Instant Inspiration: Alice Naylor-Leyland @aliceinherpalace

Alice in her Palace Gucci

{Alice Naylor-Leyland}

I love scrolling through my feed on Instagram. As a very visual person, it’s a wonderful way to find inspiration and to connect with others. As such, it has become my favorite form of social media. Every now and then, I come across an account that I end up loving. In the case of Alice Naylor-Leyland (@aliceinherpalace), a contributor to and of-the-moment tastemaker and “It” girl in the UK, her Instagram feed is a favorite because it gives her followers a peek into a beautiful, very charmed life in the English countryside. Her mother, Serena Fresson is an interior designer who often helps set beautiful tablescapes for Alice who has a gift for entertaining. Alice chronicles jaunts to the family estate in the Welsh countryside, trips into London, vacations in Italy, and visits to California as well as time with her darling children, Billy and Nancy on her beautifully-curated Instagram account. Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Instagram?

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 6.47.57 PM

{Alice’s Darling Daughter, Nancy in front of their Home, Bedecked with Balloons for Alice’s 30th Birthday}

Alice in her Palace Son

{Alice and her Sweet Son, Billy}

Alice in her Palace Nancy

{Nancy in a Field of Daffodils in the English Countryside– Can you think of anything more idyllic?}

Alice in her Palace 1

{Alice at Home}

Alice in her Palace Country Estate


Alice in her Palace London

{In London}

Alice in Her Palace Table

{A Beautifully-Set Table}

Alice in Her Palace Table 2

{Lettuceware and White Peonies}

Alice in her Palace Wales 2

{The Family Estate in Wales}

Alice in her Palace Wales 3

{Chic in Wales}

Alice in her Palace Italy

{Living La Dolce Vita in Italy}

Alice in her Palace Italy 3

{A Beautiful Baroque Ceiling Detail in Italy}

Alice in her Palace Italy 2

{Alice in Italy}

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Dissecting the Details: Alexa Hampton

Hello everyone, Nancy of Marcus Design here to share a Dissecting the Details post with you today. Alexa Hampton has long been on my favorites list, and I love to study her vignettes and styling of the spaces she creates. Looking at her living room designs, I find 3 key characteristics she consistently utilizes that help create her signature style which I would describe as luxe, well traveled, and collected over time. Here are the 3 features:

There is absolutely nothing that can bring the texture, color, depth, and interest that floor to ceiling bookcases can bring. A room with books has soul. Alexa tucks them into corners, flanks them around fireplaces, or even creates shelving that holds books within the passageway between rooms. I love that this is something you find in almost every living space Alexa has designed.
I couldn’t help but notice Alexa’s use of thick and textural sisal rugs, and bamboo shades. Raw wood furnishings are also used to juxtapose against shiny & smooth pieces. It really proves that natural texture is as important as any other element in a room.
I saved my favorite feature for last: architectural prints framed in groupings as artwork. I must say, I think architectural prints may very well be my favorite form of art, and Alexa incorporates them with ease and flair. I love the symmetrically groupings especially, and when framed in lovely antique frames they truly give an air of sophistication and of days gone by.
There you have it, three elements I am drawn to in Alexa’s fantastic spaces. To see more from her extensive portfolio hop here, and be sure to take the video tour of her NY apartment here. As always, thank you for having me!

Palm Beach Style: Aerin Lauder at Home


A couple of weeks ago, I shared a preview of the newly launched AERIN x Williams Sonoma collaboration. The images for the catalog were photographed at the Lauder family home in Palm Beach. Purchased by the family matriarch and doyenne of the cosmetics industry, Estee Lauder, it was passed down to Aerin’s father Ronald. In the 1990s, Ronald and his wife, Jo Carole worked with designers Victoria Borus and Jacques Granges to update the 1924 house, originally designed in 1924 by society architect Marion Sims Wyeth. As one would expect, the home is beautiful, yet maintains the effortless style that is synonymous with Aerin’s various collections. For the full tour, be sure to pick up the May issue of Architectural Digest.








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{Photography by Oberto Gili for AD}

On My Bookshelf: Must-Have Books for Spring 2017

book veranda entertaining

{Veranda Entertaining by Clinton Smith}

I am legitimately addicted to books. There will come a day when I will run out of room for them and I guess that will mean that I will need to think about buying a bigger house! I am half kidding, but I have always been fascinated by beautiful books. One of my favorite memories from my childhood is of my mom taking me to the public library every couple of weeks. I would peruse the shelves and fill up my big canvas bag with books upon books to devour at home. When I was growing up, I knew that as an adult, I would be happy if I had two simple things: a house filled with books and the ability to travel often. I am grateful to say that I have both.

