10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Julie of Shelter

The lovely and talented Julie Richard of the blog, Shelter will be sharing her fabulous “10 Things List” today. She is due to give birth to her second child literally any minute, so I am incredibly thankful that she agreed to participate in this series. I have long admired Julie’s style and am still in love with her son’s nursery which she shared with us in my “Personal Style, Defined” series. I was so pleased to see how much we had in common when I read her list. Blogs really do bring like-minded people together! I hope that you’ll enjoy the gorgeous images that Julie has put together for us!

ONE. Accessories. They the heart of a room and the finishing touch to an outfit! I love, love, love to layer and mix!

TWO. Pellegrino – I drink this all day long. I actually crave the refreshing crisp flavor.. {now even more then ever while preggers}

THREE. Beautifully and well lit spaces. It’s the first thing I notice when I walk into a room in the evening! I’m always striving to light my home and my client’s designed spaces better.

FOUR. Design Magazines, Books, Blogs + Music. They are my guilty pleasure and an amazing source of inspiration!

FIVE. My Day Planner, Office + Computer. I couldn’t function without them! I still prefer to write things down and sketch-I guess it’s the creative side in me! I love my career and am so happy I took a risk and started my own business!

SIX. DCT Lip Balm + Face Cream with sun block. A part of my daily ritual.

SEVEN. A sweet treat. Because what’s life without an indulgence now and then?

EIGHT. The Beach. I feel so fortunate to have grown up near the water. I don’t think I will ever leave the coast. I am truly at peace sitting in my beach chair looking out at the water on a warm summer day. It doesn’t get much better than that for me! {okay maybe add a chilled, salted margarita to the scene – perfection}

NINE. Comfy slippers. These are what I am currently wearing. After hugging my son, it’s the second thing I do when I walk in the door to my home.

TEN. Most importantly My family + friends. I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing group of warm, loving, supportive + humorous people. We are beyond excited to meet our newest addition this week!!!
Thanks for including me in your series Paloma!!

10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Dabney Lee

 dabney lee moderne blog

I am so excited to feature Dabney Lee’s “10 Things” this week! This style setter is the talent behind the fabulous Dabney Lee stationery studio and Dabney Lee at Home which designs the loveliest personalized home accessories. I have admired Dabney’s fun, preppy, chic style for a very long time, so I knew that her list would not disappoint. It is as sassy and stylish as she is!
     dabneydabney3 dabney2
1. i must admit i am a bit of a junk food junkie and at the top of my list are french fries. i love them, always have and always will. 
2. people who know me know that i have a strange affinity for lucite. the clean lines, the way it makes color pop… i am addicted! 
3. shelter island, new york. my hubby’s family has been going there for years and it’s honestly my favorite place to be! 
4. lemon cupcakes, especially from buttercup bakery in new york. i love love love all lemon desserts, drinks, candy etc… but these cupcakes are something i must have at least once a month!  
5. j.crew is my favorite store ever… i am NOT KIDDING! i knew i had a problem when i got pregnant and one of the stores called to see if “everything was alright”, seemed i hadn’t been in the store for a while. 
6. the brooklyn bridge is just at the edge of our street and it’s so inspiring. i can sit in the park for hours and just relax looking at the bridge and the city in the background, it’s quite breathtaking. 
7. the barefoot contessa is my idol and i really could not live without her! ina garten exudes cheer and warmth like no other. her recipes are always spot on and so easy to make!
8. color… can’t live without it and would never even consider it! 
9. my studio is my haven- i love being there and creating and i could not do any of it without my mac. 
10. taco trucks. a life without tacos… you must be crazy, i wouldn’t even consider it!!!!

10 Things I Can’t Live Without: i suwanee

i suwannee

Today, Jamie Meares of i suwanee and Furbish Design Studio will be sharing her “10 Things” with us. Her blog is one of my favorites because of her combination of fabulous style and witty humor. Jamie’s tongue is just as sharp as her eye for design. Thanks for participating in the series, Jamie!
1- my diesel jetta. it zips around and gets about 40 mpg.
2 – avocados.  they make everything better.
3 – simple limeade.  delish.  my taste buds quiver just thinking about it.
4 – american apparel deep v-necks.  great for sleeping in,working out in, or hipping up with some skinny jeans and a scarf for outings.
5 – my iphone.
6 – books.  reading.  bookcases.  rearranging bookcases.
7 – rowdy.  he’s my bestie.
8 – hot sauce.  i put it on all things large and small
9 – my white cushy bathrobe.
10 – booth’s tea tree toner.  great for taking makeup off and moisturizing.  morning and night style.

