Design Crush: Juxtaposition Home

I have dreamed of owning my own store from an early age. When I was younger, I wanted to own a clothing boutique, then a store with unique gifts and decorative objects, and now, I would love to own a store with fabulous new and antique furniture, found objects, decorative accessories, maybe a beauty-bar, the whole shabang. Houstonians, think a mini Kuhl-Linscomb, but more my style. Who knows if it will ever happen and if it does, it won’t be for a very long time as I would imagine that it would be difficult to own a store and have young children at the same time which is a major factor as we would like to start a family soon. Oh, and there’s also the small detail of having neither the money nor the chutzpah to attempt to open a full-blown retail operation in the current economy.

Before I get any further off track, I should mention the fact that I came across Juxtaposition Home a little while ago and was instantly smitten. It fit so many of the criteria of my dream store. Juxtaposition Home is located in Newport Coast, California and looks absolutely incredible. Has anyone been there? I would love to hear all about it if you have. What’s not to love about a store whose slogan is “Where vintage industrial, crisp linen, and found objects are not strange bedfellows”?

For more information on Juxtaposition Home, please visit their website.

All images via Juxtaposition Home

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  1. I have been there…they have great stuff. However, the thing that sticks out most in my mind is the incredibly snobby and unfriendly sales staff.

  2. I LOVE this store and have been there multiple times. One of my favorite things about this store is the wall of fabrics they have from Schumacher etc. (including Celerie Kemble!) and you can pick your own pillowcase instantly. So much fun for those who don’t have access to the fabric showrooms. Anon – that happens a lot in retail but the owners are really great!! I think they just need to hire me and I will be super nice!! HA!!!

  3. P, you and I share the same dream of owning a store. Every since I was little I have desperately wanted to own a cute clothing boutique but as I get older I realize how hard it is and still remain conflicted about what type of store to open.
    And I think I’ve been to Juxtaposition Home. It is full of beautiful goodies. it’s location is just gorgeous over looking the ocean and a bunch of other chic places. I think I may try to convince my mom to head out there this weekend. You should definitely consider a trip to California soon, I can think of plenty of places you would LOVE

  4. What an amazing store!!! I’ve always had a dream of opening my own store as well. Same as you when I was little it was all about the clothes, but now I would love my own little boutique home store. Hopefully some day it will happen.

    Fingers crossed for us both.

    * I must find out the maker and name of the wall color in the 2nd picture. I think it would go perfect in my dining room. Hmm how do we find this out. I might just have to give them a ring!

  5. HHFITD, I did call and ask about the color in the 3rd pic. It is by Sherwin Williams and is an exterior paint color mixed in the interior paint. It is called graystone or something like that. I have it written down and will check for sure. It does not appear the same color as the picture above, the one you like??, that seems more of a cream/latte color? If you call and find that one out, let me know!

  6. I went there last summer! The walls are a great dark grey! Call them they will give you the color……The staff was very nice and funny! Snobby? I think you were in the wrong store! If you make it to Newport I think it’s a must see.

  7. I used to live in Newport Beach before my Husband moved me to Houston three yrs ago. Miss It!
    I used to go to this store often and LOVED it. It is sort of a cross b/t Khul Linscomb(sp?) and Found maybe. They used to carry lots of black laquered furniture, but have definitely added more of an industrial chic look as well. Lots of fun unique things. Great book selection. Just shopping there is a wonderful experience. The shopping center overlooks the Pacific. Beautiful.

  8. Thank you for having us on your fabulous blog! We are very excited you found us. Having my own shop is very rewarding and a lot of hard work…It is so nice to hear positive comment! We will work on the negative ones….My staff and I go out of our way to make everyone feel welcome. We will continue to bring great things to our loyal customers and look forward to meeting new ones….Thank you again.
    Michele Graham
    Juxtaposition Home

  9. Love this store. It always provides so much inspiration. I agree, need to know what gray paint color they used. Michele, could you tell us? It’s just fabulous!

  10. I ended up calling the store so as a follow-up to my post the gray wall color is Sherwin Williams #2138 Stonecrest. It is a discontinued color but if you go to the Sherwin Williams store they have the formulas and can mix it up for you.

  11. Completely random that i’m commenting on this post months later….but i was searching for the store juxtaposition photos and came across this….I have been there- i live in socal and anytime i’m in the area i always peek in- it is one of my favorite all time home decor stores! ….it’s just REALLY overpriced….but with that location they can be

  12. I have visited this lovely place. Yes, they are expensive. But the markup is not excessive-they only buy/sell high end, artisan quality. One of the few unique places in Newport. The negative vibes mentioned might be a newcomers experience in OC-its a different animal. I personally have only been treated with warm hospitality there.

  13. Love, love this place. I live in Italy (for 10 years) and visit southern California (my family still lives there) about 3 times a year and always find time to visit this wonderful store. My dream would be a buyer for them. I sell antique lighting on ebay and my website, but to buy for them would be a dream for me! 🙂