Lust List: December 2017

I am totally guilty of shopping for myself as I’ve bought gifts for everyone on my list this year. One for you, one for me! I am going through a phase where I feel like I have nothing to wear and desperately need to clean out my closet yet again. Does this happen to you? I keep mostly timeless classics in my closet and wear clothes in a mostly neutral palette, but every now and then, I feel like I need a closet revamp. I also have to share a closet with my husband in our new house, which isn’t ideal, so I am hoping to have a closet expert come in and reconfigure our situation in order to help us maximize our space and stay organized. Hopefully, that will help me make room for some new pieces from this month’s lust list! 

4 thoughts on “Lust List: December 2017

  1. You have a beautiful, cultured taste. I would buy everything on this list, excepting the sweatshirts. Still hoping to win the lotto. Ha!
    Thank you for all the beauty that you bring into my day. I want to wish you & yours a very Merry Christmas!

  2. I love your Lust List posts! As stated above, you have great taste! Just wanted to say I’ve been reading your blog for years (can’t wait for the book), and I still love checking it everyday. It’s great to know I can come to your blog to see something you actually want to share with people and not just promote/sell a product for one post. Long story short, thanks for the daily inspiration.

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