Dissecting the Details: Alexa Hampton

Hello everyone, Nancy of Marcus Design here to share a Dissecting the Details post with you today. Alexa Hampton has long been on my favorites list, and I love to study her vignettes and styling of the spaces she creates. Looking at her living room designs, I find 3 key characteristics she consistently utilizes that help create her signature style which I would describe as luxe, well traveled, and collected over time. Here are the 3 features:

There is absolutely nothing that can bring the texture, color, depth, and interest that floor to ceiling bookcases can bring. A room with books has soul. Alexa tucks them into corners, flanks them around fireplaces, or even creates shelving that holds books within the passageway between rooms. I love that this is something you find in almost every living space Alexa has designed.
I couldn’t help but notice Alexa’s use of thick and textural sisal rugs, and bamboo shades. Raw wood furnishings are also used to juxtapose against shiny & smooth pieces. It really proves that natural texture is as important as any other element in a room.
I saved my favorite feature for last: architectural prints framed in groupings as artwork. I must say, I think architectural prints may very well be my favorite form of art, and Alexa incorporates them with ease and flair. I love the symmetrically groupings especially, and when framed in lovely antique frames they truly give an air of sophistication and of days gone by.
There you have it, three elements I am drawn to in Alexa’s fantastic spaces. To see more from her extensive portfolio hop here, and be sure to take the video tour of her NY apartment here. As always, thank you for having me!

Dissecting the Details: Ashley Whittaker

Hello LDV readers! Nancy of Marcus Design blog here with a Dissecting the Details installment to share with you. Today I’m looking at all of the lovely elements that Ashley Whittaker implements in her living spaces. These rooms are areas where family & friends congregate and I appreciated how much Ashley leaves no detail unconsidered. Here are 4 key aspects to Ashley’s living room designs:

The truth is that the ‘backdrop’ or foundation makes all the difference in a room. We can see that Ashley has considered millwork on the ceilings, and often implements paneling as well. She gravitates towards natural fiber rugs, the diamond sisal rug being a favorite. Once the walls and flooring are perfected, it’s like the stage is set and ready for the beautiful furnishings.
I love that Ashley does not shy away from an obvious touch of femininity. She often selects soft and curvy furniture, tufted details, and skirted pieces. I love the curve in the mirror above, which echos the fireplace below it. Even the roman shades she has implemented are softened with a relaxed curve.
Take a very close look at the spaces above and you will be able to count at least 8-10 fabrics and patterns mixed with ease. What is the most surprising I think, is that many of these patterns are equally as bold as each other, but yet work with each other so well. A dash of animal print is next to an ikat and several florals, yet they all harmoniously create interest in these living rooms.

I had to make mention that while Ashley uses and mixes several bold patterns, notice how they still create an overall soft and soothing palette? That’s testament to her keen eye and ability to design inviting and welcoming spaces. I love her use of blues of course and she often pairs it will lovely shades of green. These truly are spaces you would want to linger in!

There you have it, four design strategies that Ashley utilizes in her stunning work. Be sure to hop over to see more of her extensive portfolio here. Until next time!


Dissecting the Details: Garrow Kedigian

Hi everyone, Nancy of Marcus Design here sharing another installment of Dissecting the Details with you. Montréal-born and now New York-based interior designer Garrow Kedigian has his roots in traditional design while still looking forward to what is innovative and new. His New York apartment, which once belonged to Fred Astaire, holds all the glamour it once did when originally built in 1908, thanks to Garrow’s attention to detail. Let’s take a look at some of the features that Garrow tends to use in his living and dining room designs. Here are 4 key elements I find he consistently employs in these spaces:

