Two Styles, One Room: Modern meets Old World

It is Rebecca and Paula again from Sea Island Drive with a fun holiday edition of Two Styles, One Room.

Before we dive in, we wanted to congratulate Paloma on her cover of Domino Magazine! How exciting and what an honor to be featured.

Now, just because it is the holidays, doesn’t mean you want to deck out every room to get in the holiday spirit, but a few simple touches can amp up any room. Take this lovely modern meets old world room below:

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Picture via Lonny

The old world elements of the gorgeous stone fireplace really shine and remain the focal point even with the very modern gold chairs flanking it. The lucite table also allow the details of the craftsmanship to be seen without taking away from the gorgeous details.

In terms of holiday decor they kept it simple and clean, but went with very traditional elements – a wreath and garland.

The overly leafy greens on both add texture to the room and give it that classical feel but are simple and clean since they remain unadorned.

We can both see ourselves huddled around this fireplace with hot cocoa on a cold winters night!

Happy Holidays!

Rebecca June & Paula Jean

Two Styles, One Room: Found Objects meets Mid-Century

This year has really flown by! Before we know it, the holiday season will be here bringing both of us a little extra joy!

It’s Paula and Rebecca from Sea Island Drive, and we’re back with another Two Styles, One Room. Today we are looking at how this dining room successfully mixes the feeling of found pieces with mid-century items without the room feeling like a complete catch all.

Found, Mid-Century

Image via House Beautiful

The large pieces of furniture – the chairs and table – have that classic and streamlined mid-century style that helps provide the perfect background for the rest of the decorative found objects. The very detailed and varied pieces of art don’t feel overwhelming even though they are in different frames, have different styles, and our all different mediums due to the crispness of the larger pieces in this welcoming dining room.

Even the buffet table – which is filled to the brim with knick knacks and other found objects, doesn’t make the dining room feel messy or out of order. Instead it makes you feel as though you are in a home with great friends, getting ready to eat a warm, home-cooked meal.

A nice meal at home with good friends, is always better than a meal out on the town. Don’t you agree? The combination of styles in this dining room creates an intimate feeling that sometimes no restaurant can replicate. And when the meal is over, we’re eager to move the conversation to the living room that we assume is equally as cool and inviting.

Rebecca June & Paula Jean


Two Styles, One Room: Modern meets Traditional

Hello! Can you believe it’s October already?! Have you started your fall wardrobe update? What about your fall home refresh? A change in season is always a good time to reinvigorate a room you’ve become bored with.

It’s Paula and Rebecca from Sea Island Drive, and we’re back with another Two Styles, One Room. Today we’re showing a room that mixes modern with traditional, and makes it feel completely effortless and natural.

Traditional meets ContemporaryImage via David Hicks

Modern and traditional can be the best of friends when combined in just the right way. It’s easy to pick out the modern lines of the grey chair and burl wood coffee table, and the traditional styling of the board and batten ceiling and pinch pleat drapes. But the success of this room is in the details that lie somewhere between modern and traditional.

We’ve talked in a previous post about using elements that bridge the gap between two opposing styles. This room does exactly that! The sofa perfectly compliments both styles with it’s soft curves. The sculpted glass chandelier is clearly modern, but nods kindly to the traditional details with it’s obvious reference to a classic crystal chandelier. Not to mention, the use of primarily solid, plush fabrics that allows the textiles in the room to engage with both styles.

As always, a couple of vases of roses are the perfect finishing touch, don’t you think? When your house looks this great, you don’t have to go outside to stop and smell the roses. Just take a seat and appreciate the beauty around you.

Rebecca June & Paula Jean


Two Styles, One Room: Vintage Meets Avant-Garde

 Hello! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! It’s Paula & Rebecca from Sea Island Drive again! We’re back with another installment of Two Styles. One Room. Today’s room is a very chic combination of vintage and avant-garde.

Vintage Avante GardePhoto via New York Times

Sometimes the best way to highlight a certain style is to really juxtapose it. That is exactly how you can really appreciate the vintage elements in this room. Paired against the more avant-garde items, you can really appreciate the details of the two styles even in simple black and white.

The vintage chandelier and the herringbone wood floors keep this London living room warm with old world charm, while the avant-garde metal side tables and the wide range of art pieces, bring the room into the future. The sofas in the home are the perfect example of vintage meets avant-garde. Even though they are a vintage style, by re-upholstering the front of them in a bold, graphic stripe and leaving the back exposed, it makes them a little more out of the ordinary and you can see how these two style can blend seamlessly together.

What do you think? Would you like to mix these two styles in your home?

Rebecca June & Paula Jean

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Two Styles, One Room: Youthful Meets Sophisticated

Hello! Hello! It’s Paula & Rebecca from Sea Island Drive again! We’re back with another installment of Two Styles. One Room. Today’s room is youthful for the younger set and sophisticated for their parents. The perfect balance for a baby’s room…Youthful Meets Sophisticated.

Youthful meets Sophisticated

Photo from Style Me Pretty

Designing a baby’s room can be a challenge. Do you decorate for baby or for baby’s parents? What’s fun, but what is needed and practical? Research shows that it is best for a baby’s developing brain and eyes to surround them with high-contrast patterns and bright colors that they can study, but that doesn’t always meet the more sophisticated preferences of the parents who will be spending a lot of time in this room too. So, what is one to do?

Well, when furniture, accessories and colors are carefully selected you can bring these two styles together in just the right way. Then everyone is happy! Baby gets a playful, youthful room to stimulate their brain, and mom and dad get a sophisticated space that they’ll love to spend time in.

The pattern on the wall and the playful color combination make this room fun for baby. These bold statements paired with the modern lines of the crib and chair, the traditional accents of the chest, and the rich brass accents bring the sophistication that we all love and even better, baby can grow into.

At the end of the day the best part of any baby’s room will, of course, be the adorable baby!

Rebecca June & Paula Jean

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