Five Tips for Effortless Entertaining with Brittany Bromley

Interior designer, Brittany Bromley of Bedford, New York has a penchant for beautiful living, whether that means designing a home for one of her clients or hosting an exquisite affair at home or at her shop and studio, The Jackson House. The Jackson House is a historic building which was built in 1857 in the town of Bedford. Recently, Brittany hosted a beautiful book signing and dinner in honor of fellow Bedford resident and Veranda Editor-in-Chief, Clint Smith. Today, Brittany is sharing photos of this lovely event along with her top tips for entertaining effortlessly, no matter the occasion. 

When hosting an event, I like to set the mood with music and lighting- depending upon the style of the gathering I make a playlist in advance and make sure the run time is adequate for the duration of the evening so I am not worrying about it mid-party.

Setting the table the evening before an event is a must. Nothing promotes stress-free entertaining like preparedness — and it gives me a little extra time to make sure silver is polished, glasses are clean and every dish has an allotted serving piece.

Varying the sizes of the flower arrangements so that guests can see diagonally across the table encourages conversation with people other than a guest’s direct seating partners.

My goal is to ensure that every guest has a place card at their seat as nothing makes people feel more welcome than having a spot at the table that has been prearranged to be their own! 

I always have scented candles burning in all of the bathrooms, and while I love the feeling of freshly pressed linen, I always have disposable guest hand towels next to each sink! 

My philosophy on setting a place at a table is the same as my philosophy in designing a room – layers, texture and a sense of developed design always creates the most interest for my guests.

{Photography by Jane Beiles, Courtesy of Brittany Bromley}

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