An Exciting Giveaway from Jess LC

I am thrilled to be involved in a huge giveaway from Jess LC. As you know from my previous post, they create some beautiful jewelry. However, one of my favorite lines created by Jess LC is Soc Chic. Soc Chic is a collection of “chic necklaces benefiting social causes”. This is a huge giveaway because participants will have seven chances to win! Seven blogs are participating in this event.

I have the honor of presenting the Silver Lining Necklace which supports Team in Training, a cause which was started in 1988. “Runners, walkers, cyclists, and triathletes participate in the world’s major marathons, triathalons, and century rides on behalf of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for medical research.” This cause is especially dear to my heart, because I have a twenty-eight year old friend who recently began her battle with Leukemia. Also, with the current state of things in our country and in the world, really, I think everyone is looking for the silver lining.

All of the necklaces represent worthy causes. In order to be entered into the drawing here at La Dolce Vita, simply leave a comment between today and Thursday at midnight telling me which cause is the most dear to you and why.

Be sure to visit all of the participating blogs. You can enter their giveaways as well! While you’re at it, make sure to visit Jess’ fabulous blog, Make Under My Life, too. The winners will be announced on the individual blogs and collectively on Make Under My Life on Friday.

Blah Blah Blahg is giving away a Commenter’s Choice.
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  1. My favorite is the Silver Lining necklace. Everyone is being affected by the recession in some way, but there is hope. Let’s all hope for a better tomorrow!

  2. I love this necklace-it is so simple and easy to wear!

    TNT does awesome work both as a charity and a motivating factor to help participant achieve their fitness goals. I love when I am at a TNT tri. Their athletes are awesome.

  3. My roommate just joined TNT this year and it has been a great opportunity for all of us that know her to learn about a great organization! I am also part of her fundraising team! It’s lots of work, but very rewarding!

  4. well. what a lovely, thoughtful concept. they’re all so beautiful, but i think my favorite is the lemonade necklace…i hold a special place in my heart for young women that have to deal with illness.

  5. The most important cause for me is one for many. I support cancer research. I lost my father to the disease when I was young and I am always hoping for a cure.

  6. I just found your blog from Coco+Kelly and just love it! What a great giveaway! Thanks!

    Breast cancer research is 1st on my list, but one of my best friends is involved in Team in Training and competes in triathalons to raise money for them. It has changed her life. What a great cause!


  7. The immerman angels is my favorite charity, having a very good friend of mine battling cancer and hearing him talk about his experience with this organizition is wonderful. They are wondeful.

    Such a great giveaway to so many wonderful causes.

  8. Love the silver lining necklace – it’s a good reminder that when times are tough, there is always something to be learned when you search for the ‘silver lining’ – just like St. Jude’s charity, where children are always looking for the ‘silver lining’ even though they are in life threatening situations.

  9. I support many organizations, once you become a mother, all the kids in the world feel like your children, but my favorite one is: Just Nets. Buy a net save a life. In Africa children are dying from Malaria when you can buy for $10.00 a net for many families. Here is their link:

  10. Assuming you mean which cause among those represented by this necklace collection, I’d say that the Good Intention necklace is the cause that’s most dear to me because I believe that it’s important for local people to work on a small scale to achieve change.

    ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

  11. I just love the words connected to this necklace. I think everyone can read them and find relevence. Life has been quite cloudy for many people these days; it is so important to remember the light at the end of the tunnel. The silver lining.


  12. This is such a great idea. This and the Good Intention Necklace are my favorites.

    My cousin recently finished running a marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and now I hope to do the same someday.

  13. my absolute favorite is the silver lining necklace.

    we found out last year that my brother-in-law had hodgkin’s lymphoma. last week he went to mayo clinic for a complete check up & came back with a clean report. we are so thankful for this good news!

    thanks for hosting this!

  14. Oh, what a wonderful giveaway! I think the cause that I feel most passionately for is Bright Pink. Education is key, and as a woman it would be so fun to raise awareness about their organization… but they all sound so wonderful!

    What a great concept!

  15. I can’t decide between the silver lining or the pink lemonade. I have always been a huge advocate of breast cancer awareness, but in these tough times I think everyone needs a silver lining. What a beautiful idea!

  16. Oh these necklaces are wonderful! I love that these necklaces represent so much πŸ™‚ I would love to gift this particular necklace to one of my best girlfriends who is going through a particularly nasty divorce right now. Because every girl needs to be reminded every once in a while that every cloud has a silver lining. Thanks for this wonderful post πŸ™‚

  17. I think that all of the causes represented by these necklaces are fantastic! And, it’s so lovely to have a variety of causes people can choose from.

    Such a fun giveaway!

