Two Styles, One Room: Vintage Meets Avant-Garde

 Hello! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! It’s Paula & Rebecca from Sea Island Drive again! We’re back with another installment of Two Styles. One Room. Today’s room is a very chic combination of vintage and avant-garde.

Vintage Avante GardePhoto via New York Times

Sometimes the best way to highlight a certain style is to really juxtapose it. That is exactly how you can really appreciate the vintage elements in this room. Paired against the more avant-garde items, you can really appreciate the details of the two styles even in simple black and white.

The vintage chandelier and the herringbone wood floors keep this London living room warm with old world charm, while the avant-garde metal side tables and the wide range of art pieces, bring the room into the future. The sofas in the home are the perfect example of vintage meets avant-garde. Even though they are a vintage style, by re-upholstering the front of them in a bold, graphic stripe and leaving the back exposed, it makes them a little more out of the ordinary and you can see how these two style can blend seamlessly together.

What do you think? Would you like to mix these two styles in your home?

Rebecca June & Paula Jean

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Two Styles, One Room: Youthful Meets Sophisticated

Hello! Hello! It’s Paula & Rebecca from Sea Island Drive again! We’re back with another installment of Two Styles. One Room. Today’s room is youthful for the younger set and sophisticated for their parents. The perfect balance for a baby’s room…Youthful Meets Sophisticated.

Youthful meets Sophisticated

Photo from Style Me Pretty

Designing a baby’s room can be a challenge. Do you decorate for baby or for baby’s parents? What’s fun, but what is needed and practical? Research shows that it is best for a baby’s developing brain and eyes to surround them with high-contrast patterns and bright colors that they can study, but that doesn’t always meet the more sophisticated preferences of the parents who will be spending a lot of time in this room too. So, what is one to do?

Well, when furniture, accessories and colors are carefully selected you can bring these two styles together in just the right way. Then everyone is happy! Baby gets a playful, youthful room to stimulate their brain, and mom and dad get a sophisticated space that they’ll love to spend time in.

The pattern on the wall and the playful color combination make this room fun for baby. These bold statements paired with the modern lines of the crib and chair, the traditional accents of the chest, and the rich brass accents bring the sophistication that we all love and even better, baby can grow into.

At the end of the day the best part of any baby’s room will, of course, be the adorable baby!

Rebecca June & Paula Jean

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Two Styles, One Room: Sleek meets Plush

Hello LDV Readers! It’s Rebecca and Paula from Sea Island Drive. We’re back with another great room where two styles come together effortlessly…Two Styles. One Room.

Photo via New England Home

Sleek and minimal interiors are becoming more desired, but so many clients are afraid that this style won’t feel plush or livable for their family. This inviting living room proves you can have both! A sleek room doesn’t have to be hard and cold feeling, it can feel as warm as any rustic interior out there.

All of the big pieces that are in the Living Room have simple sleek, clean lines. The details layered in add that plush and luxe feeling without getting fussy. A tailored sofa in a nubby chenille. Knife edged pillows in luxurious velvet. A simple blanket in a soft faux fur. Everything is screaming, “Curl up on me with a glass of wine and forget your day.”

We are not ones to fight that feeling, so next time you see us this is where we will be.

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Two Styles, One Room: Bold Meets Understated

Hello LDV readers!  It’s Rebecca & Paula from Sea Island Drive. Are you loving the new look of La Dolce Vita as much as we are?  We’re thrilled to be back today with the latest installment of our series, Two Styles, One Room. Today we’re looking at a breakfast nook that combines clean, understated lines and fabrics with bold, striking finishes.

Photo from Lonny

We love this kitchen nook for so many reasons, but mainly because no matter how gorgeous the dining room around the corner may be, you are probably going to end up spending most of your time sitting here…and loving it!  This space perfectly demonstrates that keeping things casual doesn’t mean sacrificing style.

Even though there are a lot of statement pieces here, they have kept them simple and understated which keeps this nook feeling casual and inviting.  The simple lines of the cone pendants, the clean banquette and the x-base table are all given an extra bit of oomph by the bold, high contrast finishes.  Two brass pendants, sleek and glossy black banquette, and a rich walnut table are all complimented and emphasized by the simple white cushions.

This room clearly shows you that going bold doesn’t have to mean going crazy, it just means letting every element pop and the best way to achieve that is with understated and clean lines.

I mean, wouldn’t you prefer to eat (and read, and have coffee, and chat…) in this nook even if you had a fabulous dining room just down the hall?  We would!

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Two Styles, One Room: Casual Meets Elegant

Hello LDV readers! It’s Paula and Rebecca from Sea Island Drive. We’re back with another Two Styles, One Room post. Today we’re featuring a kitchen that we’re sure you’ll all want for your own (we certainly do)!

Kitchen Designed by Jennifer Dyer | Image via Lonny

We all want our homes to have a certain level of elegance, right? A place we’re proud to come home to and want to entertain in. But sometimes practicality and durability override that elegance, especially in the rooms that we really live in…like our kitchens.

This kitchen combines elegant, sophisticated finishes and fixtures with casual, approachable styling and details. The result is a truly beautiful space that is also welcoming and comfortable. Casual and elegant, don’t you think? Cararra marble countertops, polished nickel faucets (at two sinks!), clean white glass-front cabinets, and a polished white tile backsplash create a clean, upscale foundation that is undoubtedly elegant. By adding an industrial light fixture, woven roman shades, a more modern stainless steel hood, and a cozy banquette in the corner, the space becomes family-friendly and ready to entertain in.

This is one of our favorite combinations.  We both believe that your home should be beautiful, elegant, and a place you are proud of, but it is equally as important that it be comfortable and practical.  It’s important that your house feel like a home where you can kick your feet up!

Is there a space in your home that you feel perfectly combines casual and elegant?  Or maybe one that you’re wanting to make a bit more elegant?

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