10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Caitlin Creer

Caitlin Creer is a doll. Her personal blog was one of the first I read before becoming a blogger myself. She was a friend of a friend and I was always drawn to the fabulous do-it-yourself projects she completed in the apartment that she and her husband shared.
Fast forward a couple of years and Caitlin has left New York, has a beautiful son named Winston, and an interior design business that is accompanied by her wonderful design blog. Caitlin’s preppy design sensibility is sort of Kate Spade-meets-J.Crew at the most incredible vintage furnishings store you can imagine. The girl has quite an eye! She is always finding the most amazing thrift store pieces and turning them into something beautiful with a fresh coat of paint and a fun fabric. Aside from her fab taste, the thing that I find most appealing to Caitlin is how genuine she is. Unpretentious, sweet, and super talented, she is the type of girl you’d want to be friends with. Thanks for sharing your “10 Things” list with us, Caitlin!
  1. My family and friends: I have been so lucky in my life to have wonderful people by my side. In every new stage of life I seem to be fortunate enough to collect amazing friends that enrich my life so much, and my blog friends are no exception. I’m also lucky enough to have a big family who is so wonderful and supportive and gives me so many reasons to be thankful.

Kelly Wearstler

2. Children, specifically my son Winston: There is nothing quite like the imagination and discovery of a child. I think having children around keeps you young at heart and creative. My son is constantly inspiring me to look at things in new ways and experience the joy in each moment. He inspires my creativity as much as any design magazine or beautiful room.
3. The Internet and my trusty Mac: My business pretty much revolves around my computer and the Internet. Whether it’s researching ideas for a client, do invoices, or reading some of my favorite blogs like La Dolce Vita, I spend a lot of time with my lap top. I also do a lot of e-decorating so I’m always working on design plans and sourcing pieces on the Internet.

Erinn Valencich

Carla Lane

Anne Coyle

4. Designers/magazines/blogs: I love being part of this amazing online community of bloggers, designers, and of course wonderful readers. I am so inspired by what so many out there are doing in their every day lives. It helps keep me going when I feel overwhelmed. I just got a handful of new design books for Christmas that I have literally spent hours just pouring through. The more inspiration I have around, the better my work is and the more creatively I’m able to approach projects. Some of my favorite designers right now include Anne Coyle, Carla Lane, and Erinn Valencich.

David Jimenez

Ruthie Sommers
5. Vintage accessories/furniture: I think every room should have a little bit of vintage, just to keep it grounded. I love shopping for one of a kind pieces and accessories. Believe it or not, Salt Lake City where I live has quite a few wonderful vintage/consignment stores where I often find wonderful pieces and it is a mecca for thrift store finds. Luckily my husband shares this hobby so we often make it a family affair on weekends. There is nothing like bringing new life to an old cast off piece of furniture and I love the sense of history that vintage pieces can add to a space. David Jimenez and Ruthie Sommers are masters of achieving just the right mix in this area. I literally study their rooms to absorb all the little details.

