Help! Searching for a pillow…

Does anyone know where Ondine got the brown and white rectangular pillows featured on last night’s finale of Top Design (pictured above)? I want something very similar, but orange and white for my couch. I just got these pillows in brown and want a burst of orange to add some color and unify everything, but I cannot find a nice, rectangular pillow to save my life. I thought an orange and white cane pattern could be cool, too, but alas, I can’t find that either. I am starting to fear that I am going to have to make the pillow myself, which is very scary considering the fact that I can’t sew! Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!

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  1. oops posted too soon- you could always get fabric you like and bring it to the dry cleaners and have them sew you a pillow for you- I know the girls at the cleaners I go to are awesome and can seriously sew anything. If you want to try it yourself, its not that hard- I actually put a few instructions on my blog a few weeks ago, that might help. Good luck and post pics when you pick something out!

  2. One more, sorry I’m a comment whore 🙂 I saw on West Elm they tend to have pillow covers in Orange, or Rust (not sure what color you are looking for exactly) BUT- You could order one of those and get your initial in a bright white on it. Then (here is where the genius comes in, LOL) buy some white grosgrain ribbon, iron-on tape and create your own border on the pillow like in your inspiration pic.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, Lins! I would have never thought to take it to the dry cleaners. I was wondering about how to attach the ribbon, too. Did you have your initial embroidered on? I think I may just go without an initial or monogram on this since we have quite a few monogrammed pieces in our house.

    I saw the pillows you referred to at West Elm, but the rust is a little too red. I want something between bright Hermes orange and a burnt orange.

    Thanks again! XOXO

  4. I actually used a fabric paint to paint the initials on my pillows. I printed the letters in a font I like from the computer, since I was using white fabric I just pinned the letter under and I could see it- but with another color fabric I would draw it on the fabric first and then just paint over the line you made.

    Fabric paint comes in all colors- you could get an orange pillow and white fabric paint and make any design you wanted. Good luck!

  5. Hi Paloma,

    Here are my words of wisdom on toss pillows. If I can’t find exactly what I want in the pillow section of a store I go to the fabric napkins. Normally there are a lot of napkin choices in a variety of colors and patterns. I’ll buy two and then it is a really simple sewing job to turn both napkins inside out then sew all the way around leave a small opening and fill it with stuffing then hand sew the closing. Plus it’s super inexpensive.

    My living room is actually chocolate brown, white, hints of blue and Orange! So I have many orange pillows in my home. I got awhile ago and can’t find any around. This one isn’t rectangular, but it has a great pattern and is orange and white.

    Pillow is here.

  6. Hi Paloma…I have a darling rectangular orange and white pillow that I got at west elm a few years ago. It’s the one that’s orange with the white chain link going across it. Would that work because you can have it. It’s just sitting in my closet waiting for a new home. Such a pleasure meeting you Sunday!
    Sally Wheat