  18. I’m also going to assume that I’m meant to pick my dearest cause from those being promoted. I have to say, I quite like the idea behind KEEN. I used to work as a vocal teacher and every now and again I would have a student coming for their first lesson, who would literally ask me if there was any hope of them improving as a singer. I always found this flabbergasting, because I believe that anyone can improve on anything, given enough practice of whatever skill it happens to be. But you have to be given the right resources to practice with. I can well imagine that it’s often assumed of people with disabilities that they just “can’t” do something, and thus are never even given the opportunity to practice and improve. KEEN stands out to me because it offers opportunities that might not otherwise ever be given.

  19. I love this necklace!

    Mine is breast cancer awareness (Susan J Komen Foundation) because both my grandmother and her twin were diagnosed with breast cancer at different times. My grandmother was not so lucky as she had a combo of cancers all at once, and passed away about 20 years ago. My great aunt was very lucky and is now cancer free.

    I am also a cyclist so this necklace is extra special for me. πŸ™‚

  20. I have to say the teams in training is my favorite cause to support. My father pasted on several years ago after an eight year struggle with leukemia. I support many organizations that give their time and energy to making this fight something that we can all work together to overcome.

  21. I love the “good intentions” necklace. Currently, I am in graduate school where many people want to start educational non-profits but are hesitant due to the state of the current economy. Everyone needs a little assistance when doing their good work, and I think that the “good intentions” necklace recognizes that everyone needs a little help in the right direction.

  22. I’m not sure if this is one specific cause, but what is most important to me right now is helping young women, from all walks of life, realize how beautiful they really are!

    -love the necklace!

  23. It’s so difficult to choose a cause that is the most dear to me, I feel for anyone and everyone who has been affected by tragedy, I guess the cause I feel closest to would be the race for the cure to cancer. One of my best friends mother was just diagnosed last year with stage 4 breast cancer, after a double mastectomy she is doing fine today and I pray for her and every other battler/survivor.

  24. i love this necklace! the message matches the beauty of the design.

    I also read through the descriptions of the other necklaces as well. I love the match made in heaven necklace,to benefit Merman Angels. What a worthy organization! I had someone very close to me pass from cancer and I am so heartened to know that this organization provides such a wealth of resources and community of support.

  25. I thought a lot about this and I have to say mental health awareness. I know many lovely people who have been bit by depression and it’s hard watching them go through that and the stigma they face. I find it hard to be as supportive as I should sometimes and if more people were aware how common mental health problems are perhaps they would be treated with the respect they deserve.

  26. What a great way to save the world. I love the Imerman Angels cause. My father in law died of cancer last July and having no one in our lives who had this type of cancer was hard because he nor any of us knew what to expect. This sounds like a great charity.

  27. I would really love to win that necklace! Breast Cancer is my cause because it unfortunately have touches a few women in my family and a number of my friends’ mothers. Go Pink!

  28. what a great giveaway and what a great cause!! i love the mermen angels cause, i hope they raise a lot of money!


  29. I love that these necklaces each support a great cause! I love all the necklaces, but Breast Cancer Prevention and research is a cause close to my heart, so I love that Jess LC is also contributing to that cause.

  30. All of these are so beautiful! I love the silver lining necklace because in these hard times, we all need to be reminded that there is some kind of silver lining.

  31. Lovely necklace indeed!
    The cause dear to me is my daily mission each & every day to spread love & peace to all those around me. I volunteer at the intensive care unit at our local hospital and I love meeting with the people there. Many of the ill are very lonely, fearful, and depressed. But my aim is to lift their spirits with a smile and a friendly presence even for just a moment. Look for the silver lining in each and every day… (:

  32. The silver lining and match made in heaven.
    My dear grandpa passed away after a brave fight against lymphoma cancer.. He’s a wonderful person and he left his mark in every heart that knows him.

  33. This is a BEAUTIFUL necklace with an even more beautiful message. I have a dear friend and sis-in-law who has battled Hodgkins Lymphoma twice and beaten it both times. She has been an inspiration to me to realize what is really important in life and to stop complaining about the little crap in life! This necklace reminds me of her – simple and classy. This is a great giveaway idea!

  34. love this giveaway. i’ve had my eye on those necklaces for a while.

    the cause that is most dear to me is breast cancer because two of my aunts had it.

  35. The Imerman Angels cause (match made in Heaven necklace) is the most dear to me because my boyfriend lost his mom to brain cancer when he was 19. She lived with the cancer for 7 years, had brain surgery, and had to go through chemo twice. She had a friend from church who came over every day to take care of her when the hospice nurses were gone. Julee died while her friend was there making lunch for her.

    Having someone who could stay with her while her during the day made a huge difference in her life. Levi says she was a very social person so becoming bedridden was very difficult for her. I am so happy that she had someone to keep her company and take care of her. Just having someone to talk to and relate to can make such a huge difference. I hope Imerman Angels is able to provide this opportunity to many others dealing with cancer.