Lauren Conrad: Hair Icon

On Monday night, I did what many of other women in my age group did: I watched the premiere of the fourth season of The Hills on Mtv. Like you, I tune in for the ups and downs in Lauren Conrad’s relationships, the drama that is like oxygen for Heidi and Spencer, the clothes, Los Angeles scenery, and that other cast member that is hardly ever mentioned (much like Lo)… Lauren’s gorgeous hair! It seems no matter how she styles it, it always looks so pretty. Truth be told, as much as I love her hair, I have never actually tried to style mine like hers because it looks like it takes forever to do and my hair is so fine that it doesn’t hold curls very well.

You may recall the Style Icons series I did this spring (I have a new entry in the works). While Lauren’s style is very cute, the thing that stands out the most about her is her hair (her nails come in at a close second) so instead of giving her the title of Style Icon, she will be a Hair Icon. She is not the first celebrity whom I’ve considered a hair icon in my time, but she may be the most versatile.
The Original Hair Icon: Jennifer Aniston was a long time hair icon of mine. Back in the 7th grade, I got “The Rachel”, though mine sucked. Eventually, she grew her hair out and like me, has worn it in long layers ever since.

Recent Hair Icon: Last August, I was so inspired by Reese Witherspoon’s new look that I took the plunge and got bangs!

After graduating from Laguna Beach and landing in The Hills, Lauren went from straight hair to loose waves, long bangs, and a side part.

Lauren, looking very polished at an event for InStyle

Here, Lauren wears one of her famous braids along with a side ponytail.

Who knew a pony tail could look so chic? I love the saffron colored top!

Last season, Lauren cut quite a bit of length from her mane.

The angled look frames her face.

I suspect that Lauren felt her new shorter do made her look much younger (it did), so she either started shampooing with Miracle Gro or had extensions put in. This season, we’ll see Lauren wearing a center part and loose waves.

Lauren’s blousy top, shades, and little braids give off a relaxed 70’s vibe.

Lauren looking lovely with her new signature: center part, loose waves, and braids

Lauren’s look is both fresh and sophisticated.
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  1. I suppose now is as good a time as any to confess… I’ve been bringing in LC’s pix to my salon for the past few months. The color… the cut… the curls… perfection. Absolute perfection! Good to know I’m not alone in thinking so. 😉

  2. I finally caught up with the Hills today and saw Monday’s episode…her hair looked so good (on the way to her date with Doug especially) you don’t think she does her OWN hair do you? It looks so perfect!

  3. So funny! I went to the salon yesterday, while I was there a group of three girls (must have been in highschool) came in all wanting different forms of “the braid” (each holding a different pic of LC) it was so funny… the stylist asked if they were going anywhere special and they said they were going to a “the hills” themed sweet 16! HA!

  4. I don’t typically notice celebrity hair in the sense that I have to have that style anymore. There are rare instances that I can think of this happening. LC’s braids are one of those instances, though. I am LOVIN’ them so much. My side swept bangs are entirely too short to pull it off, though.