all images above by CC Interiors
6. Fun Fabrics: I don’t think I’ve been doing this long enough to have a signature look, but I will say that in almost every project I look to incorporate fabulous fabrics. Keep in mind that fabulous doesn’t have to mean expensive. I love using vibrant and colorful patterns to inject personality in to my rooms. When I’m working on a budget I always use premier prints as a go to. You can often find really great fabric options or throw pillows on etsy as well.
7. New York City: I lived in New York for four years (twice, two year stints with a break in between) and I just moved back to Utah a year ago. I miss the city every day, and I have to say that when it comes to learning and defining style, New York City is the best classroom. I’ve been working on a shopping guide to NYC for budget decorating sources and it should be done and debut on my blog some time this year. Every time I go to New York it feels like home. There is nothing quite like the wealth of interesting shops and showrooms that New York has to offer. Especially when you are seeking inspiration. I kind of grew up in New York since I moved there the first time as a college freshman at NYU. It will always be a big part of my identity.
8. My Collections: I’ve moved 7 times in the past 5 years. This has made me really good at 2 things, packing and learning how to efficiently set up a home and help my life and furniture translate from one space to another. One thing that really helps me feel at home wherever I am are my collections, which I have way too many of. I collect among other things, vintage children’s books, milk glass, ginger jars. I love the impact a collection can have when it is artfully displayed.
9. Storage Boxes and Bins: I think I learned the importance of being organized from living in small New York City apartments. I have to confess that I have a lot of clutter but if you set up your house properly, no one ever has to know. I have little bowls, baskets, and boxes in and on almost every piece of furniture in my home. Among all the storage boxes I have, my vintage locker baskets, storage ottomans, and ikea metal bins have to be among my favorites.
Thomas Smythe from House & Home 10. A good down pillow: I am a busy girl so by the end of the day I am totally spent. I could sleep 12 hours a night if my schedule permitted, which it definitely doesn’t and I’m usually lucky to get 7 hours. I sleep with 3 fluffy pillows every night and it makes all the difference to me. I often bring a pillow with me when I travel just so I know I’ll be covered. It is so worth it to splurge on down bedding, it’s like sleeping in a cloud.

10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Pure Style Home

Today, the wonderful and super-talented, Lauren of Pure Style Home shares her “10 Things” list with us. I am so happy that she was able to find the time to put this list together for us. Not only is she a busy interior designer, she is also a wife and mom to a toddler and a baby who will be here any minute! Lauren’s list is sweet and warm, just like she is.

1. My business: I just love having the creative outlet of my own interior design business. It’s so satisfying to help people become happy with & take pride in their homes.

2. My Friends–> There’s not much better to me than a night with friends that ends in a dance party. (and they usually do) Singing into pretend microphones & using the sofa for a stage are a must! (2 of my best friends with me on right, below)
3. A yard: I love being outside and I love having a big private back yard. We just recently moved and I think playing in the backyard with my family is the best thing about our new house.
4. The Seasons: I get excited about each & every season change. I love all of the news smells in the air and I’m crazy about re-accessorizing my home seasonally. (Below, we painted our front door orange this past Halloween.)

5. Good food: I love eating &/or making a great meal. I just get so excited when a good one’s coming!!


6. Magazines & Blogs: I just can’t get enough of photos & articles & musings on pretty spaces!!! Every day there’s something new to look at & being relatively new to blog world, I’m just so amazed at how many talented, kind & generous people there are out there!! I’ve met a slew of great friends & it’s a place I really feel comfortable being a “design junky”- I hate the thought of boring my friends & family with design mumbo jumbo- and it’s been so awesome to connect with people like me!

7. My house: I love coming home. It’s our haven & I thank God for it every day. It was a tough run for us to get here & we treasure it. Sometimes my husband & I still just stop what we’re doing & look at each other & say “I can’t believe it’s ours.” We work on our house all the time & love making it special.

8. Greenery: I love to have something alive in almost every room of the house if possible and nothing’s prettier to me than a simple arrangement: Ferns, topiaries or even weeds from my yard will do. ( I HAD to use this picture of them in my set of lab beakers because I overuse them in photos to the point of ridiculousness!! 🙂

9. Feelings of” Excitement/ Adventure/ Hope- I love feeling like there are good things to come. At home, my family & I try really hard to enjoy every day & take pleasure in the small things, but I also love feeling the anticipation of something new & exciting coming our way… that we have our whole lives ahead of us & we’re going to get to do so much. Experiencing everything again- from holidays to the beach to the snow to pony rides- with our son is just so much fun! I love getting excited (and often am, hence the use of way too many exclamation posts in my writing 😉 and it can be about something big or small… but it always makes me happy.
10. My family: They’re my life. I couldn’t do any of it without them. (with one more on the way any day now…)

Thanks so much to Paloma for inviting me to be a part of this!!! It was so much fun & really eye-opening my priorities & passions. Happy holidays!!