If I Designed It: A Summer House in Sag Harbor

One of my favorite projects we have completed recently is our client’s house in Southampton, New York. When we took on the project, the 1890s farmhouse in Southampton Village had not been updated in a very long time and needed to be brought up to date for our fun clients and their young children. I can’t wait to share photos of the project with you, but will have to wait until my book is released this fall as we’ve been saving it for that. In the meantime, I was recently thinking how amazing it would be to have a house in the Hamptons where we could escape from the hot Houston summers.

Again, I went to Fabian like I had with my idea for a Parisian Pied a Terre and he agreed that it would be nice, but didn’t press forward with the idea. Ha! Of course, I went down the rabbit hole of real estate listings. I have been to the Hamptons several times while working on our project there and if I were to have a house in the Hamptons, I would likely choose Southampton or Sag Harbor, both of which are so lovely and charming. During my real estate hunt, I realized that one of the old fishing captain’s houses along main street in Sag Harbor would likely set me back over $8 million, so being the reasonable person that I am, I found this chic townhouse, also in Sag Harbor for only $3.3 million. I love that the builders in the Northeast adhere by classical proportions and include traditional and timeless elements in new construction, unlike they do here in Texas.

This particular development, Watchcase encompasses a former factory which has been converted into 64 loft residences along with a series of nine townhouses modeled after the sea captain’s houses I love so much. This particular townhouse has a pretty white colonial revival facade with black shutters–I love a white house after all! The interiors feature three bedrooms and five baths– perfect for entertaining, but not overwhelming for a second home– along with fumed oak floors, beautiful millwork and windows, honed stone, and so on. Evidently, one of my favorite designers and the person with whom I most associate Sag Harbor, Steven Gambrel worked with the developer on the design and selection of finishes on this project. 

{The Living/Dining Room that I’ve Designed Below}

The stage has been set by Steven, so my wheels started turning about how I would finish the interiors if I were in charge of the decoration. I envision a tailored space with an effortless ease befitting the relaxed nature of Sag Harbor and the fact that this would likely be a vacation home. All of the fabrics are durable while the color palette is soothing and timeless with an open living/dining area that is well suited to entertaining several friends at once. Okay, time for me to get back to work so that I can save up for my house in Sag Harbor!


{For the Full Real Estate, Click Here}

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  1. I also make suggestions to my husband about a NYC pied-a-terre and a home on St. Johns for the winter. He’s not going for it either, but I have several homes picked out. Just in case.

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