Olivia Palermo’s Tribeca Apartment

Olivia hanging out in an art deco chair / Part of her vintage jewelry collection
{both images from Gotham Magazine}

By now, many of us have established that despite the fact that The City is all kinds of fake, we will keep tuning in for the fabulous fashion and glorious shots of my favorite city on earth. And, let’s be honest here. Who doesn’t love a little dose of drama, even if it is staged? We don’t hold that against Gossip Girl, do we? After her fall from grace, Olivia Palermo, Whitney’s co-worker at Diane Von Furstenberg decided to become an actress. Yes, an actress, which given the over-the-top fakeness of the show, sounds about right. Her goal was to become a household name and with all of the sudden interest in her, I’d say she’s on her way.

While watching the new episode on Monday night, I couldn’t help but notice some of the design elements, like Whitney’s hideous sofas and Olivia’s vintage HermΓ¨s tray. I did a little research and found some great pictures of Olivia’s Tribeca apartment to share with you via The New York Post’s Page Six and Gotham Magazine. In the Page Six interview, she is asked if she is in fact going to participate in The City to which she answers “No, I want to be a serious actress”. All hatin’ aside, she is absolutely gorgeous and I’m sure she is a nice girl. If nothing else, she has a pretty sweet apartment.

Olivia’s 63 square foot closet, complete with zebra rug and packed to the gills with amazing clothes, was designed using an ELFA system from The Container Store.
Olivia received this art deco chair as a housewarming gift from her aunt. Her apartment, which is housed in a newly-built building features floor to ceiling windows and enviable views of the city.
The apartment, designed by Olivia and her mother, Lyn Hutchings, a partner at the interior design firm, Hutchings-Lyle, was inspired by Mariah Carey’s Manhattan penthouse and features a “1960s look with a classic old Hollywood feel”. The convertible sofa is from Jennifer Convertibles and the baby blue side table is from Gracious Home. The Carlyle ­Custom ­Convertible white leather coffee table with nailhead trim plays host to the star of the room, a vintage HermΓ¨s tray found in The Hamptons.

Image 1 via Gotham Magazine. Images 2,3, and 4 via Page Six

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  1. great pictures. She does have any amazing apt, furnished very nicely. Agree about the fakeness of the show and Whitney’s hideous couch. Olivia is totally pretty but what with calling herself a “social” very “the Outsiders”…is she suppose to be Cherry Valance from the movie? I’ll still watch just to get a glimpse of the ongoings of DVF. :o)

  2. Oh I want that Hermes tray. I love it. I would look perfect in my living room.

    I’ll be on the look out for it. I would even settle for a couple of empty Hermes boxes to stack in my room. Hmmm can you just go in and buy their gift boxes? That’s probably all I could afford.

  3. As I anonymously mentioned before, I check your blog regularly. It makes me happy.

    I was sick for the last week with a bad cold and I come back to find so many posts to thrill me. Thanks Paloma, for your excellent eye. I would never have noticed this Olivia person’s home because I do not watch any of those shows, but she has some gorgeous things. And thanks for the Chanel film post!


  4. Anon, that is so sweet of you to say. You made my day. It really makes me so happy to know that people enjoy the things I blog about.

    I’m so glad you are feeling better and hope you will keep visiting regularly. πŸ™‚

  5. 63 square foot closet! wow–I think that’s almost as big as my bedroom!

    i’m fascinated by the thought of people who actually start down a particular path with the goal of ‘being famous’. i think it’s because i’m both jealous and repulsed, all at the same time…and the repulsion is probably just jealousy in disguise πŸ˜‰

  6. I know the person who makes those “vintage trays” and just to let everyone know…they are made in Mexico. They are $250 and you can find them at the New York Designer Gift Show. I find it very funny that everyone has them in their “cribs”

  7. No comment on her… but her apartment really is gorgeous, even without being (apparently) huge; I’m glad there is still hope for those of us without the square footage πŸ™‚

  8. Oh thank goodness for your post! I’m in the middle of decorating my new apartment and loved the shots of Olivia’s apt on The City. I was trying to find some pics of her place for inspiration, and your post was just what I needed! Thanks a bunch πŸ™‚ I’ll definitely be coming back to read your blog now!

  9. Hi Daniella! I haven’t heard of any specific place. However, I would try calling around to different stores that sell vintage and antique objects. Myabe try Hudson in Boston. They recently had an LV tray.

    Anonymous on 1/12 @ 1:02 pm suggested that they were faux trays made in Mexico. Apparently, those are available at the NY Designer Gift Show. Check if they have a website and you may be able to track the vendor down.

    Good luck! Let me know if you find them. πŸ™‚

  10. Did anyone find out about who “anonymous” knows that makes those trays?? I have tried searching online and all I can find is the antique store in the Hamptons that sold one for $750..

  11. do you think next you could do a post on olivia’s cubicle at work if there were pictures of it out there? it has to be the cutest work space with the hot pink background and all and i want to replicate the young/fresh look as best i can in my workplace cubicle!

  12. ugh love the hermes tray! and see everyone else does aswell!
    i realy want more pics of her closet and im turning my 3rd bedroom into a walk in wardrobe and looks about the same size!! anyone any luck on the tray i know it sounds tre un-chic but i wudnt care if i had a fake!

  13. Hi All! I am selling the exact same tray that Olivia has in her apartment. I purchased it from Donna Parker Habitat, LTD Antiques in the Hamptons. It’s gorgeous, but doesn’t quite fit with our decor. They don’t allow returns, so I’m selling it to the lucky person who emails me. I live in CA, so shipping may be an issue πŸ™‚ Email me at stylebyverike@gmail.com if you are interested.

  14. I have one of the chanel trays that I want to sell. Does anyone want to buy it? I got it a few years ago and am updating my apt.

  15. Hi All,

    Many of you are looking for the Hermès and Chaneltrays!! or you can send me a mail and I can I send you examples of various trays I can deliver.
    Famous brands: Chanel, Hermès, Ralp-Lauren Polo and Versace!!
    Shipping to the states possible,

    Warm regards


  16. I’ve long believed Olivia is one of the best dressed women in the country, and clearly this extends to her home as well. Makes sense that her mom is an interior decorator–design is in her genes. Thanks for the post. Beautiful blog!

  17. Just so everyone is aware, the Hermes tray of this style may be very popular, but Hermes NEVER made this type of tray EVER. It looks great but don’t let anyone ever tell you that is authentic or vintage or infer that it is made by Hermes. There are lots of people that make them and prices vary as to the quality they put into their production. Some producers are:
    or if you’re looking for a Veuve Clicquot Hand Painted Tray:
    You might be able to ask these guys to make a Hermes tray…
    Happy hunting…