Preston Lee’s Posh Home

Update: It has come to my attention that this home does not belong to Preston, but rather his design partner, Jen Dyer, who designed it. Click here for the full update.

Preston Lee’s super swank design style earned him a place amongst the last three designers standing in the finale of Top Design last week. By now, you probably know that Nathan walked away with top honors, but I certainly believe that Preston’s work deserves an honorable mention.

Preston’s design aesthetic is a total reflection of who he is: young, sexy, hip, and very L.A., which makes him appeal to a broad audience. The Top Design judges consistently lauded Preston on his ability to pull a room together through the use of color and texture and often compared his look to that of a swanky boutique hotel.The pictures I have gathered here are from Preston’s personal residence in Los Angeles.

The charming entrance to Preston’s “chateau”
Preston plays with scale in his foyer.
Mix Master: Preston’s living room exudes a very eclectic, Hollywood Regency vibe. I love his use of color and “I die” over that rug!

Preston seems to have pulled back a little in the breakfast room, where he chose to use a more muted palette of soft yellows, browns, and taupes. I think the mix of pillows is fantastic, the chandelier is amazing, and I love the idea of the banquette in place of chairs.

Preston cranks the volume back up in his dining room where he mixes colors and textures yet again. Picture this room lit only by candlelight on a Saturday night. It’s a fabulous backdrop for a sexy cocktail party.

I just love everything about this bedroom! I like that it feels serene, yet there are many fun elements present and the colors he used are fabulous. It feels classic and eclectic all at once.

Images via Bravo TV and
Preston Lee’s Portfolio
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  1. I like his eclectic mixture of style and his use of scale. The yellow sofa, black and white carpet and large horse picture in his sitting room look marvelous – I could not have pictured this yet it looks wonderful.

  2. Oh I love the bedroom. Everything about it is so great. Love the desk and the peachy orange chair and the window treatments…so great!

    ps- I wanted to ask you.. did you find a frame to fit the map or did you have to have custom ones done? They look so great!

  3. WOW. I would have never expected this from his performance on TD. I knew he was good, but not THIS good. The bedroom is definitely going in my deco file!

  4. I’m so happy you posted this. I for one wanted Preston to win the competition. His design aesthetic is so refined, so elegant… I could easily live in a hoe designed by Preston… unlike so many of the other competitors.

    Thanks for the extra research, honey!

  5. Does anyone know where the chair in the last image (the bedroom) comes from, designer or retailer? It is so similar (maybe the same) to one Kelly Wearstler uses quite often, I love it.

  6. Hi. I am Preston Lee’s design partner and just want everyone to know that I actually designed this entire space. These are all my belongings! Preston was in the process of moving when the show aired and I allowed him to use MY home to show to viewers. Preston is a very talented designer but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Glad everyone loves MY design of MY home! Thanks and visit to see what Preston and I are doing now!