on toes to get where you want. It takes a certain type of confidence to make it in sunny L.A., and you may have what it takes!

    I’m not sure if I agree… I wanted Paris!

  4. Paloma, I got NYC…which is so funny, because Paris is by far my favorite, and if I could choose, I’d live in London, Hong Kong or San Francisco before NYC any day! I love those pics of Paris…dreamy!

  5. Dagny, that doesn’t sound like you at all! 🙂

    I think if I had to choose a city in the U.S., I would go for San Francisco or NYC. I always go back and forth between the two. NYC is so exciting, but SF is gorgeous and I love the Bay Area and Wine Country. It’s too bad both cities are so expensive to live in!

  6. Hi, stumbled over your blog and right into Paris. Fab pictures. I am German, but my father is French, from Paris, 13. arrondissement. Your pics brought back memories of home. Paula

  7. Paloma, seguidora desde hace tiempo por fin me atrevo a postear un comentario.
    Sin duda pienso que España es el mejor sitio para vivir, mi ciudad Sevila, es genial, el clima lo puede todo. Aún así siento la necesidad de escapar cada cierto tiempo a una gran ciudad. ¿Mi favorita? Creo que ahora es Londres,pero cambio de opinión cada dos por tres. Un saludo

  8. I got Paris, too. What fun! My hubby and I spent Christmas in Paris and we LOVED it! So, living in Paris would be at the top of my list. Great quiz!

  9. Stephanie, my husband and I spent Christmas of 2006 in Paris. It was so fun to see the city dressed up for the holidays. However, it was incredibly cold and almost everything was closed on Dec. 24th and 25th, but alas, we were in Paris, so we made the most of it!

    Yoli, you are so lucky! I absolutely love Madrid and can’t wait to go back.

    Carolina, of course I would visit you in New York. I’m not surprised that was your answer. A cool city for a cool girl.