The thing about addictions is that you always want more, so I am always thinking about the next place to visit, and I am constantly ordering books online. This spring promises to be quite fruitful in terms of inspiring new books in the design, fashion, and entertaining categories. I have been enjoying several, wonderful new titles including Veranda Editor-in-Chief Clinton Smith’s second book, Veranda Entertaining which is filled with exquisite images and useful ideas. Interior designer Meg Braff’s first book, The Decorated Home is a cheerful ode to vibrant interiors with plenty of color and pattern. Meanwhile, P.Gaye Tapp’s How They Decorated is a fascinating look at the homes of some of the most stylish and inspiring women in history. I’ve also begun ordering several of the titles on this list and am excited to have so many great, new books to read this season!

Book Meg Braff

{The Decorated Home by Meg Braff}

Book P Gaye Tapp

{How the Decorated by P. Gaye Tapp}

Book art of elegance

{The Art of Elegance by Marshall Watson}
Book Seaside House

{The Seaside House: Living on the Water by Douglas Friedman}

book surf shack

{Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water by Nina Freudenberger with Photography by my Friend Brittany Abridge}

Book House of Style

{House Style: Five Centuries of Fashion at Chatsworth by Laura Burlington and Hamish Bowles}

Book Classic Style

{Classic Style by Kate Schelter}

Book Margiela

{Margiela: The Hermes Years will run in conjunction with the synonymous exhibition at the Mode Museum in Antwerp}

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Barefoot at Home

Ina Garten Barn 1

I have loved Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa for as long as I can remember. I have all of her books and make sure to watch her show whenever the new season airs. I love her elegant and effortless approach to food, entertaining, and living. I also love the special bond that she and her sweet husband, Jeffrey share. Ina also has a spectacular house in East Hampton, as well as what she refers to as her “barn” and garden on an adjacent property. My fellow Ina fans know that the first few seasons were filmed in Ina’s own kitchen, while the latest seasons have been filmed in her barn/test kitchen.

I thought it might be fun to revisit this wonderful tour of Ina’s Belgian-inspired barn as it was recently announced that Ina is currently filming a new show, “Cook Like a Pro” with Food Network. The show is slated to begin airing in mid-May and according to Ina, her goal is to use her “decades of experience in the food business and writing cookbooks to show people how to cook with confidence.” Rather than simply focusing on how to execute recipes, the show will aim to teach viewers various cooking techniques. Ina told that she feels younger generations are hungry for this type of didactic show. “People are growing up without anyone to show them how to cook, and millennials want to cook for their families and have dinner parties. “They’re hungry not just for the nourishment of cooking but also the community of it.” she says. I, for one, love everything Ina does and will absolutely tune in to her new show! She’s already taught me so much about cooking beautiful, delicious, simple food, so hopefully, I’ll learn some new techniques as I watch “Cook Like a Pro”.

Ina Garten Barn 2

{Ina’s barn features spaces for cooking, entertaining, and even for hosting overnight guests.}

Ina Garten Barn 3

{The barn is heavily influenced by Ina’s love of Belgian style with many pieces hailing from Axel Vervoordt.}

Ina Garten 5

{Where the Magic Happens}

Ina Garten Barn 5

{A Simple, Elegant Bedroom}

Ina Garten Barn 7

{A Beautiful Waterworks Bathtub Anchors the Bathroom}

Ina Garten Barn 6

{This space, with its antique desk, functions as Ina’s office in the barn.}

Ina Garten Barn 8

{I absolutely love the vignette in the entryway which features as 19th century settee, reupholstered in simple muslin, as well as the 17th century Venetian mirror. The walls are painted in Farrow & Ball’s Light Gray}

Ina Garten Barn 9

{Loads of style can be found in the barn’s interior and exterior.}

Ina Garten Barn 10

{The covered porch features chic 1920s rattan chairs. Can you believe they are nearly 100 years old?}

Ina Garten Barn 11

{A Stone-Topped Trestle Table on the Terrace}

Ina Garten Barn 12

{Ina loves to entertain on the bluestone terrace.}

Ina Garten and Paloma Contreras

{A couple of months ago, we were in the Hamptons to install a client project and we ran into Ina and Jeffrey at a restaurant in Bridgehampton! It was honestly one of the most exciting moments of my life because she is one of the people I find most inspiring. I have had my fair share of celebrity sightings and never bother anyone or intrude on their privacy, but I knew I would regret it forever if I didn’t say hello and introduce myself. I am sure I must have made an utter fool of myself, but Ina and Jeffrey could not have been lovelier or more gracious. It was a moment I won’t soon forget!}

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{Photography by Simon Upton for House Beautiful}