Garrow utilizes deep saturated tones for the walls and it creates such a warm environment. He mentions that one of the ways he keeps these colors from being overwhelming is to paint “a strong color on everything, from the baseboard and crown molding to the walls … it works well because it’s not contrasted against a different trim color. It’s almost like a wood-paneled room, where all the elements are the same hue” (via House Beautiful).
One bold color in the room appears via the sofas in these spaces. I think Garrow has me looking at yellow in a different way than I ever have before, those velvet’s are simply luxe. And with a Buillion fringe? You just can’t go wrong.
Garrow expertly uses side tables, round tables, and shelves to create the perfectly styled space. Every flat surface is viewed as an opportunity to create a moment, and I love that. In the image just directly above, notice how Garrow even takes it to the floor – artwork is leaning underneath the sofa table and creating another spot for your eye to find interest.
I couldn’t love this last element more. Antique inspired artwork in such a large size modernizes the space in a way that can’t be accomplished by anything else! The impact these stunning pieces have in the room is undeniable.
And there you have it, four tricks Garrow uses to create divine dining and living rooms. I love every one on the list and would employ them in my own home! Which was your favorite? To see more from Garrow Kedigian hop to his portfolio.



Dissecting the Details: Cathy Kincaid

Hello everyone! Nancy of Marcus Design blog here to share a Dissecting the Details post with you today. I’m excited to be looking at the work of Dallas-based interior designer Cathy Kincaid, and more specifically how she pulls together the most stunning bedroom retreats. These rooms really exude a chic and cozy feel that would have me wanting to stay in bed all day. Let’s dissect four key features that Cathy consistently implements:

There’s no doubt when you begin to look through her portfolio that Cathy is not afraid to use pattern. Walls, drapes, and upholstered pieces are often adorned in the same pattern, and it really works to create a traditional feel. The oversized pattern you see used in the first image of this post keeps the traditional look still feeling fresh and modern.
Artwork, fireplaces, dressing tables, blue & white vintage jars, scalloped bedding, sconces, and (perhaps my favorite) decorative plates on the walls! All of these amazing pieces create a feeling of a bygone era, when more attention was spent on the details.
I love this one! Something I would like to do in my own guest room is create a flexible space with multiple twin or double beds. You never know whose coming to stay, and they may not want to stay in the same bed! I love the look in children’s rooms that Cathy has designed as well.
Is anything more personal than a monogram? A chic addition to any bedroom, Cathy is known for adding this luxurious detail. And I adore every example of pillow mix I see her create!
That’s 4 key finds in Cathy Kincaid’s bedroom, all of which I would want in my own home. Which was your favorite? You can see more of Cathy’s extensive portfolio here. Until next time!



Dissecting the Details: Suzanne Kasler

Hello lovely LDV readers! Nancy of Marcus Design here, and happy to be sharing my latest Dissecting the Details with you. Ever since seeing Suzanne Kasler’s stunning display at High Point this year, I have had her gorgeous living rooms on my mind. So today I thought it would be fun to look into what Suzanne tends to do that makes these rooms as amazing as they are. I’ve come up with 4 key elements that I am attracted to in her spaces. Let’s dissect:




Solid, tape trimmed, or patterned fabric – I adore the use of drapery as a major player in Suzanne’s living room designs. They create such a lush feel and highlight the dramatic windows and french doors so perfectly. These rooms really would not be the same without the window treatments!




This is probably the feature that had me drooling the most when it came to Suzanne’s High Point display. She expertly curates the most amazing art walls, with a mix of metal frames, different matting, and neutral colors overall.




Powder blues, creams, and whites are Suzanne’s signature palette. Many of her spaces, as seen in the one directly above, utilize varying undertones of beige as the perfect backdrop for layering on subtle colors. Her tip is that “using a neutral base allows you to start adding layers of color, like my orange Christopher Spitzmiller lamps and the orange tray on the cowhide ottoman.”





This is another favorite element of mine; in a perfect way to create interest in a room, Suzanne displays console and side table vignettes even to the far corners of the room. Beloved objects, collections, and art get special treatment here. These types of groupings are often reserved for the entry way but it’s a lovely treat to have them in a room you spend more time sitting in!

That’s four of the special touches I see Suzanne consistently utilized in her spaces, did you notice any other favorite elements? To see more from her extensive portfolio, hop here to her website, and here to a previous Dissecting the Details focused on Suzanne’s entry ways. Until next time!