Dissecting the Details: Mark Sikes

We’ve come to know and love Mark D. Sikes for everything he does so masterfully, and creating luxurious bedroom retreats is one of those things. Nancy of Marcus Design here with you today, showing you some of the gorgeous details that make Mark’s bedroom projects into spaces we would never want to leave. Let’s dissect 3 key features Mark implements in these rooms:

via Mark’s instagram

Though Mark’s work extends into many hues, we’ve come to recognize him for what he creates with classic blue & white. This is a palette that has stood the test of time, and he masterfully mixes varying shades, textures, and maybe most importantly – patterns. On his favorite wall color option Mark explains, “Farrow & Ball Skylight is probably my ultimate color for any room, and that’s a pale blue.” The overall effect is likely the most soothing color combination one could choose for a restful retreat.


We’ve often said that each room needs at least one antique piece to bring soul and history to the space. Mark selects the most stand out furnishings that will surely be treasured for generations. The warmth of the wood in the specific examples above also adds texture and a sense of things collected over time.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, there is nothing more luxurious in the bedroom than an over the top canopy bed. Whether a detailed floral pattern, or a sleek tape-trimmed solid fabric, the look is chic and everlasting! The height is so dramatic and the overall look is timeless. 
And there you have it, 3 key features of Mark’s fantastic bedrooms; hop to his portfolio to see more and of course get a closer look via his book Beautiful

Dissecting the Details: Phoebe Howard

Hello lovely LDV readers, Nancy of Marcus Design here to share another installment of the Dissecting the Details column with you today! I’m always drawn to very classic design in the bedroom, and Phoebe Howard knows exactly how to create a timeless and effortlessly chic bedroom space. Let’s take a closer peek into four key elements that Phoebe uses to accomplish this look:


Whether its an obvious all-over hue or an ever so subtle touch of pillows and lamps, the overall look is as soothing as the sea itself. I think blue has to be my all-time favorite color for the bedroom, so it’s definitely something I am drawn to in Phoebe’s designs.


The above examples show antique or antique style furniture, lighting, and artwork throughout. The warm wood hues of the antique desks, spindle beds, and dressers add so much to these overall light and airy spaces. The mirrors and artwork framed in substantial antique gold frames are stand-outs in each space.


Every space featured has a seating area, no matter how large or small the room. Even in the smallest of bedroom, I think one occassional or slipper chair brings so much comfort and charm to the bedroom.


One of my all-time favorites, the canopy bed could not be more perfectly suited to Phoebe’s spaces. The old-world charm and luxury can’t be beat. Truthfully I think these beds can make the ceiling appear higher and the space seem larger. And fabric always serves to warm a space!

Which of the four features is your favorite? Would you implement these in your own bedroom space? To see more from Phoebe’s stunning and extensive portfolio hop here.


Dissecting the Details: Alyssa Kapito Interiors

Hello LDV readers, Nancy of Marcus Design here, happy to be bringing you another Dissecting the Details installment. I’ve been awfully drawn towards the work of Alyssa Kapito Interiors, as Alyssa’s style incorporates stunning clean lines, with sculptural and natural elements throughout. Let’s take a closer look at four design elements she consistently uses in her living room spaces:


Through bespoke wooden furnishings, chunky jute rugs, woven baskets, and natural additions through an abundance of plants, Alyssa creates a magical mixture of textures. Truthfully, this magic is only heightened by being juxtaposed against man-made objects such as the lucite tables and metal or mirror surfaces.


Particularly stunning black and white abstract pieces, each of these gorgeous living rooms contains artwork that truly makes the room. The artwork anchors the entire space and is often the first element your eye is drawn to. Another principle that definitely applies here – go big or go home.


Whites, creams, and beige’s never looked so good! The softest of palettes create such a classic feel to these living rooms. Even when color is injected (as in the first photo here), it is in the most subtle and restrained ways.


The vignettes created above are like little opportunities for creating an added layer of modifiable art. Through piles of books, plants, sculptures and trinkets, special moments are made that capture one’s attention and has you wanting to take a second look.

There you have it, four key features that Alyssa utilizes in her design and decoration of living spaces. Expect to see more from her recent projects soon, and follow along with Alyssa’s sneak peaks on her stunning IG account and via her website.


Dissecting the Details: Alexa Hampton

Hello everyone, Nancy of Marcus Design here to share a Dissecting the Details post with you today. Alexa Hampton has long been on my favorites list, and I love to study her vignettes and styling of the spaces she creates. Looking at her living room designs, I find 3 key characteristics she consistently utilizes that help create her signature style which I would describe as luxe, well traveled, and collected over time. Here are the 3 features:

There is absolutely nothing that can bring the texture, color, depth, and interest that floor to ceiling bookcases can bring. A room with books has soul. Alexa tucks them into corners, flanks them around fireplaces, or even creates shelving that holds books within the passageway between rooms. I love that this is something you find in almost every living space Alexa has designed.
I couldn’t help but notice Alexa’s use of thick and textural sisal rugs, and bamboo shades. Raw wood furnishings are also used to juxtapose against shiny & smooth pieces. It really proves that natural texture is as important as any other element in a room.
I saved my favorite feature for last: architectural prints framed in groupings as artwork. I must say, I think architectural prints may very well be my favorite form of art, and Alexa incorporates them with ease and flair. I love the symmetrically groupings especially, and when framed in lovely antique frames they truly give an air of sophistication and of days gone by.
There you have it, three elements I am drawn to in Alexa’s fantastic spaces. To see more from her extensive portfolio hop here, and be sure to take the video tour of her NY apartment here. As always, thank you for having me!

Dissecting the Details: Ashley Whittaker

Hello LDV readers! Nancy of Marcus Design blog here with a Dissecting the Details installment to share with you. Today I’m looking at all of the lovely elements that Ashley Whittaker implements in her living spaces. These rooms are areas where family & friends congregate and I appreciated how much Ashley leaves no detail unconsidered. Here are 4 key aspects to Ashley’s living room designs:

The truth is that the ‘backdrop’ or foundation makes all the difference in a room. We can see that Ashley has considered millwork on the ceilings, and often implements paneling as well. She gravitates towards natural fiber rugs, the diamond sisal rug being a favorite. Once the walls and flooring are perfected, it’s like the stage is set and ready for the beautiful furnishings.
I love that Ashley does not shy away from an obvious touch of femininity. She often selects soft and curvy furniture, tufted details, and skirted pieces. I love the curve in the mirror above, which echos the fireplace below it. Even the roman shades she has implemented are softened with a relaxed curve.
Take a very close look at the spaces above and you will be able to count at least 8-10 fabrics and patterns mixed with ease. What is the most surprising I think, is that many of these patterns are equally as bold as each other, but yet work with each other so well. A dash of animal print is next to an ikat and several florals, yet they all harmoniously create interest in these living rooms.

I had to make mention that while Ashley uses and mixes several bold patterns, notice how they still create an overall soft and soothing palette? That’s testament to her keen eye and ability to design inviting and welcoming spaces. I love her use of blues of course and she often pairs it will lovely shades of green. These truly are spaces you would want to linger in!

There you have it, four design strategies that Ashley utilizes in her stunning work. Be sure to hop over to see more of her extensive portfolio here. Until next time!