The Bedroom Inspiration Saga Continues

This is my third post about what I want to do to update our bedroom. I was originally inspired to do a fluffy down comforter with a solid white cover. I think this look is just so cozy and inviting and it reminds me of hotels. What can I say? I would be on vacation everyday if it were up to me. Anyhow, I ordered a nice down comforter, but it was too small in both length and width for our King sized bed (you’d think that they’d have standard measurements!), so I had to send it back. I kept the solid white duvet cover which I had ordered because I figured I could replace the comforter and keep the duvet. Well, today, I got a great new comforter which measures 108″ x 90″ and is big enough for our bed, but lo and behold, the duvet cover is too small. It would have been too easy for it to fit, right? So, after an extensive search online, I’ve decided that I like a few different styles from Pottery Barn and they are actually big enough for the comforter. Only one of these is solid white, though, but I do like the different embellishments on the other two options.

What do you think? Should I go for one of these? If so, which one? You would think that something as seemingly simple as a white duvet would be easy to find, but it’s been quite an ordeal. I still haven’t decided on lamps either. I know I want a gourd shape, but don’t know whether to go with white or antique silver leaf. Or do I want crystal? Alabaster? Maybe I should strive to be more decisive in the new year…

Pearl Embroidered Duvet in Sandalwood (left) or Powder Blue(top)

PB Classic Duvet Cover shown here in white, though white doesn’t seem to be an option online, dammit! I will have to check at the store. As luck would have it, this is my favorite one.

Morgan Duvet Cover available in Porcelain Blue or Espresso

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  1. Okay, in order of how I like them:

    1. PB Classic Duvet
    I think this is a classic look that will last a while for you. It can also be updated easily with just changing accessories.

    2. Pearl Embroidered Duvet
    a. Sandlewood
    b. Powder Blue
    I like that this has a feminine structure to it with the detail.

    3. Morgan Duvet Cover
    a. Porcelain Blue
    b. Espresso
    For me, I was really into this look last year. I guess it just seems like it will look a bit dated quickly. kwim It is very nice, though.

  2. Okay Sheri, great minds really do think alike! I like them in that exact order for those very reasons. Right now I am really debating between the PB Classic in white with a white monogram and the Pearl Embroidered in Sandalwood since it is more neutral than the blue.

  3. I like the look of the Pearl Embroidered!

    I went to a showhouse last month, and saw a Circa Lighting crystal lamp used on the bedside table. It was spectacular! I know your DH works for VC, so you probably get a deal on them. It was the large spire table lamp in crystal.

  4. Things that Inspire: I will have to ask my husband about that lamp! I have seen several of their crystal lamps and you are right, they are just gorgeous. My problem is that I can never decide what to go with because I like them all!