Friday Favorites: 03.30.18

Happy Friday! This week flew by. I think it may feel that way because I know I have a ton of travel coming up throughout the month of April and I am aware of how much work I need to squeeze in before then. I’m definitely ready for the long weekend! My mom’s birthday is today, so we are taking her to lunch then heading to Round Top to pick up an antique mirror I bought earlier this week. Do you have big plans for the holiday weekend? I’m looking forward to a little downtime as well as some quiet time in my office to get some work done. There’s no rest for the weary! Here is what is currently on my radar and if you celebrate, have a lovely Easter or Passover!

Design: I recently spent a fascinating afternoon learning more about all of the various global textile techniques with the team from Carol Piper Rugs here in Houston. It’s so interesting to learn how certain techniques came to be and how they are executed. One Kings Lane just published a really interesting in-depth guide on the same subject, for all of my fellow textile lovers.

Style: I am sure you are all familiar with Swedish style phenom, Elin Kling. The blogger and street style star has impeccable taste which she has most recently channeled into Toteme, the fashion label she co-founded with her husband, Karl Lindman. The collection was designed for the woman on the go, whether that means traveling across country for business meetings or jetting off on vacation. The collection is filled with classic, tailored silhouettes that will last the test of time– even the branding is pure perfection. The color palette is composed of mostly neutrals, so it is right up my alley! This Vogue article shares more of Elin’s incredible journey as well.

Read: The sweet team at Charleston-based Lake Pajamas (the softest, most comfy PJs ever!) recently interviewed me for their Pillow Talk series in which I share a bit about my journey and answer some fun questions. Check it out here!

Watch: I am still getting over the awful sinus infection I had about a month ago. I am mostly fine, but still have a bit of a cough. As such, we’ve been hanging out at home a lot lately, so I’m caught up on all of my shows. If anyone has a recommendation for a new series to watch, I’d love to hear it. In the meantime, I have been seriously bingeing on old episodes of The Office. It honestly never gets old. I love how delusional, yet affable Michael Scott is. I also love the Jim and Pam storyline and Jim’s hilarious interactions with Dwight. It’s such a classic! You can watch a pretty hilarious highlight reel here.

Eat: The other day, I stumbled on this recipe for an updated Spinach and Feta Pie (aka Spanakopita) on Half-Baked Harvest and it looks divine! It looks like something to make on a Sunday when I have more time to cook. It would also be a lovely dish for a potluck, don’t you think?

Travel: I love a good hotel. While I am usually partial to my favorites, I do like trying new hotels I have heard great things about. Luckily, the editors at Travel + Leisure just released their list of The Best New Hotels in the World. Time to add a few to the list! Did any of your favorites make it?

Shop: I love a chic, woven bag. There’s something very easy and effortless about them, yet they always signal that the person carrying them has good personal style. I’ve recently seen so many good, new styles including this soft, Toquilla and Leather Bag, this super chic Woven Leather Bag that mimics the look of caning, which I am obsessed with, and this classic bamboo bag. I have a very similar one that I have used every spring and summer for years!

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