Friday Favorites 01.19.18

Happy Friday! Hopefully, you are thawing out wherever you live. It has been the coldest week I can remember! As such, we had a few “winter storm” days here in Houston, which I am sure must have seemed laughable to people from up North, but our city just doesn’t know what to do when a little winter precipitation hits. It has been so nice to be back in the office with my team now that things have cleared up. We’ve been working on new projects, including two fabulous ones that I am super inspired for in Greenwich, Connecticut and Chicago and have also been brainstorming about a very exciting initiative that will launch later this year. I can’t wait to tell you about it! In the meantime, here is what has been on my radar this week.

Design: One thing that I get a lot of requests for from readers and clients alike is how to style one’s bookshelves. recently asked me for my top tips for curating a stylish bookshelf, which I shared in this article which ran earlier this week.

Style: Staud seems to be the current go-to brand for the “It Girl” set. Founded by Sarah Staudinger, the former Fashion Director at Reformation, the brand is beloved by tastemakers like Alexa Chung and Leandra Medine. Their chic handbags are the perfect statement piece to complete any outfit at a palatable price point. I am currently loving the Moreau Macramé and Leather Bucket Bag, the Grace Crushed-Velvet Tote in Baby Pink, and the Bissett Leather Bucket Bag in classic black. 

Read: I feel like I am pretty good at conversing with people in both social and business settings, although it doesn’t always come super naturally to me since I am more of an introvert and I don’t love meaningless small talk. Every now and then, you’ll meet someone who doesn’t give you much to work with in a conversation which is why I loved coming across this article with 11 Meaningful Conversation Starter Questions for Avoiding Small Talk. I’m sure I will end up weaving some of these into my conversations soon!

Eat: I love having smoothies in the morning because it makes me feel good about getting a nice chunk of my vegetable intake in at the beginning of the day, but a cold smoothie is just about the last thing I want for breakfast on a frosty morning. Instead, I have been loving warm bowls of hearty and filling oatmeal. Lively Table, one of my favorite food blogs, just shared some easy and tasty recipes for making creamy and nutty Steel Cut Oats, Four Ways.

Beauty: My team and I were just having a conversation the other day about using green skincare that isn’t filled with artificial chemicals. So many of us choose to embark on a dietary detox at the beginning of the year, but what about detoxing your skin, which also happens to be the largest organ in your body? Violet Grey gives us the lowdown on Skin Detoxifiers in order to get pure, beautiful, healthy skin.

Shop: Eventhough it doesn’t feel remotely like spring out, we can get into the mood with beautiful, spring-inspired statement earrings. This understated leaf pair and these intricate gold blooms add instant glamour while this pair of Mother of Pearl studs is just plain pretty and a steal for $36!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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