Huge, Exciting News: My Book!

I could not be more excited to share the cover of my upcoming book with Abrams, Dream. Design. Live. with you, which is now available for pre-order! This book is the culmination of years of hard work, from dreaming of one day writing a book to designing the fourteen projects in the book to spending last summer shooting them all and months spent writing the manuscript. Dream. Design. Live. is a practical and inspiring guide about all of the things I love about design. It is filled with practical advice, inspiration, and hundreds of never-before-seen images. The book is divided into three sections as the title suggests. The “Dream” section is all about culling inspiration and channeling it into something tangible in order to improve both your life and your home. The second section, “Design” is filled with design advice that you can apply to your own lives and projects in order to turn your inspiration into reality, and the last section, “Live” focuses on how to graciously share your home with the ones you love and spend meaningful time at home once the design is finished with tidbits on entertaining effortlessly.

I am so excited to share this labor of love with you and can’t wait to hear about how you #DreamDesignLive! I wanted this to be a hardworking book that not only inspires, but that you can turn to for valuable takeaways that you can immediately apply to your own home and life. I was so lucky to work with an incredible team including my team at Abrams, my graphic designer (who also designed the Tory Burch and Vogue books!) my incredible literary agent, the talented Max Burkhalter and Brittany Ambridge whose stunning photos bring the book to life, my wonderful team, and of course, our lovely and gracious clients who allowed us to photograph their homes. The result far surpasses any expectations I had and I am thrilled with the final product. I couldn’t be more grateful. The book will officially be released on September 4th, but you can pre-order your copy today and read a little more about the book on Architectural Digest who just published a lovely write-up on Dream. Design. Live. yesterday!

25 thoughts on “Huge, Exciting News: My Book!

  1. Congrats Paloma! I have followed your blog from the early days, it has been exciting to watch you grow and evolve. I look forward to purchasing your book.

  2. Congratulations, Paloma! I can’t wait to get a copy of your book. Your blog has been my inspiration and I read it every day. I am always so impressed by the high quality of your content day-to-day, so can’t wait to see the book! It is so much harder then it looks to do what you do. Cheers!

  3. Long time reader of your blog here. Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment! I cannot wait to buy this book.

  4. Congratulations Paloma! I have been a follower for so many years and so excited each time you have reached a major milestone…..I cannot wait for this book to come out and know it will be a major hit. I hope you will come through Atlanta for a book signing

  5. Congrats, Paloma! I’ve been a follower for many years and I have always admired your beautiful designs! I pre-ordered my book! Can’t wait to see all the exciting things coming your way. If you do a book tour, please come to Austin, Texas!!

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