Designing a Window for Legends of La Cienega 2018

I have been involved with Legends of La Cienega, one of my favorite design events of the year for several years now. Legends spans two and a half days and is filled with a flurry of back to back keynote panels, presentations, power lunches, book signings, and fabulous cocktail parties. Designers, editors, and the who’s who of the design industry flock to L.A. for Legends every year. There is always a buzz and energy unlike anything I have experienced at other design events and there is no doubt that Legends of La Cienega is the “must-attend” design event of the year.

The event centers on a different theme each year and a group of designers are asked to design windows for the showrooms in the LCDQ around this theme. For 2018, the theme is “Today’s Vision, Tomorrow’s Home” and I am excited to announce that I will be sharing my interpretation of this theme as I design the window for Mecox, one of my very favorite showrooms in the heart of the LCDQ. Above, you’ll find a little glimpse of what I am cooking up for my window design, which will feature a stunning, custom Chinoiserie wallpaper by Gracie as well as a few of my other design signatures, including beautiful statement lighting and a chic ikat. Stay tuned as my design comes to life! I hope to see you at Legends in Los Angeles!

6 thoughts on “Designing a Window for Legends of La Cienega 2018

  1. Wow- what an honor to be designing a window for this incredible event! There is a Mecox in Chicago that I just love!! You are so talented and I really enjoy your blog and I loved how you shared your story in the Ballard’s podcast! I always look forward to your posts !

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