Dissecting the Details: McGill Kitchens

Hello lovely LDV readers! Nancy of Marcus Design here, and it’s my pleasure to be back with another installment of Dissecting the Details. For today, I’m highlighting the kitchen designs of one of my all-time favorite designers – Colleen McGill of McGill Design Group. I would have Colleen build my dream home if I won the lottery {I think I’ll have you agreeing with me on that}. Here are 4 key elements that Colleen uses when designing kitchen spaces:
What I see in the kitchen above is a chic use of display plates and some amazing accessorizing with a pair of lamps {think outside the box as to what is appropriate for the kitchen!}. Colleen carried the plate display over into the dining room as well:
We’ve all come to expect a gorgeous all-white kitchen as the mainstay these days, but I think it’s actually refreshing to see beautiful and modern uses of darker cabinetry!
Gah, a well organized kitchen is like a dream come true, and if its stunningly beautiful storage, all the better! I adore the arch to these pantry cabinets.
I love that Colleen breaks up the cabinetry in her spaces by using a different finish on the kitchen island. It gives the ‘furniture’ look to these stand-alone pieces.
And there you have it, 4 design elements that help create the glam kitchen spaces of McGill Design Group. Pretty fabulous stuff right? To see more check out the website here. Until next time!