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One of my favorite TV shows of 2007 was definitely Bravo’s Flipping Out. (Check out a clip here.) The show followed Jeff Lewis and his slew of assistants as he and his business partner, Ryan Brown flipped houses in the Los Angeles area. I loved the show because of Jeff’s over the top personality, but also because Jeff and Ryan have quite an eye for design. I absolutely love their style. The other day, I decided to google images of Jeff’s houses and lo and behold, I came across Brown Design, the interior design firm that Ryan runs along with his brother, Joshua. It just so happens that all of the houses featured on the show were designed by Ryan.

The Brothers Brown, whose parents are residential developers, seem to have an instinct for the business. “Our parents instilled in us a respect for our environment, the belief that there is beauty all around us. Traveling is one of the most important ways we find inspiration. We believe in juxtaposing a mixture of modern and clean lines . Our best work comes when we are able to combine the client’s personal needs and style with our own instincts.” Their work reflects their philosophy perfectly. The result is a look that is both classic and modern, with touches from far away lands. I sincerely hope that Bravo will produce another season of the show so that we can see a little more of Jeff’s craziness and Ryan’s beautiful work.

Queens Road, Ryan’s former residence was featured on Flipping Out. I love the laterns in place of a traditional chandelier.

Foyer at Queens Road

Queens Road Kitchen

Nottingham- Ryan sold his house before Jeff did and the prize was living in this beautiful 1920’s Spanish style house which they had restored.

Nottingham Dining Room. I love the color of the walls and the ceiling medallion.

The guys use these great sink fixtures in a lot of their houses.

Nichols Canyon – The over all look of this house is very prep meets Palm Springs.

Hancock Park – A more traditional approach was taken in this home.

Beverly Hills- Modern Glam Dining Room

Coffee table in a house in the Hollywood Hills

Visit Brown Design to see Ryan and Joshua’s portfolio in its entirety.

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  1. Oooooh, Paloma! What a great post. I loved this show and would watch it just to burn Jeff’s kitchen into my brain–that house was so gorgeous. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. NICE detective work!!!! I had no idea. I have to say, their work is impeccable. I love Flipping Out. yes, I could admit I’ve tasted the Bravo Kool-Aid and it is good. They seem to know just what to dish up for me. But Jeff’s show was impossible to miss and wildly addictive.

    Okay… I’m off to dig deeper into the design portfolio. Thanks for sharing your discovery!

  3. Love the pictures! I used to torture my husband by watching that show, but I just loved the interiors of thier homes. If only “Blow-Out” would return to Bravo…

    Material Girls Blog