Napa Valley Modern


{The chic living loom features v-groove paneling which lends architectural interest while staying true to the idea of a modern St. Helena farmhouse.}

It’s no secret that I love everything about the Napa Valley. I dream of someday owning a house there for weekend getaways and holidays. It’s funny how as you get older, instead of seeking out as many new places as you did in your younger years, it is more appealing to revisit the places you have grown to love. That is exactly what Napa is for us. We love the landscape, the warm people who are so passionate about their various crafts; the food, and of course, the wine. While we love visiting new places, we are never quite as relaxed as when we are in Napa. In about a month, we will be heading back to the Napa Valley to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary at the very place that defines luxury in Napa Valley– Auberge du Soleil. I am counting down the days until our trip and consequently, have had Napa on mind quite a bit lately.


Since I have been daydreaming about Napa, I was thrilled to come across this chic house in charming St. Helena. Featured in Luxe Magazine and designed by Chicago-based Kara Mann, the home is a part-time residence for the homeowner. What started out as a traditional farmhouse style residence received an overhaul by Kara and architect Andrew Mann, who worked together to create an iteration of the home that feels crisper and more contemporary to suit the client’s taste. The client also wanted to make use of the vast outdoor space to allow for more indoor/outdoor entertaining. Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture replaced the front lawn with native grasses and suggested adding a pavilion which takes advantage of the neighboring vineyard creating beautiful vistas. The result is a property whose footprint is perfectly tailored to suit the needs and aesthetic preferences of the homeowners. If you also visit Napa frequently, then you know how special the light is there as it changes throughout the day. The landscape is also vibrant and colorful, changing from season to season, which is why I absolutely love that Kara opted for a perfectly neutral interior, creating the ideal canvas for what lies just beyond the home’s doors.


{The living room is flanked by a pair of Ochre sofas and selenite-topped cocktail tables by Blackman Cruz in Los Angeles.}


{The striking dining room features several statement pieces that work beautifully together including wood wing chairs from Lucca Antiques in Los Angeles, a chandelier from Liza Sherman in New York, and a vintage marble table by Angelo Mangiarotti.}


{The airy kitchen was designed with entertaining in mind.}


{A Bank of French Doors in the Master Bedroom Opens onto a Terrace}


{Designer, Kara Mann opted for modern fixtures and fittings in the master bathroom.}


 {The Entrance to the Guesthouse}


{The guesthouse was designed to be comfortable, inviting, and low maintenance, hence the slipcovered sofas and lucite bunching tables.}


{Drought Resistant Grasses and Mediterranean Plants Dot the Landscape while the Neighboring Vineyard Contributes to the Beautiful Views}


{Olive Trees and Lavender add a Quintessential Touch of Napa to the Pool Area}


{The Pavillion from Afar}


{The Pavillion features both Sitting and Dining Areas, Making it Ideal for Outdoor Entertaining.}

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{Images by Matthew Millman for Luxe}