Book Review: India Hicks A Slice of England

India Hicks is well known for her breezy island style. After all, she and husband David Flint Wood have lived in Harbor Island in the Bahamas for twenty years, raising their children there. Frequent trips across the Atlantic to their natal England eventually ignited the desire for a place of their own in Oxfordshire near India’s mother, Lady Pamela Hicks’ country home. David and India told their architect that they essentially wanted to live in a Merchant Ivory film and set out to design a beautiful, white stucco house that is as idyllic as can be. The result is as they describe it, a cross between a “Danish farmhouse and a Georgian rectory”.

The home is the focus of her second design tome, India Hicks: A Slice of England, featuring photography by Miguel Flores Vianna who truly captured the charm of this lovely home and family. The book chronicles India’s exploration of her British heritage and the way in which it is expressed in her newly finished country house in Oxfordshire. The book is divided into two sections with Part One: Legacy, delving into the story of India’s family’s homes, including the Broadlands estate which belonged to her grandparents, Lord Louis and Lady Edwina Mountbatten along with the homes of her parents, Britwell and The Grove. The second section of the book tells the story of the evolution and design of her new home in the English countryside, America Farm. The book is filled with endearing stories of India’s upbringing in one of Britain’s most prominent families and focuses on the ways a house can be utilized as a tool to share one’s personal story. 

{Photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna, Courtesy of Rizzoli}

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