Thanks for the Makeover, Front Porch Studio!

front porch You’ve probably noticed that La Dolce Vita had a little facelift recently. Last year, I decided that I wanted to revamp things a bit. I didn’t necessarily want to go the Heidi Montag route and make the blog unrecognizable, but I wanted things to look a bit more streamlined and polished. That is where Jessica Graves comes in. I had admired her graphic design work through Front Porch Studio and read her blog, The Lovelist for some time and knew that I absolutely loved her feminine style(I like masculine interiors and feminine typography…go figure!).

love list

Anyhow, over the past few months, Jessica worked diligently to deliver the vision that I had for La Dolce Vita and she did just that. I honestly couldn’t be more pleased with the final result. I hope that you all like the new look since you are kind enough to visit “my home” each day.
If you like the new look on La Dolce Vita, then chances are, you will love the rest of Jessica’s stylish work.


First up, Jessica’s fabulous studio!studio I love the beautiful white ostrich print. Her stacked boxes are all so chic!
studio2 Sassy shoes for a girl with loads of sassy style!
studio3 How could I not love the graphic design work of a girl who sits at this desk?


Jessica’s Front Porch Studio does websites, print materials, stationery, and blog design and installation, and branding for small businesses. This is just a small sampling of Jessica’s work and part of the reason I fell in love with her aesthetic.



So, do you like La Dolce Vita’s new look?
To see more of Jessica’s portfolio or to contact her, please visit Front Porch Studio.

10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Dabney Lee

 dabney lee moderne blog

I am so excited to feature Dabney Lee’s “10 Things” this week! This style setter is the talent behind the fabulous Dabney Lee stationery studio and Dabney Lee at Home which designs the loveliest personalized home accessories. I have admired Dabney’s fun, preppy, chic style for a very long time, so I knew that her list would not disappoint. It is as sassy and stylish as she is!
     dabneydabney3 dabney2
1. i must admit i am a bit of a junk food junkie and at the top of my list are french fries. i love them, always have and always will. 
2. people who know me know that i have a strange affinity for lucite. the clean lines, the way it makes color pop… i am addicted! 
3. shelter island, new york. my hubby’s family has been going there for years and it’s honestly my favorite place to be! 
4. lemon cupcakes, especially from buttercup bakery in new york. i love love love all lemon desserts, drinks, candy etc… but these cupcakes are something i must have at least once a month!  
5. j.crew is my favorite store ever… i am NOT KIDDING! i knew i had a problem when i got pregnant and one of the stores called to see if “everything was alright”, seemed i hadn’t been in the store for a while. 
6. the brooklyn bridge is just at the edge of our street and it’s so inspiring. i can sit in the park for hours and just relax looking at the bridge and the city in the background, it’s quite breathtaking. 
7. the barefoot contessa is my idol and i really could not live without her! ina garten exudes cheer and warmth like no other. her recipes are always spot on and so easy to make!
8. color… can’t live without it and would never even consider it! 
9. my studio is my haven- i love being there and creating and i could not do any of it without my mac. 
10. taco trucks. a life without tacos… you must be crazy, i wouldn’t even consider it!!!!